Florence, Kentucky, USA

We're a guitar & drum outfit from Cincinnati. We've played countless shows over the last 3 years, released an album & have an EP on the way. We bring a new take on the sounds of now & yesterday. We're dedicated, ambitious, bold & more importantly, humble. We are Audubon.



Austin Tracy steps on stage and picks up his guitar. He turns to Jake Petrey, who sits and picks up his drum sticks. At the same time Austin hits an open note on every last string of his guitar and flies right into the first riff of their set. This is Audubon. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, they're a band you wouldn't expect. If there had to be one indication about who they might be, if would be the fuzz pedal that's in use in 90% of their music. Otherwise, just by looking at them, you would never guess that they make the music that they do. Whether it's Jake's relaxed demeanor off stage, Austin's pushed back hair or that fact that the both of them look like they've just woken up, nothing makes you think they do the things that they do - but then they step on stage and it all makes sense. They've played together for three years and show some of the most raw and genuine ambition imaginable with their music. From the swinging riffs to the riding beats, Audubon comes at you with all that they've got. Their style is a blend of old and new, with a fresh take on it all. After changing their name from Wendy's Yellow Poncho, Audubon have honed their style and developed even further. A review of their show once brought the description that they, "Just get better and better with every song. Each song builds on the other and by the end of the set, you're left with a sense of amazement. Just by looking at them, you wouldn't expect these sounds to come from them, but they blow every idea out of the water." Audubon is a force to be reckoned with and they are one of the most mesmerizing bands you'll see.