Brad Vickers & His VESTAPOLITANS

Brad Vickers & His VESTAPOLITANS

 New York, New York, USA

BRAD VICKERS toured & played with America's roots & blues masters, Pinetop Perkins (on Grammy-nominated discs), Jimmy Rogers, Hubert Sumlin, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Odetta, Sleepy LaBeef, and Rosco Gordon—to name only a few. His band, THE VESTAPOLITANS, offers a good-time mix of Great American Roots 'n' Roll music: Blues, Skiffle, Ragtime... and more! His 4 great CDs were heard on 250+ stations. Charted Living Blues, Roots Music Report, many "Best of CD" lists, plus Sirius/XM "Pick2Clicks"!


Please consider BRAD VICKERS & His VESTAPOLITANS for your Festival or event. Audiences love their exciting, good-time blues, ragtime, and more Great American Roots 'n' Roll!

BRAD VICKERS learned on the job playing with America's blues and roots masters: Pinetop Perkins, Jimmy Rogers, Hubert Sumlin, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Odetta, Sleepy LaBeef, Rosco Gordon—to name only a few. Now his own group, The Vestapolitans, offers a feel-good mix of originals and covers spanning blues, ragtime, and more great American Roots 'n' Roll. Their 4 CDs, "Great Day In The Morning: (2013), "Traveling Fool" (2011), "Stuck With The Blues" (2010), and "Le Blues Hot" (2008) have met with terrific reviews, radio play on 250+ stations, "Best of CD" lists, & XM Bluesville "Picks2Clicks", & remain in rotation. Best of all,  audiences love them!


Here's what the press has to say about Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans:

“Their best so far. Each disc has improved upon its predecessor, but this one will be hard to top.”–Graham Clarke, BLUES BYTES

“You could put any track on the player and enjoy it. Highly recommended.”–John Mitchell BLUES BLAST

"This “rootsy” group settles themselves firmly in the “Masters” category. Vickers is a natural.” –Marcie Geukens, ROOTSTIME Belgium

“A set of “old school” blues and R&B that can’t fail to delight.”–Mick Rainsford, BLUES IN BRITAIN

“A real success and a group to discover right away.”–Bernard Boyat, BLUES MAGAZINE France

“Guardian of The Flame. An exciting recreation of those jug, ragtime, and old timey bands that first educated me in the 1960s and ’70s.”–Richard Ludmerer, BLUESWAX US

“Brad Vickers is an artist who quietly creeps under your skin.” –Rune Endal, BLUES NEWS Norway

“Vickers expertly conjures his heroes on originals...and receives superb support from his band.” –Bob Weinberg, JAZZ/BLUES FLORIDA US

“A true one-of-a-kind band, mixing and mastering wildly divergent styles, always sounding credible, and never mass-produced.” –Roger & Margaret White, BIG CITY RHYTHM & BLUES US

“‘Traveling Fool’ is simply wonderful. One can hardly withdraw oneself from the disc.” –ROCKIN’ BLUES Germany

“A highly-entertaining set of vintage rockin’ blues that’s guaranteed to liven up your next party!” –Sheryl & Don Crow, NASHVILLE BLUES SOCIETY US

“Very fine songs...perfect for airplay...irresistible instrumentals!” –Roberto Rossi, MYSTERY TRAIN, Italy

“Just what the people want, and never tire of. 4 Stars.”-Bernard Boyat, SUR LA ROUTE DE MEMPHIS, France

 “This is the kind of music that gladdens the heart.”–Stuart Hamilton, ROCKIN’ THE BLUES

“A well-thought-out collection of amusing and witty tunes. Highest praise!”–BLUES VAN, Hungary

“If rootsy, Americana and early rock-influenced blues is your thing, this...will make you swing.”–Dave Rubin, GUITARINSTRUCTOR.COM

“Great music, that reminds me of the laid back Chess Records of the 50s and early 60s.” –Henrik Linden RED HOT ROCK, Sweden

“Masterly work from all band members. This one should be a must-see-live band.” –Steven ‘Nick’ Nickerson, WYCE MUSIC JOURNAL US“

Straight up, well-executed rock’n’roll. The rhythm section is solid and the saxophone work gives the underbelly of the music plenty of life…executed with taste and professionalism.”-David Hintz, FOLKWORLD

“A steady and enjoyable cruise through authentically traditional blues, rockabilly, honky-tonk and ragtime numbers. `Don’t Take My Cadillac’ stands out as the best of [Vickers’] own songs...Leroy Carr’s plaintive ballad `How Long Blues’ is well done too, with some nice interplay between the guitar and Jim Davis’s clarinet.” -Neil B. LEICESTER BANGS, UK

“Perfectly captures the spirit of early rock instrumentals, channeling Duane Eddy, the Ventures and Booker T. and the MGs, and they’re just as much fun as those old gems, with lots of burning guitar and sax breaks.”—George Kopp ELMORE MAGAZINE Review Blog US

“The Vestapolitans, have the amazing ability to carry on the traditions and sounds of an older style of music without their efforts ever sounding pre-planned or forced. Playing this music just comes naturally to them. Give a big shout out to producer Dave Gross and V.D. King for the job they did mixing this album. Every instrument is represented so wonderfully, and nothing is masked by someone else's playing—It's truly impressive work. Songwriting, arranging and performance, crafting what would have become a timeless smash hits had they been released in the height of the Chess era. This song is an instant classic! Standout Tracks: All of them!


Hobo Jungle

Written By: Margey Peters

Hobo Jungle c. 2009 Margey Peters

(Instrumental riff), Get out, Hobo
(Instrumental riff), Get out of town
(Instrumental riff), Get out, Hobo
(Instrumental riff), Get out of town
You’re a bum, you’re a vagrant. We don’t want your kind around.

I rolled into town and I was broke but feelin’ fine.
Reached down on the pavement and picked up a shiny dime.
Going down to main street, gonna have myself a time.
Going to the picture show, and maybe drink some wine.
Ten more pennies in the gutter buys a glass of coke,
Saved myself a stogie, so I’m gonna have a smoke.

Went down to the feedstore, sat down on a bale of hay.
I held up a sign, said “I do any work for pay.”
After many hours came a man who said “Okay.”
I did all his chores, he gave me wages for the day.
Life is one of freedom, but sometimes it takes a toll
I know they call this scrounging, but it’s better than the dole.

Found the hobo jungle just in time for night to fall.
Cooked a baked potato on a little piece of coal.
Unpacked my belongings and unrolled my blanket roll,
Slept under the stars—it’s getting cold now that it’s fall.
You only pass this way one time, you gotta have a ball.
You know I may have nothing, but at least I can walk tall.

Chorus & out.


"Traveling Fool"
(2011 ManHatTone 1070 -15 Tracks)

"Stuck With The Blues"
(2010 ManHatTone 1060 -14 Tracks)
XM Bluesville "Pick2Click"

"Le Blues Hot"
(2008 ManHatTone 1050 - 20 Tracks)
XM Bluesville "Pick2Click!"'s "Best Blues CDs of 2008"

Great Radio Play on 250+ stations. All 3 CDs are still in rotation on XM Bluesville.

Brad Vickers has previously recorded with many great artists, including 2 Grammy-nominated recordings with legendary pianist Pinetop Perkins. Among those with whom he has recorded are: Roscoe Gordon, Hubert Sumlin, James Cotton, Paul Butterfield, Big Daddy Kinsey, Little Mike & The Tornadoes, Odetta, The Uptown Horns, and Floyd Lee.

Set List

The Vestapolitans have enough material
—comprised of both originals and covers
(from such artists as Tampa Red, Jimmy Reed,
Chuck Berry, J. B. Lenoir, Reverend Gary Davis, among many others) in their unique skiffle, blues, ragtime, style—to play as much as 200 minutes...
or more.
Please refer to our audio selections for a taste!