Cielle & All Sounds On

Cielle & All Sounds On

Ithaca, New York, USA

Cielle's voice and the intimacy of her storytelling pull the audience in. Charming and engaging, Cielle is best described as having bluesy vocals over an indie groove.



Listen to Cielle (CL) once, and you'll find yourself listening again and then again, the music settling into you. Each song grows from a fertile personal place, yet resounds with universality. Her voice first arrests you with its directness and strength; you feel tenderness, delight and release when Cielle sings, even when the lyrics tell of sorrows and struggles.
Born of African American and European French decent, Cielle has lived and traveled around the world; France, England, Ghana West Africa, and New Zealand, finally rooting in Ithaca New York. Self taught and passionately inspired music has always been in her history, her father having lead his band Benny Layton and the Rhythm Kings in which world famous pianist Billy Taylor played at age 15. Cielle first appeared as a back-up singer in the Boston based band Third Estate while maintaining solo performances as an original singer/songwriter. Upon moving to Ithaca, Cielle sang back-up for the R&B band Teddy Antrum. Her success as a back up vocalist and with the encouragement of fans lead Cielle to branch off on her own launching her solo debut and first CD "Out of Bounds" in 2001. Currently, Cielle performs in New York and throughout the northeast and often is joined by other proficient musicians creating duos, trios and full bands. She is also a member of Ephemera, an ensemble of 11 female vocalists specializing in improvisation.
Cielle continues to study with well-known improvisation vocalists including Rhiannon and Bobby McFerrin and while influenced by many other vocal greats, Cielle's voice, style and power are all her own.


Currently in studio.
"Out of Bounds" 2001

Set List

Ain't so Pretty
French Song
One and Only Man
Don't Blame
Recognize Me
Long Time Since Yesterday
Keepin' it On
Long Road
(enough original material for up to 3 hours)