As the Seasons Grey

As the Seasons Grey


If you were to put Alice in Chains, Machine Head , Slipknot, Bullet for My Valentine together it would be a small taste of what we have to offer ! We believe in performance, or getting what you paid for. After all who wants to watch a band that just stands there and does nothing? Call Us performers.



As life time friends brought togther by the love of music, As the Seasons Grey started out as an idea of a new style of Hard Rock and reinventing the word all together. In the short time they have been together As the Seasons Grey have played in front of thousands of fans, hundreds of shows and sold LOTS of their music and merch all over the Mid-West. ATSG Plays their heart out every show, no matter in front of ten people or 10,000 people. Its a show not to be missed ! With Influences ranging from Aerosmith-Pearl Jam to Clutch-Between the Buried in Me. All five member bring a way differant style to As the Seasons Grey. Funk/Soul, Radio Rock, Metal, Trash, and Rap.


True Intent

Written By: Vic Badillo and Billy-B

*True Intent
This is obsurd secret missions I've
been given now the endless
supervision on your face now show
me how u dance clown
shown intervision and I'm driven now

Lets mother fuckin blind side the leaders ability
head down charge and take them down
-this is mistrust-
they say our weakness is liberty
shut my eyes and tell me lies -I break down-

I’m sick of staring at your face of mistrust
-then it all pulls down-
betrayal always certain for you

You look me in my eyes and you call me friend
-rise above this rise above this-
but you do these things that make me question
your true intent
-your independence and your bright opinion-
And u give all ya got don't stand up kneel or stop
forever never landing
always with the planning indrestion

No foresight and lack of morality
twist my words to spin your lies
your life’s just a sad reality
sell your ways but i wont buy

No ones here to stop me
cuz I’ve been gone for so much time
No ones here to stop me
cuz I’ve been gone for so long Where am I supposed to go

Our Last Great Victory

Written By: Billy-B and Vic Badillo

*Our Last Great Victory*
This is where they come, I have seen the past so... BREAKDOWN

A generation came and went, a biting of the nails, it seems as though we, spent, fakes invading my threshold I made its all in the eyes of a strange

And I stand alone, inside of the restless seeding souls
they said sieze the day
in the terms of our great victory
they said sieze the day

When the things u own, ends up owning, u and after all.
we lost everything, and we found each other,
infection human race


The Jay Song

Written By: Vic Badillo and Billy-B

*The Jay Song*
Well I gave up on everything i was just to be with u -I need u please-
and I could not prove to be the man you needed me to be -I need u please-
and now it feels like nobody wants me around anymore
and I can not go on living this way

You fuckin kill me long before I killed myself u could have saved me but now its to late
oh god please give me strength to tie this knot and lay my soul to rest
-all and all and all now all and all we fall together-
-all in all and all now all in all we fell together-

I'm walking in silence I can not speak I miss u
Face, voice, and scent i cant believe what we could be
and my heart just wept all the time we could have spent
Just u and me


Lay my soul to rest
and lay my soul to rest
oh god please give strenth
lay my soul to rest
to tie this knot
lay my soul to rest


"The Jay Song" ATSG's first single of their NEW Album "Animosity".

Set List

Trucker Style
Back W/ a Vengance
True Intent
The Jay Song
For Sale
Like Father Like Son
Bottle Of Pain
Our Last Great Victory
Blister Bliss
The Way of the Stone
All Rise
*We do NO Covers These are all of our own songs.