84 Rua Carlos Gomes, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BRA

Constantina has a minimalist and delicate post-rock aesthetic, made up of intelligent guitar arrangements with subtle electronic interference. Its fifth album, Haveno, means harbor in Esperanto. It refers both to the place of calm after the storms and the output for new directions.


Operating since 2003, the independent band Constantina has a solid history in creating music with instrumental post-rock sound. With a minimalist and delicate aesthetic, Constantina has figured as one of the most interesting bands of the new harvest of instrumental rock. The arrangements are crafted experimentally, with a clever use of guitars and subtle electronic interference, always open to improvisation. Also worth to highlight Constantina's concern with the visual language. The albums graphic design, developed by designer Bruno Nunes, also a musician and band member, extends into an intense dialogue with the sound produced. Album covers, posters and other graphical arts always excelled for developing a proper language, in line with the band's musical language.

The proposal to make this combination of the visuality with the musical language is nothing new to Constantina. In the previous album, recorded in 2008 when the band was still a sextet, Hola Amigos...! records well this marriage. Produced in home studio, the album features four distinct soundwalks that also appear in the concept graph. It is more cohesive and pop, built on leaner elements. There are also, in the band's discography, studio albums Jaburu (2006), Constantina (2005), and other live albums and participations in compilations.

The group from Minas Gerais has had the opportunity to play at dozens houses and festivals dedicated to independent music in Brazil, including the cities of Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro. In March 2011, Constantina was invited to attend the South by Southwest Festival ( The festival, known for being one of the largest independent music festivals in the world, featuring in the 25th. edition familiar names such as Strokes, Man Man, Joan of Arc, Cold War Kids.

In the current formation - with seven members - Constantina released its 4th and 5th studio albums: Haveno & Pacifico. The albums concept is entirely on the comings and goings of the sea and its natural expansion and contraction. The harbor, place of arrival, is also the site of departure for new paths and new possibilities. These albums create sound images that leave a lull after the storm, but always foresees new journeys. Recorded by La Petite Chambre independent label,