Cicero Salmon III

Cicero Salmon III

Los Angeles, California, USA

Cicero Salmon III is original just like his name. Its not made up for show in case you were wondering. He the guy that immediately engages the crowds with his huge, young at heart smile, old school nuances, beliefs and comfortable style of comedy that makes people feel...well, comfortable.He's young, observant, simple, thoughtful, and clean, which is why crowds gravitate to his shows. Bronx NY raised, with a prep school education and Lehigh grad, he's the Bronx's Fresh Prince of comedy.



Why Cicero.Why not Cicero is the question.

Cicero Salmon III is original, just like his name.  He's the guy that immediately engages the crowds with his huge smile, old school nuances, and comfortable style of comedy that makes people feel...well, comfortable. He's observant, simple and clean which is why he's performed for young and old folks alike, leaving them with big smiles and lots of laughs.

The Victor Cruz / Carmelo Anthony of comedy. He's half black and Puerto Rican; a Bronx born NYC kid shipped to a preppy boarding high school. This Lawrenceville & Lehigh University graduate is a jock, nerd, frat guy, hoodlum and feminist. The battle of these ideals are odd but that's what makes his comedy so unique

Cicero has credits on FOX "New Girl", national commercials such as "Bud Light", and films such as "Don't Fade Away" starring Ryan Kwanten of "TRUE BLOOD,"

A finalist in SoCals Ultimate Laff Down Cicero was picked up as resident opening comic for Rolling Stones flagship restaurant & lounge in Hollywood, receiving tutelage from great comic veteran Dante the Comic and celebrity time transcendent Dennis "Mr. Belding" Haskins, in addition to opening for major national comedic headliners.

Cicero relates to peoples sense of individualism because he always noticed where he differed from the groups. His inability to let college life go, his entry level face, and his experience as a corporate professional fills rooms with laughs.

Influenced by his sarcastic mother, critical and harsh group of friends Cicero talks about partying, the work force, being the odd man out, tutoring kids and being an adult.  He's raw, honest and his smile makes the world smile with him. A fan of all things funny he's that guy. 

References: Contact info provided upon request

Zach Miller: Booker Flappers Comedy Club, Gas Lamp

Jeff Hodge: Owner Yeahmon Entertainment, booker/producer Ice House Comedy

Jason Edmonds: VP Entertainment at The Rolling Stone Restaurant and Lounge (Talent Manager Macy Gray at Stampede Management)


Performance Locations

- El Segundo Palyhouse
- Radisson Hotel
- Flappers Comedy Club Burbank
- The Comedy Store
- The Hollywood Improv
- Flappers Comedy Club Claremont
- Rolling Stones Restaurant and Lounge
- Sardos Burbank
- Gaslamp Long Beach CA
- Danny's Venice Beach
- Upright Citizens Brigade
-Universal Studios Jon Lovitz Comedy Club

Set List