100 Proof Hatred

100 Proof Hatred


100 Proof Hatred brings explosive, fury-charged metal to the world, in the vein of Hatebreed, Down and Slayer. 100 Proof Hatred performs an entertaining, high energy live show, with one of a kind frontman Donovan, taunting and leading the crowd throughout the set. 100 Proof Hatred is set to conquer



100 Proof Hatred formed in 2005, the bastard child of dozens of bands in the Fort Worth metal scene. Led by frontman Donvan Warren, a misfit titty-bar showman extrodinaire, with a unique voice and a more unique vision. The music is fast,heavy,detuned,slow...it is all that metal sounds like and nothing metal sounds like... "Play with some damn conviction!!!," thats our motto", says Donovan, "we try to get our music over by pure energy, we want them to know we believe every note !"

In 2009, 100 Proof Hatred left the smoky clubs of Dallas and Fort Worth to play in front of thousands, at the South Texas RockFest in San Antonio TX, with such acts as Adlers Appetite, Saxon, Axe and Queensryche.

100 Proof Hatred inspires honest-to-God old fashioned mosh pits(sometimes in clubs holding 79) Loud,rowdy fans are commonplace at Proof shows, expect a little contact if you get close! with the music comes the attitude! !


2007 EP Titled "Drunk on Blood"
Regular play on KNON radio by several DJs/Shows Featured on several shows/podcasts

Set List

Bleeding Inside
Drunk on Blood
Chrome Knuckles