- nine albums, hundreds of thousands of road miles, and international touring , Chris Colepaugh embodies southern-rock blues Americana with a big ‘ole doubleneck guitar and and a massive rock show.




Chris Colepaugh is all about the melody. Just listen to what happens when he unleashes his doubleneck Gibson on tunes such as “Some Things Never Change” on his latest album Missed a Page. Guitar riffs don’t get much thicker than this. But Colepaugh is more of the school of Stephen Stills restraint than Lynyrd Skynyrd abandon. Listen to how he holds back the instrumentation—just enough—on “Some Time Away.” The effects are enticing vocals that float on top of the musical stream, underscoring the strong yet dreamy message.” - Relix Magazine Review

Chris Colepaugh and the Crew return to their southern rock blues roots with their latest award-winning album “Missed A Page”. With subtle homage’s to their intense live show and a focus on deeply personal songwriting, Chris Colepaugh and the Crew have crafted the perfect blend of rock and blues. Relentless touring over the past several years with support spots to artists such as Gov’t Mule, The North Mississippi Allstars, Grady, and Big Sugar as well as countless headlining shows in Canada and the United States have allowed Colepaugh & Crew to develop a legendary live show and a reputation for musicianship. Such that, in the last six months, Chris Colepaugh has lent his skills to fellow Canadian Roch Voisine for tours throughout France, Belgium and Switzerland while the new Colepaugh & Crew album was being prepped for release. Since the launch, Chris Colepaugh and the Crew have won 2010 MNB ROCK ARTIST OF THE YEAR & MNB MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR, 2011 ECMA ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR & ECMA FAN CHOICE OF THE YEAR and 2011 MNB SOCAN SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR and are nominated for 2012 ECMA GROUP OF THE YEAR and CHRIS COLEPAUGH – ECMA PRODUCER OF THE YEAR.


Chris Colepaugh makes southern dipped old-fashioned rock that bridges the gap between old school doubleneck guitar crunch and moaning alt-country pedal steel wail. Live, his band ‘The Cosmic Crew’ are monsters of energy that pace the stage with confidence and explore a world of massive riffs in their improvisations. In the studio, Chris blends their heavier stage sound with well-crafted rock-with-thought songs that fans just can’t get enough of.

Chris Colepaugh’s new Malkin Music/Sunburst Studios/Fontana North album “Missed A Page” is produced by none other than Chris Colepaugh himself, and represents album number nine for the band. And it, much like him, refuses to be categorized by just one music label. On “Missed A Page” Chris Colepaugh explores influences of rock, blues, folk, alt country and soulful picking as he deftly covers weighty topics through soulful songwriting in classic southern-rock style .

He and The Cosmic Crew have performed at festivals throughout Canada and the United States and have toured extensively with over fifteen national ( CAN & US ) coast-to-coast tours where part of his US itineraries have included dates with Government Mule, North Mississippi Allstars and Grady. Awards and nominations are plenty and include the East Coast Music Awards, The International Acoustic Music Awards, The Toronto Music Magazine Awards, the Contact East Touring Excellence Awards and many others.

Chris Colepaugh’s catalogue of music has also had its share of accolades as well. His song “Caught Up To You” was featured on the international hit television show Degrassi : The Next Generation ( Episode 808 ). “Spotless Mind” from “In Your Backyard” was part of the film “Break The Cycle” from Ireland. Chris was also a semi finalist in the Starbucks Music Maker Series in Vermont and his song “Coffee Shop” was featured alongside of Moe., Bob Weir and Umphrey’s McGee on the 2007 – 10,000 Lakes Festival CD. In addition, there are the numerous compilation CDs he has been featured on.

However, it is not just his Cosmic Crew that brings music to Chris Colepaugh, it’s also his friends. An observer with a keen eye would have spotted him playing drums for Star Académie winner Wilfred LeBouthillier, playing pedal steel across Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany with International Canadian sensation Roch Voisine, invited by Gordie Johnson on stage to perform pedal steel and guitar with Grady, and playing sessions for artists such as International Daniel Pearl Fiddler Samantha Robichaud, multi-country-award nominees Melanie Morgan and Darcy Mazerolle, francophone artists Annie Blanchard, Anique Granger, Trisha Foster, Jason Lang and many more. And with producing securely under his belt ( he spent two weeks in Texas at Willie Nelson’s Studio mentoring producer methods with Gordie Johnson ) there is no stopping this guy!

Chris is endorsed by Sennheiser Microphones, Gibson guitars ( full feature and interview on USA ) and Traynor Amplifiers, and has signed a deal with his management company and Fontana North Distribution.

Awards & Nominations

- Nominated East Coast Music Association Group of The Year
- Nominated East Coast Music Associa


Caught Up To You

Written By: Chris Colepaugh

Caught Up To You
Lyrics/Music by Chris Colepaugh

This Is Not Here And This Is Nowhere Too
Tryin’ To Find Ways To Keep My Eyes On You
You're Runnin' Away From The "I Told You"
You're Livin' A Lie That's Caught Up To You

Don't Look Away
See The Things That You Have Done
In Spite Of Your Ways
Your World Still Comes Undone

You're Discovering Ways
So You Can Hide All Your Pain
When You Rise In The Morning
You Just Don't Feel The Same

You're Dying Inside
So You Can Hide All Your Fears
If You Keep Losing It Wins
Gonna Dry All Your Tears

Don't Want You 'Round

Written By: Chris Colepaugh

Don't Want You Round No More
Lyrics/Music by Chris Colepaugh

What you leave with
Is what you came with
When you’re stepping out the back door
Who to cling to when they blame you?
And they don’t want you around no more

Watched the evening sun go down
On these empty city streets
To know what makes the world go round
Still it never feels complete

These four walls are closing in
On this broken lonely man
No one wants to be alone
But still no one can understand

200 Miles

Written By: Chris Colepaugh / Craig Watson

I remember everything from 63
Freedom wasn’t meant for anyone but you and me
The grass was always greener on the always-greener side
We held our hope within our hands
And we held our hearts with pride

200 Miles from Hope
200 Miles from Peace
200 Miles from anything and 200 minds at ease

200 favorite footsteps, 200 psalms of faith
200 northern lights and 200 voices that just can’t wait

I remember everything from 81
We thought the fascists caught us, but the bastards hadn’t won
We ran them from the hilltops – our children unaware
Our flag was flown, equality shown
Our flag was ours to bear

200 Miles from Hope
200 Miles from Peace
200 Miles from anything and 200 minds at ease

200 favorite footsteps, 200 psalms of faith
200 northern lights and 200 voices that just can’t wait

I can’t remember anything from 94
We were processed by the system; they locked our iron doors
All I see are footsteps to the promised land above
And I promise not to leave this land so desolate and unloved.

Hard To Say

Written By: Chris Colepaugh

Rolling Down
The Highway Of The Sun
No One Knows
The Things You Might Have Done
Ain't Got Nothing
But The Clothes Upon My Back
Straight And Narrow
But The Road's Begun To Crack

But I Keep Movin'
Despite My Losin'
I Keep Tryin'
Can't Wait Another Day
Don't Know When I'll Be Back
Lord,It's Hard To Say

Sick And Tired
Of The Things That Bother Me
Don't Want Nothin'
But My Soul To Be Set Free
Losin' Time
Daylight's Gone To Grey
Goodbye Sweet Darlin'
There's Nothin' More To Say

Coffee Shop

Written By: Chris Colepaugh

Gonna Leave You in The Morning
Be Far Away By The End Of Day
Hate To Leave You My Little Sunshine
You'll Be Better Off This Way

Goin' To Leave For New York City
Packed My Bags, I'm On My Way
Southbound Train In Early Morning
I'll Be Back Again Someday

Waiting In A Coffee Shop
Downtown, Sunday Morning
Sun Is Shinning On My Face
Looking out The Window
At The Scenery Unfolding
How Did I Ever Get To This Place

True Lies And Telling Stories
Please Don't Let Them Fade Away
'Cause Nightime's Got Me All Up And Twisted
I Got Nothing Left To Say

Let Me Be Who I May Be Now
Don't You Ever Get in My Way
Lady Luck Is On My Side
Lady Luck Is Here To Stay

Never Enough

Written By: Chris Colepaugh

From A Break Up To Broke Down
You Threw Away Your Chance
Can’t Complain To No One
You’ve Lost Your Sweet Romance

Hide Behind Your Smoke Screen
Still Can’t Hear A Word That You Said
Realizing That Maybe
There Just Has To Be Another Way

Ch – One Minute You’re Here
The Next You’re Gone Away
You Can’t Turn Back Time
Once You’ve Thrown It All Away

All The Love And The Money
Can’t Get Back Those Things You’ve Lost
You Keep Sayin’ That You’ll Be Changin’
But That’s Never Enough

You Can’t Push People Around
And Expect Not To Be Pushed Back
In Time Your Eyes Will Open
To See All That You Lack

The Only Difference
Are The Things You Take With You
When You Walk Away
Scared Inside - Don’t Know What
Don’t Know What You Should Do

Missed A Page

Written By: Chris Colepaugh / Craig Watson

Of all I’ve lost, and all that I have gained, I miss myself the most …

I’m just living with my insides
As I tangle with a ghost
I’m just digging through this garbage
That crowds my busy mind
Now I’m missing all the pages
And I’m catching up on time

…I wish I made the perfect list
…Of what’s becoming what I missed
…I wish I danced the perfect dance
…But I missed a Page and missed my chance

All I see is myself
And I’m on shaky ground
Haven’t lost the sightlines
Yet I haven’t heard a sound
Haven’t felt the need to breathe
In about one hundred days
So I’ll grab the boat to no where
And skip the final page

…I wish I made the perfect list
…Of what’s becoming what I missed
…I wish I danced the perfect dance
…But I missed a Page and missed my chance

…missed my chance….missed my chance …missed my chance …

Some Things Never Change

Written By: Chris Colepaugh & Craig Watson

Some Things Never Change

Some Things Never Change

Air raid sirens stir my sleep,
My eyes upon the sun
Hungry mouths to feed today,
and my work has just begun
The sweetest winds they once blew
across an angry sea
I miss the coast that means the most
and I miss my family

My oh my we married young
And stayed beneath where
we came from
My oh my we weren’t so strange
Funny some things never change

In the city, sunset’s light
has opened up my eyes
I’ve learned to dance and love romance
and gamble for my life
I’ve filled my pockets full of dust
and a simple serenade
Funny how we’ve come so far
yet some things never change


1996 - Galaxy
1997 - Mazes and Mirrors
1999 - 16 Second Solace
2001 - Trip
2003 - In Time
2006 - In Your Backyard
2007 - CCCC
2009 - Burning
2010 - Missed A Page

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