Ariel + the Undertow

Ariel + the Undertow


Ariel + the Undertow is a collaborative music project led by alt rock crooner Ariel Rubin.



Boston based four-piece Ariel + the Undertow (AATU) released their first full-length S/T record in January of 2013, generating both critical acclaim and a passionate fan base. Quickly becoming one of Boston's most talked about bands, AATU was formed by lead singer Ariel Rubin, who originally moved east from Western Canada in search of greater musical community. Finding herself inspired by the thriving Boston music scene, she began collaborating with producer Mike Davidson who helped build the layered arrangements and grinding energetic sound the band is known for.

Ariel + the Undertow's 2013 release inspired a bevvy of positive reviews, touted by The Boston Globe, Baeblemusic, The Wicked Local, Allston Pudding, The Serial Optimist and charted top 100 on CMJ four weeks running. The band, described by The Boston Globe as “Burning with a fiery intensity,” has supported Lucy Rose, Mac Demarco, Hannah Georgas and Paper Lions, quickly becoming one of the darlings of Boston's classic club The Middle East.

"A truly original voice that feels like it arrived fully formed" Peter Chianca, Wicked Local

Their full-length is songwriter Rubin's most honed, complex, and meaningful project to date. Recorded with producer Mike Davidson the record amplifies the band’s pension for both tightly arranged, dynamic rock songs and swelling ambient lullabies that pull listeners in with their sweet intimacy. The resulting sound blends a Johnny Cash-like penchant for storytelling, Spoon-inspired percussion, and the vocal prowess of jazz greats like Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald. With songs that play with the idea of every person's solo battle between the inner forces of light and dark, Ariel + the Undertow winds a deliberate path from an almost belligerent refusal to give up (opener “Kindness from Strangers”) to a sense of continued questioning (closer “Waiting Time”).

The band is comprised of: Ariel Rubin, Lance Riley, Greg Settino and Colin Dinney.


The Loneliest Sea

Written By: Ariel Star Rubin

This rain's pouring down like a balm on my heart
Stretched out and sore from a week torn apart
I've heard that trouble it comes out in three
Some days I think it just comes out for me

Like a repeated line from a favorite play
Acted on out day after day
I take my cue again and again
Hoping each time for a different end

Trouble oh trouble, you're knocking on my door
Trouble oh trouble, don't come around here anymore

Well the light ran away with the spoon in the dark
And the ocean soaked up what was left of her spark
You're flat on the bed with your head on the floor
And that's where you'll stay till you wash up ashore

But boat's they can't sail if you don't take the wheel
And the hearts I have known they were taught how to heal
You can hide under cover but you might get sunk
Your sails are torn and your captain is drunk

Trouble oh trouble, you're knocking on my door
Trouble oh trouble, don't come around here anymore

I aim to please but hard as I try
We both end up with spit in our eye
You're kicking so hard about what I done to you
That my message of peace just can't get on through

And I know if feels cruel, I know it feels mean
You're beat up adrift on the loneliest sea
But look at your fists boy and look at your sword
Bloodied and bent and that blood is yours

Trouble oh trouble, you're knocking on my door
Trouble oh trouble, don't come around here anymore
Trouble oh trouble, don't come around here anymore


Ariel + the Undertow - ST (Jan 22, 2013)
Ariel Rubin - Big Spoon EP (2011)
Ariel Rubin S/T (2010)

Set List

The Liar
Only in French
I Have No Music
Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine cover
Mama I'm Leaving
Waiting Time
Hot N Cold - Katy Perry cover
Kindness From Strangers

Oh I Wish
Lovely Girl
Take Me Home
The Lion
The Loneliest Sea
I am a Sinner
Big Spoon

COVERS for older demographic or quieter venue
Miss Ohio - Gillian Welch
Orphan Girl - Gillian Welch
Sweet Lorraine - Patty Griffin
Angel From Montgomery - John Prine