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40 Watt Hype is equal parts Ozomatli and The Roots baked under the California sun and destined to bump out of a ’64 Impala. Front man Aaron Wall channels a rhyming Marvin Gaye in English and Spanish while tunes that support him are funky, fresh and addictive.



In the center of California, a culture that is the underbelly of LA and San Francisco. from the bass bumping out of the ’84 Cutlass to the backyard fiestas, the music of 40 Watt Hype is created—live Hip Hop cultivated from the seeds of a favorite dusty Soul record with a Latin b side.

Born and influenced by the streets of Fresno, 40 Watt Hype started (out of necessity) at a backyard party by front man Aaron Wall and as soon as the music started, the people danced and embraced this new sound. Wall—songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer—a second generation Dutchman, grew up listening to a multitude of styles and forms of music, from R&B to Hip Hop to Latin. When you hear and see Wall perform, you can feel the love and influence of the environment he is the product of, breaking stereotypes, as he states, “nothing turns heads quicker than seeing a white boy sing and rhyme in Spanish”. As a kid in Eastside Fresno, he learned to speak Spanish from hearing it throughout the neighborhood and from kids at school, and during high school in Fresno’s urban Westside, R&B and Hip Hop further impacted itself on his musical journey.

As the founding member, Wall wanted to bring together a fresh and exciting, versatile, genre bending sound with a cast of stellar musicians. These artists have studied and performed in New York, Boston and Japan. On drums, Sean Alderette plays with the soulful touch of Clyde Stubblefield and the power of the classic break beat; on bass, Pat Olvera lays down gut-busting grooves on the low end; on percussion, Jared Dyar mixes sounds and textures which enhance to the distinct flavor rounded out by guitars, keys and horns. 40 Watt Hype has branched out of the San Joaquin Valley, touring all over the United States, from LA to Miami, having performed with The Roots, Ludacris and Ozomatli; have appeared on International television in both English and Spanish; been featured in major motion pictures and television networks including ABC and FOX; and have worked with Grammy Award Winning producer, Art Hodge. It is a rare feat writing focused, album ready songs that translate in an explosive live show where the crowd engages in both mind and body.

With the new album, “Push”, 40 Watt Hype blends equal parts rhythms and blues of Anthony Hamilton, evident in “Wannabe”; the hip hop ear of Mos Def as heard in “Echoes Through the Ghetto”; and the Latin touch of the Calle 13 in “Mas y Mas”—creating a kind of music that crosses genres and can’t be pigeonholed. Lyrically, the focus on optimism and hope “Only the Strong Survive” personifies the never-say-die attitude the band has maintained since its inception.


Mas y Mas

Written By: Aaron Wall

Mas y mas y mas es lo que queremos
Mas y mas y mas nunca menos
Mas y mas nunca pa’tras mi canto
Pa’lante queremos mas y mas

Pa’rriba pa’bajo pa’centro pa’dentro
Pa’ todos lados desde el Corazon hasta el ceno
Todos queremos mas y mas y nada menos
Aqui no hay frenos
We want it all right now
No hay remedio en esta fiesta
Una panza llena es una panza contenta
Verde de celoso de los otros mas dichosos
Veo en los ojos la envidia de nosotros

We all want the destination but we don’t want the flight
We all want the freedom but we don’t want the flight
We all want the pleasure but we don’t want the pain
We want the revolution but we don’t want the blood stain

Mas y mas y mas y mas y mas

Siempre cada dia tiene su propio camino
Siempre cada dia tiene su propio destino
Conocimiento y madurez de los viejitos
Con la energia y voz de los jovencitos
Corazon de los pobres con el dinero de los ricos
Yo quiero todo grande chico melodia y el ritmo
Placers sin Dolores dinero sin labores
Mas y mas we want it all right now

We all want the destination but we don’t want the flight
We all want the freedom but we don’t want the flight
We all want the pleasure but we don’t want the pain
We want the revolution but we don’t want the blood stain

Nunca menos queremos mas y mas….


Written By: Aaron Wall

Street lights turn the day into night the sounds they go go Echoes through the ghetto
Bass pounds from the back of the low low music it go goes Echoes through the ghetto
Hold tight its gonna be alright these words they go go Echoes through the ghetto
Young stars looking to shine bright these dreams they go go Echoes through the ghetto

These words echo through the ghetto, where kids push more keys than bike pedals
Distorted like heavy metal, started his freshman year but still reads at a second grade level
Chain link fences, raising the rents its trying to make a dollar without losing your senses
Neighborhood news at the bus stop benches the parents getting domestic
The violence is senseless everybody pretends its
Just a situation that couldn’t be prevented but it was invented
These kids don’t disappear when you lock up the fences and lock up the benzes
Recruited to become the first line of defenses instead of a dentist
Its time to step it up because the pressures relentless
Talking all you want about where you wann go but the words don’t walk they echo


Started second grade his learning was delayed
He had ADHD OCD can’t concentrate and
Heavily medication looking slightly sedated
Called the parent teacher conference but nobody made it
Take it month to month lock to key communities
Diminishing splintering from instability and broken dreams
No we can’t all be rap stars just ask Barack about working hard against the odds
5 to 1 says you don’t make it out the gate
4 to 1 says you don’t make it past the 12th grade
3 to1 says you don’t make it see 23
2 to 1 say you end up in the penitentiary
we gotta be the change we wanna see in this life
cuz this world is a ghetto so we gotta decide right
talking all you want about where you wanna go bu the words don’t talk they echo


We will find a way some how, we will trip but not fall down
We all know the time is now, echoes on and on and on
We’ve been on through that fire we’ve been knocked down but still survived
Keep on keeping the hope alive, dreams go on and on and on

Only the Strong Survive

Written By: Aaron Wall

Get em up high from side to side, just to let em know that we’re still alive
Aint nobody stop until we reach the sky, c’mon, only the strong survive
Get em up high from side to side, just to let em know that we’re still alive
Aint nobody stop until we reach the sky, c’mon, only the strong survive

They say only the strong survive and I’m still alive
The mantra that we live by one day at a time
Trying to stay civilized, axe grinding on the nine to five
Hand to mouth, month to month just to get by
Trying to play savior smile now and cry later
My man push the fader, only the strong survive
I wanna get back get back stick it to these wack packs
Take it to the mat jack attack till they collapse
Survival of the fittest take a stand like the witness
Heading to the finish with more records than guiness
The strong stay shining, heart like a lion
Cuz in the hardest times is when we start thriving
Only the strong survive and I’m still alive
So let me see you get em high


It’s the top seeded, undefeated, stronger than a steed in a stampede
Never up never in cuz you’re never needed
Check my stats cuz my slacks man are never pleated
Remarkable incredible stronger than two Lou Farignos with flared nostrils
Stronger than the undertow like Mandela in the hole, like mumia on the row
Like music in the soul
No matter the synonym I’m still winnin em
If only the strong survive then I’m Darwinin em
Another civilian, trying to make a million
People catch the feeling put their hands up to the ceiling
Filling with adrenaline, feeling stronger than the musclemen
Holes in my soles from continuous hustling
Only the strong survive and I’m still alive
So let me see you get em high


Feel This Music

Written By: Aaron Wall

Yeah and its just another masterpiece
4-0 is back but how can it be
Yeah and yall just cant cant handle me
Feel my music feel my music
Can we get it here can we shake the sound
Can we get it in motion and move it all around
Can we get up high and never bring em down
Feel my music feel my music
Bumpin in the crowd hips movin side to side
Spillin drinks no need to apologize
Just let it go no need no act civilized
Feel my music feel my music

You got to feel this music, you got to feel my music
You got to feel this music, you got to feel my music
Feel my music feel my music

Feel the music move your body rock the party
La di da di stretch you out like you did a lotta pilates
More pipes than rowdy roddy less nature more naughty
Que comienza la fiesta and I’ll bring the Mariachi
It’s the ultimate, ultra magnetic
Supercalifragalis could be the next president
But in the present tense I set the presidence
For just how dope and how clean and how fresh it gets
Its been a long time and I shouldn’t have left em
Without a dope beat that’ll deviate the septum
Make you shake your rectum
Bass brown note putting the swerve in your nervous system
Let it shake till it break go on and do what ya wanna
Cuz I jock more chicks than whips at Daytona
You can ride the beat and even if you lose it
All I want you to do is just feel this music

You got to feel this music, you got to feel my music
You got to feel this music, you got to feel my music
Feel my music feel my music

Can U Dig?

Written By: Aaron Wall

Can you dig, baby’s mama, can you dig, momma’s son
Can you dig all the money, money,
We dig ourselves into these holes, we cannot get out from ooh, ooh, ooh

They say you hurt the ones you love
But you love the ones that hurt you
They say you don’t know what you got till its gone
You don’t know what your missing
Cuz you never had nothing at all
She played the game and nothing was the same
Then he left his baby’s momma with nothing but his name


First he dug it when he did it cuz he couldn’t resist it
Then he dug a little deeper cuz he couldn’t admit it
Now he’s neck deep wondering how did I get here
Everybody’s touchable cuz everybody’s sinning
Out of sight out of mind, out of money out of time
Too late to rewind, got hooked by the line
Only one rule when it came to digging them chones
You got to spend your money, money
Can I take you home, she said this ain’t rent to own
He said, can my dog get a bone, gezibelle been gold diggin since the day she was born


You can dig real deep and dig real wide
Dig real shallow and bury yourself alive
Dig all night and dig all day
Remember that these shovels and holes they don’t play
The moral of the story and this is how it goes
We all got shovels and we all got holes
There is only one question that’s left to ask is
Just how deep the hole and just how fast can you dig


Tu Bien Sabes

Written By: Aaron Wall/Omar Nare

She was a morena con piel de canela
The kind that you see crying in the telenovelas
I could tell all the fellas were jealous
When I took a shot of drink and slid across the room to introduce myself
I spit some game en espanol, she smiled and laughed
I guess it finally paid off to stay awake in Spanish class
She said “I must mention, hope it doesn’t bring any tension
Pero tengo dos hijos de tres años y seis meses”
I got a little restless, I didn’t expect this
But I had to respect it and accepted it pues
Asi se va la vida tu me hiciste brujeria
Un atracción fatal como Diego y Frida
El amor nunca va para
Nos no podian separar tu y yo
Ni las olas del mar
Trabajab noche y dia todo para usted
And I’d do it all again y tú bien sabes mujer

Y tú bien sabes mujer, que tracionaste mi amor
Y tú bien sabes mujer, me falta hoy compassion

As time went by lonely days turned to lonely nights
We started to fight like we lit the fuse on a stick of dynamite
Exploción me pegó como una cachetada
Puro guato puro baby’s mama drama
Traiciones, malas intenciones, siento como arroz sin frijoles
Arco iris sin colores
Maybe I was too macho or too flaco
Or too gavacho aye te watcho salte con tu sancho
You had me playin daddy with not DNA no genes
Now I’m feeling like MJ singing Billie Jean
But its history cuz I’m out the door and I left the keys
Got a couple mouths to feed and one of them is me y
Sobre todo voy a alcanzar la felicidad
Despues de la batalla royal de esta fuerte lucha
No hay nada mas entre tu y yo por fin se ha cabo
Y tú bien sabes mujer Omar ven pa’ca cantalo

Y tú bien sabes mujer que tus hijos nunca fueron mi responsabilidad
El pan y la leche, los cuentos de hadas
No tuve que hacerlo es la verdad
Y tú bien sabes mujer, que trabaje hasta la noche para darte dignidad
Y ahorra tu amante, tambien te ha botado
Y ha botado a tus hijos es la verdad


"PUSH(ed):Inner Ear Remixes 2011
"PUSH" new release 2010 (CMJ hip-hop top 40 for 6 weeks straight)
Video "Mas y Mas" featured on MTV Tr3s
"Strong Feet on the Concrete" Featured on ABCs "Lincoln Heights" and Nickelodeon "The Troop"
6 Tracks featured in the video game "Our World"
"Strong Feet on the Concrete" Koch (2006)-Top 10 in over 30 radio markets (college/specialty)

Set List

1.Mas y Mas
2.Strong Feet on the Concrete
4.Tu Bien Sabes
6.Keep it Together
7.La Sombra
8.Slow Ride
9.Gotta Get Up
10.Blue Print
11.Tru Players
12.Only the Strong Survive
14.The Messenger
15.Cuarto de Tula
16. Feel this Music
17. Just for You
18. Can You Dig?
Typical set is 1 hr. 40 Watt Hype can perform 3 hrs of original music including cover songs such as "The Seed","Roses" and "Sacrifice"