Autumn Electric

Autumn Electric


Now Partnered with The Healing Center in Seattle. We are a band with a mission to help people. Helping Rocks!



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Our debut album "Very Soon the Light" is now partnered to help animals with PAWS (animal rescue/shelter) and our 2nd "If You're Home", is partnered to help the efforts of Light Under the Bridge (assisting homeless that cannot make it to help). You can listen to each and every song there.
(there's even a free single with a b-side you can snag)
New Album???
We did it! Thanks to You!
We have raised more than enough funds in December to print and promote our 3rd album "Make Me a Tree". A story about working through the death of a loved one. Seeing and feeling them in the stories of the ones still with us. based on these motivations, the band has partnered with the Healing Center in Seattle and Grief Place in Wenatchee, to split half our profits from the album to help fund these non profit centers, do their work of helping the people in their time of need. The big kickoff is happening this June, the album release here in Seattle, as well as some other cities we hope to do this.
Now we are wrapping up recording, and planning our next tour this May along with Ethan Freckleton, on the West Coast.
About us:
Naomi and Michael met near UW in Seattle a few years back. Our first gig was serenading this guys girlfriend at 1 am. she was surprised!
Since then, we've gone on tour 3 times. There's a lot of fun cities, and crazy people to meet. Sometimes our old van had troubles, but would always arise anew. We found our drummer Dan, and toured all over the States. in early 2011 we brought on Barton Maguire, who plays lovely things like the singing saw, accordian and harmonicas.

We have 3 cds out:

"Very Soon the Light" a beautiful folky thing (2008)

"We Breathe the Same Air" 2009 there's drums and fuzzy guitar (4 songs)

"If You're Home" 2010 best vocal harmonies we've come up with yet.

We made a movie about our 2010 tour. we act pretty crazy in it. It's called Tourdeo and you can find it on YouTube.

Valentines Day 2011 we did an in-studio at KAOS radio in Olympia WA. so many hippies!

July 6th we played a rad show at Neumo's in Seattle and Showed the entire Tourdeo Movie!


In the fields where the silence

Written By: Michael Trew (Autumn Electric)

Snowpack on the porch
Dogs getting in from the cold
there's some pie on the stove
she jumps up for something warm

it's 6am, it's quiet
tuck me in. tuck me into you
and the time has come for leaving here
I'll kiss you softer than the snow

where the mountains settle down
where the white hills stretch out
down to the fields
where the silence marries you

you're a black and white photo in those boots
and it's coffee, and it's cream, winter comes soon here
and never leaves


"Make Me a Tree" 3rd full studio album (Feb 2012)

"If You're Home" 10 song CD
receiving airplay on about 25 stations in US, Canada and UK such as, KAOS radio Olympia WA. KDVS Davis, CA,
WDVR-FM 89.7-91.9, Indie 100 [KYHY], WFSS 91.9 NPR

"We Breathe the Same Air" EP/CD

"Very Soon the Light" 11 song CD
July 09/ Unicorn Music

Set List

Almost all original, save for a few beloved folk songs. Usual set includes ~ "In the Fields Where the Silence", "And Now for Our Feature Presentation"," Sweetest Thing", "Napoleon's Josephine", "Hippy Van", "the Farmwife", "Roses in Her Face", "The Fool's Prayer", and "Zulfiqar". Covers range from Beatles "Here Comes the Sun", "500 miles" by Peter Paul and Mary to "7 Is the Number", "Gas Station Girl", and "Snake Handlin Man" by hero Dave Carter, R.E.M.'s "Dont Go Back to RockVille", John Denver's "This Old Guitar",Simon and Garfunkel's "Hazy Shade of Winter" and "April Come She Will", and Donovan's "Only the Blues", and "Young but Growing".