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Armed with a voice, an instrument, and a keen sense of crafting a song, Alfa Garcia has been hailed as "an artist who has a spectrum of colors in her palette, a songwriter with a knack for tickling a mainstream ear" (Music Connection Magazine., Jan 2014). A fun, energetic live show features Alfa's singular vocal style and a revolving door of instruments - from guitar, to piano, to ukulele, to kazoo.  While she's known for a smart, thought-provoking style, audiences from Maine to California have seen Alfa pour her heart, soul and sunshine onto a crowd, with an easy charm she's learned from years on the road.

In 2013, Alfa's album "World Go Blue" entered the CMJ Top 200 National Charts and the College Radio Charts Top 100. Alfa's music can also be heard on E!'s "Keeping Up With the Kardashians", MTV's "Friendzone", and the forthcoming indie film, "Old Fashioned" (Skoche Films).  Alfa is a Kawai piano artist, alongside top-billing acts like OneRepublic and Muse, and endorses Mya-Moe Ukuleles and Walden Guitars.

In September 2013, Alfa toured her native Philippines, playing 7 shows in 6 days, including headlining at SM Mall of Asia with Ukulele Philippines, being featured with the Philippines Department of Tourism at Manila's SMX Convention Center, and an on-air performance on Magic 89.9's nationwide radio show, Boys Night Out.  Candy Magazine, a major Philippine media outlet, caught wind of Alfa's music, and recently sang her praises: "If you could take the Friday Night Lights meme, 'clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose' and turn it into a person, you'd get pop-folk singer Alfa Garcia."

Alfa's catchy songs touch on everything, from everlasting numbers ("The Pi Song, 3.14159265358...") to a tragic love story told in multiple acts ("Love as Tragedy: A Play in 3 Acts").

Born in the Philippines to a family of musicians, Alfa got an early start in piano and violin, playing nationally with the Children's Orchestra Society of New York. Alfa's music has received honorable mention from the New York Songwriters Circle and won Grand Prize at Kollaboration Acoustic 2009, a competition highlighting Asian-American talent.
After graduating from NYU and working as a reporter, Alfa took up music fully, traveling across the U.S. to play at college campuses and venues, while garnering praise along the way.

"Alfa captivated Wake Forest's student body ... She was the best acoustic artist we've had yet!" - WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY

"A college alumna who plays the guitar, piano, violin, ukulele and sings like a bird's song -  its safe to say this is what constitutes being well-rounded...perfect for fans of acoustic artists like Sara Bareilles and Feist." - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE

"She commands the stage in a way that invites you to listen to her words and let it move you." - Paul Kim, founder, KOLLABORATION

"There is something so appealing about her voice... something that makes you want to see what else she has to say." - INDIE MUSIC REVIEWER

"Alfa has the kind of voice that makes you want to hear her sing everything, including phone conversations and orders for French fries." - INCOGNITO MAGAZINE


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First Sight of Land

Written By: Alfa Garcia

You are the first sight of land
When I am wayward at sea
You have my heart in your hands
I need you desperately.
Come away with me...

Over oceans and seas navigate to every stream
just to find my resting place.
From the mountains to shore
but I don't have to look far at all
'cause you are my first sight of land.

Our old stories keep me warm
on cold California nights
I slept shotgun in the car
you drove straight for miles and miles

Over oceans and seas Palisades to Tennessee
Searching for my resting place.
From the mountains to shore
but I don't have to look far at all
'cause you are my first sight of land.

Now I know you're real to me,
I'll be waiting... for you.
When you go, come back to me
I'll be anchored at sea. at sea.

La da da...

[First Chorus]


World Go Blue - 2013
Second Skin - 2009

Growth - 2007
Picture Memories - 2003
Alfa - 2002

Set List


War! (guitar)
Blue (ukulele & kazoo)
Too Close / Toxic / Cry Me a River (acoustic cover mashup - Alex Clare, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake)
Missed Opportunity & "We Are Young" (piano, original/Fun. cover mashup)
Supergirl (piano)
Cup of Coffee(piano)
The Pi Song (3.14159265358...)
Replaced / Counting Stars (OneRepublic cover)
Over the Rainbow/Rainbow Connection (ukulele cover)
Isabelle (guitar)
Unwritten Rule (guitar)
Royals (Lorde cover)
Freshman Girl (guitar, crowd sing-along)
Love as Tragedy: A Play in 3 Acts (guitar)