34509 I st, Barstow, California, USA

A diverse, interesting, & surprisingly thoughtful sound that sets them apart from their contemporaries. Fans of various rock & metal sub-genres should all find something of liking in the bands difficult to categorize sonic offering.


Southern California's Chrysalis has released multiple successful recordings, toured the entire U.S., been featured in numerous media outlets (ESPN X-Games, Revolver Magazine, Wii video game, among others), & toured / played with Letlive, A Day to Remember, Agent Orange, TSOL, As Blood Runs Black, Ill Ni単o, Orgy, & Otep.

Their first full length self-titled album, which recently became one of's all-time best selling in the genre, landed the band an endorsement deal with Ed Stone rock wear (Trivium, Lamb of God, ect.), a stint on Vans Warped Tour, & a non exclusive licensing deal with Audiosocket Music.

Meanwhile the bands' new album, "Focus On The Center," has been lauded by critics at MXDWN, MusicUG & Pittsburgh Music Magazine, & is receiving heavy rotation on college radio across the country.  (The album was the 3rd most added in the Loud Rock category nationwide in its first week of availability.)

Supported by fans via a successful crowd funding campaign, Chrysalis toured the entire United States during the Summer of 2014.  The band will do the same in 2015 while writing material for another album.


"TBA" - Album [2016]

"Focus On The Center" - Album [2014]

"Ms. Me" - Single [2011]

"Chrysalis" (Self-Titled) - Album [2006]


8.5 out of 10 (RingMaster) 
7 out of 10 (SoundScape Magazine)
8 out of 10 (OurZone Magazine)
9 out 10 (Mind Equals Blown)
3.5 out of 5 (PunkNews.Org)
4 out of 5 (Already Heard)
4 out of 5 (Sound Sphere)

"Indie's Metal Monarchs; in less than thirty minutes of music, Chrysalis manages to push the boundaries of genre even more, with the song order arranged to be a perfect journey." -MXDWN 

"A soundscape of brutal imagery & butchering guitar lines caressed by beautiful vocals and pounding rhythms that leave you breathless but diving in for more." -Pittsburgh Music Magazine 

"The production quality is flawless as the whole thing just sounds huge. There's something here for everyone; some chugging heavy metal guitars & drums, some prog noodling & some electronic samples that sound rather fantastic.
" -Metal Newz

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Sounds Of The Playground

Written By: Jesse Elledge

When the days are getting sober, will the nights be taking over me mentally? What will be?
When I caught you sleeping, it came across my mind; giant holes we are leaping twisting fates design. And if you only knew how much longer we had to hang on. I wouldn’t have to see this.

We’re upside down and unaware of what is waiting down those dark, dark stairs. If you only knew the silence that it made, would you have the confidence to go your own way. I caught a glimpse of it all. Nothing made any sense everything was too blurry; losing my sense of reality.

Remember a time when it was safe to dream? Now all you could want is just within reach.

But as the sound of the playground started to fade and all hopes and dreams were washed away, they left you shocked and stricken and all you know has been replaced. They left you down and out with nothing left to fill the space. The denial, will you be there? I know I will. I will be there waiting for you.

Focus. God makes me. God makes me focus.

Thoughts Behind

Written By: Jesse Elledge

Cash in on the scene lights. Never stop to think twice or you’ll lose your time. Catch them all like field mice. They won’t even ask why. We could hold this out for a lifetime.

All this wasted light. Still I’m wasting time. I’m leaking all fluids, becoming weak and blind.

Disposing ourselves threading through time. We’re wasted light, burning so bright, nothing but matter. Still I’m wasting time.

But underneath the dull, there’s something beautiful. You just can’t see it all, but sometimes you can take a peak. Clouds are transforming in an endless spin of time. Pulling me toward the blackness and leaving my thoughts behind. Ready to begin my journey to the center we’re we all collide.

Have you ever looked at someone else in the eyes and swore that you saw the same thing at the same time? Have you ever felt so alone by yourself that you could call on anyone at anytime and they would listen?

It’s calling us to come, now we’re falling upwards…

Instant Silence

Written By: Jesse Elledge

Brother treats me like a ghost. The one that I love the most is shackled by an insincere, sacrilegious unity.

But I’m holding onto what is left. The instant silence came and went.

Brother should I disappear? Tell me what I need to hear cause really all I want to say is I miss you.

Keep holding tightly no time for rest. The instant silence will steal your breath. Tell me, tell me something that I don’t already know about me; I can tell you something that you might not want to hear.

I can tell you something that you might not want to hear, that when the silence takes you, it is all you’ve ever feared. You’ll wake up in the morning and not even know your name. With no one else around you but yourself to blame.

Keep holding tightly. No time for rest. The instant silence will steal your breath.

Ms. Me

Written By: Jesse Elledge

Ms. Maria Me, just as lovely as can be, likes to sing me to sleep because she likes it when I’m dreaming.

I’ll take these broken pieces, and turn them into truth. I chose this but you helped me. So let me bring it to you.
You’re fucking ridiculous, cleverly inconspicuous. I became a fool because ignorance is bliss, and I do not want to wake up from this dream. I found so much comfort here. Holding so tightly the rough isn’t clear.

Clarity; is such a luxury and it’s sure to come.

Run! Ms. Maria Me, just as lovely as lovely could possibly be. She likes to sing me songs to sleep because she likes it when I’m dreaming my life away for her and this dying dream.

(Ooh I could just smell your skin.) I can see you were a lonely child. Contingencies say you were. I can see you’ll be alone in life. I can see the future. You still are and still remain unkept, unclean, the child, the seed, the star of broken dreams. Despite the foundation of all you perceive, you know who you are. You know what I mean.

Saturn Waits

Written By: Jesse Elledge

Holy Abel, you’re the only one who cracks my island and I know there’s more to come. The reason I came I guess I’ll never really know, but if she won’t stay, I’d rather die alone.

Will we all fall in line, and follow all the rules this time? They will all see it..I alone have seen the day. Saturn sits and it awaits.

Holy Abel, you’re the only one who cracks my island and I know there’s more to come. The reason I came I guess I’ll never really know, but if she won’t stay, I’d rather die alone.

I alone have seen the day that Saturn sits in dull and grey. I felt her kiss. I felt her touch, but in the end, it was never enough. We haven’t failed and did no wrong. Disharmony inside us all. I felt her kiss, I felt her touch. Saturn sits and waits for us.

My Forsaken

Written By: Jesse Elledge

Calm down my forsaken. Please hold that thought. I’m not listening anymore. Come down, calm down, my forsaken, control yourself. I’m not listening anymore.

Hold that thought because I cannot hear your voice through the glass. I cannot read your lips are moving too fast. The sorrow the speeches, spare me the news. Tie me a rope and just spare me the news.

Say that thing you say. You really don’t mean anything.

Shamelessly discarded and I’m ashamed to feel you still breathing down the back of my neck.
We need to withstand anything that divides.

If you don’t think I would take it this far, watch me.


Written By: Jesse Ellege

This aftermath, it consumes me
and leaves me with nothing but dust
in a place were hearts can thrive and be without anger
so how much can my heart take
before like glass it breaks?
Its only a matter of time before it's beats expire

Believe me
from these feelings I don't want this
to be the end of everything that I now miss
soon I will learn to repair what's' been broken
(all I want, all I want)

My conscience now a shames me
and reminds me of what I've done
the things that I can't take back are the things that keep me frozen
and in this state I bleed, suffocate, and bleed for forgiveness as my hope recedes
that the ice will melt and I will freeze no longer

Starting Song

Written By: Jesse Elledge

I am not a mime
I speak words with meanings
I see I'm not blind to anything at all

and you speak these words to me
to make me believe that life is just a stepping stone

I am not a mime
I speak words with meanings
I see but but I'm still blind
to only some things in this world

so you speak these words to me to make me believe that life is just
your stepping stone
when realigned through passing time
oh will we ever fight?
What we believe is true

Time is the one that pulls the strings
on everyone and everything
but if there's one thing time won't tell
were do we go when it's over

Pull the strings
come on mother fucker

Will the walls come down on me
and bury me within all of their debris
(so much for happiness, so much for our dreams)
(so much for cleanliness, so much for being free)
and will my soul leave instantly?
If so, who will carry it to where it must be
(so much for happiness, so much for our dreams)
(so much for cleanliness, so much for being free)

The Daylight Falls

Written By: Jesse Elledge

This is is a breaking point
between what's happiness with opened wounds
if I just act happily my wounds will not heal
they will just become distant memories
I don’t want to become just a distant memory.

It's that time again
can I get it right
or will I waste everything
just like I did before
running out of time
wading and searching for
things that I can't find
may be I can learn to breathe on my own
it's set in stone

I will rise
and you will see
the daylight falls
back down on me
and I will deprive of this travesty
and you won't laugh
because I won't scream

Too Mend

Written By: Jesse Elledge

The face reminded me of a much better place than here
Alive, it shinned for me through my darkness and fear
and oh, how it flew away
like autumn leaves in the wind

Faith has become my worst enemy
Keeping me from lies
Truth, as if it all were a dream
But when I look into my own eyes
Reassurance of my fall to endless sleep

You want to know what this creates ?
Well, come on in
Come on in

You cannot mend what's so impaired
no it's not impossible
to never see the face against again.

We couldn't mend the beyond impaired
or make it through the impossible
but can we shine just like we did
before the colors faded
demise the sunshine in a world that we created
and it can never be the same anymore


"Focus On The Center" - Album [2014]

"Ms. Me" - Single [2011]

"Chrysalis" (Self-Titled) - Album [2006]

"Demo" - [2003]

Set List

One Full Hour Of Original Music:

Sounds of the Playground 3:56
Thoughts Behind 5:26
Instant Silence 3:32
Ms. Me 4:26
Tumbula 1:56
Saturn Waits 5:12
My Forsaken 3:33
Outspoken 3:02
Daylight Falls 3:58
To Mend 5:51
Starting Song 5:01
Aura 5:22