Blond Fuzz

Blond Fuzz

 Boca Raton, Florida, USA

"Blond Fuzz is one of the current saviors of South Florida rock. This Boca based band has clearly digested the gospel of rollicking, psychedelic, bluesy, rock and fucking roll. Every word sounds like it's being filtered through a beer soaked microphone." -- Arielle Castillo; Miami New Times


Raw, Bluesy and Psychedelic, Blond Fuzz comes across as more of a molten hot rock and roll animal. Founded in 2007, the band has been consistently touring in support of their music. Blond Fuzz has performed on stages all over eastern half of the U.S., and hammered home to audiences at every dark bar and well-lighted stage in its home region of South Florida.

Lots of bands claim Led Zeppelin as an influence; Blond Fuzz sounds as though it's channeled Led Zeppelin in a seance and become clearly possessed. But the guys have also got the rest of music history on their side. The band's wall-rattling sound is infused with the fuck-it-all attitude of proto-punk, and frontman Jordan could probably hold his own in a snarling contest with Iggy Pop and the MC5's Wayne Kramer. Every word sounds like it's being filtered through a beer soaked microphone, and the guitar stream lines like an electrical cord lying passed out on the floor at the best keg party of your life.

Blond Fuzz set out on a foolhardy but largely triumphant 2008 winter tour of the East Coast and Midwest. Sure, their van finally died in Tennessee — they abandoned it for a rental — and they circled several times past the venue they were slated to play in Chicago, mistaking it for a burned-out, abandoned building. But they were treated like visiting royalty in Cleveland, Detroit, Knoxville, Asheville, Raleigh, and Atlanta.

Their live show is even more exciting then their album recordings. Filled with raw energy and enough power to tear the roof off, Blond Fuzz consistently draws an audience in, and refuses to let them go until the last note has been played.

Blond Fuzz has been touring the country since 2007, and is bringing their rock and fucking roll from Atlanta all the way to New York City. If you notice this band coming to your city, you don’t wanna miss it!