New York City, New York, USA

We are a 'Hard Alternative Gothic Soul Band'
Al Green Meets Pantera or Maxwell Meets Marilyn Manson.

the Earth, Wind & Fire of Goth!



blkVampires is THE band from New York City.
In 2009 singer Forrest Thinner formed the group using six musicians from six other NYC bands. Although they were all part of the local music scene, these musicians had never played together before. Forrest knew that a new sound and image needed to be created. Something fresh, new and innovative. Something never heard or seen before.

And blkVampires was born.



Written By: Forrest Thinner

There r currently 147 ppl in Cryogenic suspension w/another 1000 signed up for the Deep Freeze.
We were just clone in, clone in, clone in .. Cry 4x's
were you came from.

Here's a piece of my Hair,Eyes,Ears my Bones.
My Nose,Lips,Neck my Heart.
My shoulders,Arms,Elbows my Hands.
My Fingers,Nails,Skin my Love.
If you wanna see me; When I'm Dead, long gone resurrect i ( Cryogenic in a minute / Wait a minute ) Gone long gone. 4x times Chorus.

Now you know when you look in the mirror, where you came from.
Shouldn't have any problems with your past, Your futures all progress.
And if you need to know something about your family history, Then you could just come here.
And ask them to thaw out pass.


Written By: Forrest Thinner

Blkenstein, Blkenstein yeah yeah Hallaujah, Cowa Bonga,Holy Moly,Yaba Daba.
When you were born with no father, Mother had a hard time w/4 kids. Grew up hollering & Fussing w/Siblings over clothes food and such things, As a teenager got your first taste of money and things would never be the same. You hit, you fight, you rob, you steal, you even crash the car, you sold drugs, you even Murded!
Now look at you know, With your hands behind you back, and your gone for a long long time.
Where's all your friends, That you thought was down, But there nowhere around.
It's your fate ... Blkenstein. what,what / OH YEAH!


Written By: Forrest Thinner

Out where the river flows, the blood wood and the desert oak, there it stands in 95% waiting for it's due. And when the anger rise, Sun Moon and the desert sky, That's where you'll find me waiting for it too.
Watch what you say, And say what you wanna do, Cause I'll be there for you in this ring.
And when the sun goes down, Night creatures all around. That's when i find my way, Without hesitation or fray, Walk like a man if you can, Stand on up man, Every time you see me waiting for it too.
I'm the Ringmaster, I shall control what's all around me.


Written By: Forrest Thinner

Saw you on your ass the other night.
Dumb shit i turn around your in.
Can't keep on bailing you out of all the stupid silly insane shit your always getting yourself in.
There you go again, Running with that crowd, A hard head makes a soft ass, Your moving to fast.

(Now you call me to save your ass) 4x's Chorus

Like a Ventriloquist -- I ain't talking through you or for you

Now I've paid them off, Don't call me today, You don't have a say and, Go about your way.