Baby Brother

Baby Brother

 New York City, New York, USA

Pure, ecstatic, joyful, sincere, rockin’ fun. Rock and roll with country and blues roots. Baby Brother gets down and dirty in their pit-jumping, face-melting glory while alternating between the raw, unadorned anger of punk rock and the classy, articulate pop of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.


Baby Brother is a New York City based rock & roll band founded in 2009. The band has produced two full length albums, their debut 'Strange Things' and the follow up, 'Sounds May Vary'. They are currently working on a third album as well. It's difficult to summarize Baby Brother's sound in a single sentence, from one song to the next they bring such a wild dynamic and an in-your-face approach to song writing that trying to pin them down is akin to hubris. However, one thing that can be said of Baby Brother is that they are a rock band, in the truest sense of what that means.
The band was started while drummer Ian and guitarist Vincent were getting drunk while working a slow bar together. Boredom and that unique spontaneity that comes from one shot too many sparked an idea: get musician friends together and goof off. But the band quickly began to take on a life of its own. With a wide arrange of styles, a general love of music, and a total disregard of taking themselves too seriously, this group of talented young men has taken what started out as drunk talk, and turned it into something awesome.

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Jeremy Beazlie hails from Kentucky, and it shows in his song writing style, incorporating nuances of folk and bluegrass in his approach to vocal melody. He fronts a whopping group backed by lead guitarist and Texas original Vincent Vitek, and from the great state of Washington, Ian Hardie on drums and Ben Longwell on the bass. Stemming primarily from rock, country, and blues origins, their style ranges from the classic feel of early rock and roll, to the gritty fuzz of modern hard rock. Yet intermingled throughout is an element of pure Americana blues and country. Making for a unique and powerful sound.

Mostly what you need to know about these boys is they like to have a good time.


Sad Kid

Written By: Jeremy Beazlie

Your as solid as ice after a real cool fire
You melt me like a knife under hot water
Make me glow like a sulfite if I get the chemistry right
Your like a frozen sword cutting through the edge of the night

And then you left me (x4)

Bottles pile high as a ridge
If I was high I'd climb them but foundations important
Maybe it's my drinking, maybe it's you being a bitch
You make me happy make me sad like baby I just don't know which is which.

What do you do when your wrong, when your wrong?
What do you do when your wrong, when your wrong?
Baby I know, baby I know, baby I know, baby I know...

You called me up on the telephone
right when I was building my own one
You felt so sad you feel you're a victim
cause you know I could eat you up on the table

You was a Sad Kid for doing what you did
you was a Sad Kid for doing what you did
I was alone, lost I hated myself and you called me a friend
I been counting all my demons, sneaking up on me again,
I'd take you any day, I'd take you any day, I'd take you any day

(CHORUS, then end)


Sounds May Vary(2013. Studio album, self released.

Live at the SweatShop (2009) ten songs recorded live at the SweatShop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Strange Things (2011). Studio album, self released.

Select songs from Strange Things have been receiving radio airplay.

Set List

25 original songs and 4 covers including "The Rodeo Song" by Gary Lee & the Showdown and "Cheating Heart" by Hank Williams.