Cherry L

Cherry L


Eclectic Reggae Dancehall Music fused with Pop. Cherry L brings a new Swagger Sex Appeal and Smoothness to the world of Dancehall Music. With music deeply rooted in Caribbean Slang and urban influences Cherry L is a unique act in a world of cookie cutter artist.


A talented artiste, whose government name is Nelson Serieux, Cherry L‘s music lies firmly in the camp of dancehall reggae. However, unlike many of his contemporaries, he uses dancehall as a base for his musical explorations instead of as a straitjacket; for Cherry L each song must be true to itself and not just the conventions of a genre.Cherry L has particularly demonstrated a penchant for incorporating classic roots reggae into his music providing thus creating a more organic sound than other performers who rather rely on purely digital ‘riddims’.

Though grounded in a reggae aesthetic, Cherry L’s work channels older music traditions; incorporating overtones of Soul and subtle sprinklings of St. Lucian folk music. (He is a former quadrille dancer.) This channelling is a result of Cherry L’s eclectic musical tastes; his main influences include Bob Marley, Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, Sam Cooke and the Beatles as the musicians who impact his work the most

Cherry L grew up in the village of Mon Repos in the South of St. Lucia. He showed an interest in music early, mainly due to the influence of his parents; His mother taught music and his father was an avid music listener. Cherry L began his music career in high school where he attained the rank of first violinist in the school band. It was here that his musical career began by initially doing covers at school before eventually starting to write his own material at the age of sixteen. Cherry L is involved in the creation of his music from conception to final edit and displays his musical prowess by co-producing many of his tracks, along with his producer, and some say translator, Sherwinn ‘Dupes’ Brice. Cherry L’s growing catalogue of unreleased songs is a testament to his great work ethic.

In addition to his strong emphasis on producing high quality studio recordings, Cherry L is noted for his strong live performances which have endeared him to fans at every venue he performs, from acoustic sets in small cozy clubs to large outdoor concerts, including the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival. Jamaican reggae stars I Wayne, Gyptian in addition to Shurwayne Winchester.

The burgeoning star has started to create some media buzz as he was featured in the September/October issue of She Caribbean magazine where he was noted as one to watch in the Caribbean music industry.

A St.Lucia Music Award multiple nominee and winner, Cherry L has recently been creating quite a buzz for himself by traveling the Caribbean, the US and the UK. His brave yetoverwhelming likable personality has allowed Cherry L to touch the hearts of fans and make an impact on executives in the music industry.

Cherry L is the winner of a recent Faces In the Crowd Showcase held in New York, and after a brief stint in ATL ; he continues to spread his unique stlye and infectious personality with the rest of the world.


Turn Me Loose - 2007
Like That - 2007
Friday - 2007
Candy - 2008
All Over Me - 2008

Set List

Set List is normally the songs in my discog. Turn Me Loose, Like That , Friday, All Over Me. I do covers of certain reggae songs with a bit of a twist. I work acoustic , with a band or backing tracks.