Brian Muench

Brian Muench


Known locally for his upbeat and light-hearted groove as much as he is for his wildly entertaining and often humorous performances, Brian Muench casually flexes from acoustic jams to blues and rock.



In late 2006 Brian Muench began performing his original music in a rapidly growing acoustic scene in St. Louis, Missouri. By January 2009 he had already logged over 6,000 highway miles and more than 300 shows. Muench "caught the bug", to say the least.

Muench has taken his act everywhere from outlying pubs and taverns in New Orleans to tiki huts in Northern Florida. Red-dirt bars in Oklahoma and frozen college campuses in Des Moines and Iowa City. He's performed regularly on a larger stage at Six Flags Over Mid-America and in town festivals in nearby Illinois and Kentucky. Its safe to say if there is an audience to be found, Muench will look for any opportunity to get in front of it.

His music was initially inspired by his parents tastes.. The Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, The Temptations. However as he developed into a songwriter he looked to the newer breed of emerging artists. John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson. Today Muench finds his inspiration everywhere from Robert Earl Keen and Todd Snider to Brett Dennen and Eric Hutchinson.

Muench's songs - much like his live performances - are often light hearted and energetic. Locally he is known for his ability to create a report with his audience almost immediately. Quick witted and engaging onstage, Muench attributes this talent to the wide variety of audiences and situations he has put himself in front of over the past several years.

Whether street performing in Texas, a back alley pub in Tennessee, or at a festival downtown St. Louis, Muench's performances are sure to be worth a listen.


"Acting on Impulse"
Released February 2009.

Set List

Sets range from 1 to 4 hours. 1 hour sets are typically 99% original music, while 4 hour sets cover all types of genres and artists, from the popular to the obscure.