Barbaric Yawp

Barbaric Yawp

61 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Barbaric Yawp is an exciting new four piece band from Brooklyn that offers a unique blend of rock, blues, funk, and jazz.



When four professional musicians got together in Brooklyn in the summer of 2011, the result was the exciting, genre transcending sound of Barbaric Yawp. The original compositions combine orchestrated sections reminiscent of big band swing and funk, the looseness and freedom of a jazz quartet, and bebop style unison lines all delivered with a heavy dose blues and rock.


We're Goin Right

Written By: Peter Fabrizio

I take a town a day
Then I move on
The train takes me to another place
Travel through the mountains
Out in the country
My path they cannot trace
I Can't stop from laughing cause
I know I have lost it
Long before the sky got dim
I'll just drink some caffeine
Wait for the nightfall
And just try to blend in

But I know Yes I know
We're goin' right

Up north today
Got sick of back alleys
More space if we go down low
Where the food is good
The locals are friendly
And the wine is flowing down my throat
Better run around town cause
The sun's going down
And I can't spend another day
I'm heading out of town
I know you'll come with me
Cause I really must be on my way

But I know Yes I know
We're Goin' Right