Amy Thiessen

Amy Thiessen

Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Alberta-based singer/songwriter Amy Thiessen enthralling vocals and a distinct individual style captures the audience and transports them into her world. Her intensely personal music is steeped in a union of soul-fed folk intertwined with a vast array of styles; it is a healing entity to both body and soul.



With a confident and graceful stage presence, Thiessen will deliver and invite you in for more  - Jodi Lucas, TransCanada Alberta Music Series Coordinator

Passionate and strong, Amy Thiessen captivates her audience with fragile emotion, transporting them into her world. This world is not for the faint of heart as each of Amys songs are intimate and honestly reflect snapshots of her heart, as well as her trials, and joys. 

Born in Calgary Alberta, Amy was raised on a cattle farm an hour southeast of the city. She began singing when she started to speak.  Her passion for singing continued throughout her youth as she performed in plays and recitals into her late teens.

In 2005 Thiessens dedication to music shifted after being chosen for the Top 100 in Canadian Idol.  That same year she discovered folk music and began her journey as a songwriter. 

In 2010, she released her first EP Tell Me. Tell me received airplay from several college stations (the song Tell Me charted on CJSW), as well as CKUA and CBC radio.  

Her debut album Give up the Fight, produced by Rick Mizzoni, was released in April, 2011.The album received great reviews In FFWD Magazine and Beatroute in Calgary, and PLAY Victoria.  

Amys new album In Between Goodbyes is scheduled to be released on May 31 in Calgary. A national tour is being planned to celebrate this release. The album was recorded alongside acclaimed producer Russell Broom (Jann Arden) and highlights Thiessens raw nature and performance.


  • Over 600 performances since 2009 including Sold Out shows at Wine Ohs and the Ironwood in Calgary as well as several tours coast to coast across Canada 
  • Amy has shared the stage with Ben E King, Lynn Miles, Melanie Doane, and Catherine Maclellan 
  • Performance on rotation on SHAW TVs Room Full of Sound Series
  • featured on CKUA, CBC, several college CFUV,  CILU, CKDU, CHMA, CIUT, and CFRB.(charting on), CJSW and CHSR, SHAW TV, Breakfast Television (City TV Calgary, BTV Edmonton, BTV Ottawa, Atlantic CTV, and BTV Winnipeg. 
  • festival performances include Astral Harvest, Parkland Festival, East Coulee Springfest, Sasquatch Gathering, Inshalah, All Folkd up in Montmartre, and WindDown Festival in Toronto 
  • Attended Musicians in Residence Program at the Banff Centre of Performing Arts 
  • Studied with musicians and teachers in Peru in May, 2013 (Also in April 2010, and Oct 2010)
  • Recipient of both the RAWLCO Radio production and AMP radio career development grants.  
  • Gorilla Campaign video for Nenshis mayoral campaign received 3000 hits in three days - Story appeared on National television 
  • Cross Canada tour with Ladies that Like to Folk (Amy Thiessen, Kaley Bird and Sidney York). Fifty shows from St Johns to Victoria. 
  • Performed at the Calgary Womens Show main stage. (Oct 27, 2012) 
  • Performed at the VIP Event for renowned author Deepak Chopra in Edmonton in February, 2011

Songwriting Highlights

  • 2013 Finalist in the Calgary Folk Fest Songwriting Contest for Kingdom Come
  • Placed third in the South Country Fairs Songwriting Contest for Kiss Me
  • Finalist in the 2012 Calgary Folk Fest Songwriting Contest for Gravity
  • Finalist in the 2011 Calgary Folk Fest Songwriting Contest for Radio



Written By: Amy Thiessen

It's been 5 months since I saw you last, my heart’s been asking where the hell have you been?
Time runs into seconds and your presence is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
Outside the sunshine melts the snow on the streets.
I want to drip down your body the moment our eyes meet

I’m drawn in through your skin to heart that beats so loud and so clear
I feel your love, feel your loss, feel you longing, feel right now you don’t belong here

Wait a minute now
This waiting is just weighing us both down
Wave goodbye and this time when you leave
We leave it up to gravity

Hey Hey ya
Hey Hey ya
Hey Hey yaaaa

New York is calling you
Red woods are calling me
Our lives will lead us everywhere we need to be

New York is calling you
West coast is calling me
Our hearts will lead us everywhere with gravity

Wait a minute now

As the months drip past my heart asks “Did he stay or did he follow?”
The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is to love someone so much you can let them go
You can let them go....... to gravity


Written By: Amy Thiessen

Got the itch flick a switch like a radio.... and
Tune it into something good... cause
The statics thick and we’ve bin stickin to a stereo
With tired songs so misunderstood..............and they don’t sound that good

But then I open my eyes to a different reflection
And I open my ears to a different view
I recognize we are all just radios
When the static clears
We find our tune

I sing this song for the joy that it brings me
And I play my guitar for the love that I feel
And if I get caught up on how the world perceives me
Will you tune me in to something real?
Something I can feel

Because we all go round again
It all goes around
It all goes around again
Is your radio turned on?
Turn the radio on
Cause its a beautiful song

I hear music

Written By: Amy Thiessen

Slipping in like morning through the curtains,
thinly veiled
To be sold transcendence on a shoestring,
When the offering is so much more real

Would you laugh if I told you
I heard music when you came?
Would you laugh if I told you
I hear music playing?

Breaking light to fit into the window
Of someone else’s eyes
Breaking love calling like a shepard
Just to be right

Would you laugh if I told you
I have suffered and done the same?
Would you laugh if I told you
I hear music playing?

The music is playing...


Written By: Amy Thiessen

Colour in the cupcakes
Colour in the wine
Colouring the tables
of a primitive mind

Paint it in directions
Paint it over time
Painting is the pupil
Not the primitive eye

Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope

I’m Spinning into fractals
I’m Spinning into light
Spinning in the mirrors
Its a beautiful life

Some may call it silence
Some may call it joy
You can call it anytime
It’s here for your employ

Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope

I spy with my little eye something I would really like to see
Do you spy with your little I? Tell me what do you see

Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope

So colour in the cupcakes,
Colour in the wine,
Colour in the tables
It’s a beautiful life

Crumbling walls

Written By: Amy Thiessen

Unencumbered take those glasses off your face
Quickening the voices peering through the rain
So much at stake
Too much at stake

When the blanket lifts off dog days that flew by
There’s a hollow ache of friendships that went sliding
So close to break
Too close to break

Taken down like crumbling walls
Held in frames the picture’s too small
Taken like crumbling walls
The picture frame too small

To the mystery I bear my naked chest
And the scars of ghosts that cut me when I left
Lead me to breath
Leave me to my breath

Taken down like crumbling walls
Held in frames the picture’s too small
Taken like crumbling walls
The picture framed too small

I slip down again, walls hold each refrain
and I am crumbling whole

Taken down like crumbling walls
Held in frames the picture’s too small
Taken like crumbling walls
The picture framed too small