Bent Knee

Bent Knee

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

"Dark, mysterious and dare I say beautiful?" -Olive MusicBent Knee is a 6-piece alternative rock ensemble from Boston. Our music boasts an astonishing dynamic range, with haunting vocals floating above a plethora of electric and acoustic textures.



The dark winters of Boston bore a band that crawled out of the womb and called itself Bent Knee.

See live performances here:
"In God We Trust"

The ensemble produces intricate songs that morph rapidly and unpredictably from fragile passages to walls of sound with "a shrieking and wailing banshee, stadium-sized guitar heroics, and pounding rhythmic tides (Ryan's Smashing Life)." Bent Knee is interested in all things new, whether it be musical form, production, live sound manipulation, or physical packaging. An immersive journey and an intimate conversation all at once, the music "sends expectations reeling (Cover Me)", and is "perfect for everybody (Left Over Chinese Food)."

Bent Knee met and formed at Berklee College of Music in 2010, and since they have earned high praises from both fans and critics alike. The band has been named a winner of the 2013 Indie International Songwriting Contest, nominee for Deli Magazine's New England Artist of the Month; and their music has been chosen for Best Albums of 2011 for Ryan's Smashing Life and Olive Music, and Cover Me's 50 Best Cover Songs of 2011.

The band is currently penning their sophomore effort and touring up and down both North American coasts.