Charlie River Band

Charlie River Band


With influences ranging from Sublime and Soulive to The Band, we strive to produce music that is simple in nature while still retaining depth. We strive to give the best performance we can, and always bring the funk.



The Charlie River Band began as an idea among three friends, on a road trip from Boston to Bonnaroo, who decided they wanted to stop just listening to music and start making it. Now over three years later, the CRB has developed a reputation for exciting, spontaneous live shows featuring tight transitions and high energy jamming. Fronted by the Boston born Janezic brothers, Jon(Lead Vocals) and Kyle(Bass, Vocals, Main Songwriter), the group also features Tom Barry on guitar and Steve Theer on Drums.

The sound of the CRB is hard to classify considering at any given time they can evoke thoughts of The Band, Sublime, Pearl Jam or Jimi Hendrix. Their debut album, Bang, released in September of 2010 is a hard hitting roller coaster ride of different styles, alluding to a number of different influences while still remaining refreshingly original.


Bang - 2010

Set List

Southern Farmer
Don't Be Scared
Love to Die
I Can't Take it Anymore
Betty Lou
Summit Park

sublime, hendrix, meters, soulive, pink floyd, lots more