Fresno, California, USA

Blackbird is a straight forward rock band with hints of alternative and punk. Big hooks and catchy riffs are paramount to Blackbird's memorable sound. Just as impressive is Blackbird's energetic as well as entertaining live show.


In an age of all different types of music BLACKBIRD is a quintessential ROCK N ROLL Band. Blackbird was originally formed in Hollywood California by brothers Arlie and Gabe Patton in 2001. Blackbird first started performing in the Hollywood Club Scene receiving a strong and loyal local following due to their Old School straight up Rock N’ Roll Vibe. The mission of Blackbird is to mix great melodies with catchy hooks. It’s all about the music “Straight Forward ROCK N ROLL! Blackbird has progressed on and pushed the envelope of ROCK! Blackbird is: Arlie Patton (vocals/guitar), Gabe Patton (drums/vocals), Dana Todd (guitar/vocals), Don DeBey (bass/vocals). Blackbird has gone on to create an unlimited fan base across the country, extending from the West Coast to the East Coast through several tours. VENTURES: Arlie Patton Endorses Samack/Greg Bennett Guitars. Blackbird is endorsed by Kerly Strings. Rock City News nominated BLACKBIRD for the “Best Hard Rock Act”. All Access Magazine nominated BLACKBIRD for the “Best Rock Group/Artist”. Drummer Gabe Patton was featured on the website. TOP 20 on Giant Distribution deals with CD Smash Records and Clockwise Entertainment’s comedic short entitled “An Ordinary Hero” features BLACKBIRD’s “Unstoppable”. Sonic Birds of Boston MA ( have spotlighted the band on their Sonic Spotlight TWICE! Kooba Radio- A UK based internet radio station is playing “Never Enough” in regular rotation. WLFR 91.7 FM in Pomona, NJ are spinning cuts from the current CD as well as hosted the band on Dec. 3, 2003. 88.3 WLFC Findlay, Ohio in regular rotation. FEATURED PRESS: Fresno Bee article, July 2007. 2007 LA Weekly music review. December 2006 Fresno Bee music review. April 2006 Rocknet Webzine band article. Nov. 2004 Review. June 2004 Review. May 2004 SLAM! Review. May 2004 All Access Key Club Live Review. March 2004 The Valley X band article. Feb. 2004 Review. August 2003 Ballbuster Hard Music Review. August 2003 review.


Album- Songs For The Broken Hearted

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Set List

Approximate set length- 45 minutes to 1 hour

Song list includes:
1. Stay With Me A While
2. The Rain
3. Lovesick
4. Reasons To Live
5. Modern Day Saints
6. Can't Say The Words
7. 30 Days
8. Meanworld
9. By The Seaside
10. Broken Tree
11. The Bightside of Things
12. Unstoppable
13. Crashingdown