Busman's Holiday

Busman's Holiday


Busman’s Holiday is two brothers that produce beauteous harmonies. Their acoustic guitar, suitcase drum set and strings section compliment their genre defying pop music. With unpredictable shows and their ease of social and musical interaction, they strive to entertain audiences.



Busman's Holiday is a two person band blending the melodic charm of lo-fi acoustics with the ecstatic showmanship of classic rock 'n' roll. The singer/songwriter duo is accompanied by a string section who fill out their complexly euphonic ballads of love, loss, lust and outer space. Born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana, the pair and their intrepid band of string playing companions have toured the U.S. and Canada extensively the past three years, recently appearing on Daytrotter and If You Make It's Pink Couch Sessions. Though adept in a D.I.Y. aesthetic of acoustic busking with only a guitar and a suitcase drum set, the brothers are equally at home when sharing the stage with their three talented string players, who add a rich, layered musical texture to their unique songs of wanderlust and first love. Evoking a classic tent-show rock sound joined with the affable atmosphere of the assured vaudevillian, Busman's Holiday both charms and impresses with their own unique blend of humor and assured musical talent.
Nile Arena, author featured in the book, Horror 101

Lewis and Addison formed the band in 2003 and have been touring nationally since 2005. The group has been a part of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow, ID and the IAJE in Toronto, playing with Darius Brubeck. Both performances received honors. The music of Busman's Holiday has been to Scotland for the Fringe Fest. Original compositions by the band were performed for "Dust," a play scored by the band. Additional overseas shows are in the works.

The elder brother, Addison, plays a drum kit that includes a Samsonite suitcase bass drum. The younger brother, Lewis, plays an acoustic guitar. The two create harmonies and sing songs together. The music is melodic pop with influences from numerous genres. They listen to Randy Newman, Paul Simon, James Taylor, They Might Be Giants, Madlib, Joe Pass, and Beck; and other stuff. They’ve made the packaging to the majority of their projects, including their most recent release, Old Friends. They have been playing for years on the streets of the United States. If you want to catch them there, check out their MySpace page. Wherever Busman’s Holiday has a show, they most likely will be street singing close-by.

The duo are currently working with producer Matt Nowlin, who, besides being in a jazz group with Lewis, is in a rap band with both the brothers. That rap band is Rusty Zavitson. Nowlin has composed nearly all of their string arrangements. He got his friends to play the strings on Old Friends. They were paid with burritos. Nowlin was paid with corn whiskey, which he didn't particularly care for.

To keep current with the band visit www.myspace.com/busmansholiday

Booking inquiries: contact Addison Rogers at 812.679.9243 or at busmansholiday.com@gmail.com


Daniel's Lament

Written By: Rogers/Rogers

Jamie drove all night only to find
herself a little bit too late.
Typewriters await; fingers bound to weights
that won’t let up.
I’ve lost my touch. What will I do?

Writers block my mind from the ideas
to take full shape to manuscript.
Ghosts of words I wrote haunt me through the
critics notes I find.
They’re all so kind for my first time.

I can’t make a boat again
finding that the world’s not flat but round.

Lightning strikes a match. Thunderous crowds
approach your house with torches flamed.
Failing ambition; fulfilling expectations of old.
Truth be told, I am scared.

Set ablaze to books that you are fond of;
I’ll move on, references gone.
One page I must write. ‘Just get it done tonight
so I can sleep,’ is what I think. I’m on the brink.

I can’t see you. I won’t hear you. I don’t need you.
I will write this book.

Words spit out like rain onto a page
that’s blank with rage that‘s not no more.
First one took a day. The second one they say is the hardest to write. It’s been a fight. I’m almost there.

Pam took all Fred had finding the things
that made him happy all must pass.
Hundred pages down;
this book has turned my whole world around.
I once was lost, but now am found.

I have made a boat again
finding that the world’s not flat but round.

(Mr.) Spaceman

Written By: Rogers/Rogers

I’m a super person. I think you should know
that in the dark I glow like a fluorescent, iridescent piece of Elvis velvet art.

I’m a man of very little needs; play at almost all record speeds with powers that derive from a planet you’ve never heard of or explored.

And it’s you and only you I’ll tell my secret to.
Me and you and only you will have bad grammar. You have tampered with my plans.

I should say that I can keep well fed with eyes in the back of my head I’ll pick up all the things that
ordinarily your eyes can not.

I will pass within the next few days, regenerate and pave the way for polyphonic, supersonic families you’ll always hear.


Written By: Rogers/Rogers

Fred woke up in a hospital bed and noticed that he had been dead for two days straight and no one had noticed. The life he leads is bleak. And now he is too weak to get out of bed at night to watch the late night showing of “The Price Is Right.�
Pam was Fred Ohm’s former wife who had tragically taken her life when she found out that she was adopted. Fred woke up that day and found his wife had passed away on the kitchen floor. She said, “If one does not enjoy one’s life then what’s it for?�
Fred knew that he had ran himself right into a wall. Now with the dust in his eyes he finds that he finally realizes what now is gone. He can’t move on. He sits there and cries.
Sales was all Fred had ever known: to sell things with accents of chrome and leather seats and broken engines. Fred would often say, “You can always find a way to sell something that some one doesn’t need.� With emaciated promises he would proceed.
Dan was Fred Ohm’s former son and the day Dan turned 21 he told his father he was leaving. Fred would yell and scream that all young Daniel’s dreams should be cast right out of his mind. “That book you made only in a day is not worth your time!�
The nurse walked into the room and then cursed out the window to all of the protesters outside waving their signs ‘round. “Jesus freaks,� she said, “get into their head that stem cells are a sin. The stem cells that they talk about could save your kids.�
Fred got out of his cot and walked down the stairs into the parking lot. And, there in a tent, his savior had sent him something that he couldn’t ignore. It was the lord.
Fred had found what he had lost back when he was a boy. And now with a ghost in his heart he finds that he’s finally a part of something that’s whole. He now grows old and he now can die.

(William Cresent Gets) Fired

Written By: Lewis Rogers

My ego is in tatters,
as if that really matters, as if that matters at all.
And I’ve been around the world, kissed all
the pretty girls, and have always been on time.
So now I find it hard to conceive that I’m about to receive a slip that’s colored wrong.

Why would you say to me
it’s not my ‘fault, it’s the company’s?’
This isn’t the way my life was s’posed to be.
I should be enjoying a symphony
in some foreign land clapping my hands.

So let me react. Let me back.
I just want to be creative. I had a view but it’s desolated and my 20/20s a 10.
I’ll be ahead of the rest. I’ll be the best.
I don’t care, I’ll be underrated.
I once had a dream that my dreams had faded.
And now I can’t open my eyes.

A dog is my only friend now.
The water cooler ran out and took my social scene.
I grew a beard
so my colleagues wouldn’t recognize me.
I’m sure they all despise me for making such a scene.
So it’s funny to run into you now sir.
The change you gave was meager,
but my dignity I can’t afford.


Shirts & Skins, LP, 2005
See Hear Now, EP, 2006
Homegrown, LP, 2006
Ole!, LP, 2007 Live at Waldron Arts
Old Friends, EP, 2008
Each album is available for $10.

Set List

The band plays a 45 minute set of originals if given a choice. There will usually be a cover or two in there.

Their set lists vary but can include these originals:
Good Night
Daniel's Lament
(Mr.) Spaceman
On The Floor
A Life Examined
Dusty Rhodes
Ode to Sophia
(William Cresent Gets) Fired
The Last Waltz

The band has produced more original material than what is listed above but their current line up does not lend towards all of it.

Covered artists include Paul Simon, the Kinks, the Beatles, the Unicorns, They Might Be Giants and Cake, as well as any the band might choose to cover in the middle of a set.