Brian Cid

Brian Cid


Brian Cid a.k.a. Cid D Kid is a Producer/DJ & Engineer in the Dance, Hip Hop & Rock genre with credits from Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, The Disco Biscuits, Todd Terry, & more. His dance productions are influenced by 80's house, Latin & Pop music.



“Few artists today truly possess that Midas touch,
which transports the genre (and of course their listeners) back to the golden days…
Cid D Kid is providing House with both a breath of fresh air
and a dose of nostalgia…” –Todd Terry

Inspired by the golden age of house music, his latin roots and anywhere he can capture inspiration, Cid D Kid’s refreshing Tech-House and Progressive fused sound (occasionally laced with soulful, female vocals) seamlessly bridge the old school and new school of dance music. Cid D Kid - also known as Brian Cid - was raised in the Dominican Republic and South Florida and is currently residing in New York City where he produces and engineers a variety of genres ranging from Dance, Rock to Hip Hop.

In a short period of time behind the commercial music scene, Brian Cid has produced and engineered projects for Lady Gaga, Beyonce, The Disco Biscuits and Snoop Dogg – just to name a few. With continued success proving his multidimensional talents in various genres, in March of 2011, Brian Cid remixed Rihanna’s chart topping single, “What’s my Name,” independently released on his SoundCloud. Impressed by Brian Cid’s talents and success of the remix, legendary house music DJ, Producer & Remixer, Todd Terry, humbly offered to mentor and work with Brian Cid. Later that year, Brian Cid released his first original record entitled “Slave to the Beat” with little to no marketing under Terry’s label, In House Records, and it garnered over 40K web impressions in its first week.

Keeping his momentum and expressing another one of his many talents, Brian Cid began Dj’ing at well-known, intimate NYC clubs and venues resulting in a steady growth of appreciation for his unique approach, style and sound. One year after his SoundCloud debut, in March of 2012, Brian Cid received generous offers to appear and perform at the Winter Music Conference [WMC] in Miami, known as the ground zero for electronic dance music creators and fans from around the globe. Shortly after Cid's W.M.C. performance, he shared the success of the club hit "Let it Rain" by breakthrough artist Amy Weber when the record made an extraordinary leap from #20 to #6 on the UK Music Week Commercial Pop Chart.

Currently working on various releases with different labels, Brian Cid continues to produce and engineer notable, multi-genre projects. However paving his own lane on the house music scene as a Producer/DJ, Brian Cid aka Cid D Kid is truly a name to look out for in the coming months.


Selected Discography:

Natalia Flores - Dumb (Cid D Kid Paradise Club Mix) [Carrillo Music]

Cid D Kid - Slaves to the Beat [InHouse Records]

Cid D Kid Bad Bad Dream (Club Dub) [InHouse Records]

Dominatorz & Bassmonkeys feat. Amanda Wilson - Don't Throw it Away (Brian Cid REMIX) [Sea to Sun Recordings]

Corona - Fly Away (Brian Cid REMIX) [Sea to Sun Recordings]

Brian Cid Ft. Mezcal - Yerba Buena [Kult Records]

Brian Cid Ft. Don Blanquito - Rio [Kult Records]

Brian Cid - The Roots [Kult Records]

Brian Cid - The Meaning of Sound [Morrison Recordings]

Brian Cid Ft. F.Stokes - The Rhythm of My Soul [Morrison Recordings]

Set List

Brian Cid Tech Rider:

1. MIXER: Pioneer DJM-700, DJM-850, DJM-900 Nexus or DJM-2000
2. CDJs: Pioneer CDJ-2000, CDJ-900 or CDJ-850
3. 2 Monitor Speakers of Premium sound quality and reliability, depending of the size and layout of the venue. Plus adequate amplification.
4. 2 power plugs 230v near the DJ table (max 1m from the table)