David Martinez

David Martinez

 Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

It's classic rock with an alternative edge. It's magnetic and driven as well!


David Martinez, singer/songwriter, who is currently the #1 Alternative artist in Corpus Christi, Texas,
has released his greatly anticipated new album "One More Time", produced by the acclaimed Leroy Miller of CA.

Music started at a young age for David, who was influenced by his father, a multi-instrumentalist. Early
influences were Grand Funk Railroad, Kiss, Steve Miller Band, and Led Zeppelin, which led David into
trying his hand at songwriting on his first guitar. During his early college years, David recorded his first
demos in a studio put together by friend Robert Davis. With encouragement from friends Eduardo Garza
and David Navertte, he ventured into the local music scene sharing his songs at area open mic nights
while continuing his education.

After grad school, David assembled his demos and songs, and in 2005, discussed touring with local
musician Jimmy Wilden. Together, they formulated a tour plan, and in 2006, along with Hope Cassidy,
played a string of shows ranging from Houston, San Marcos, and Dallas, TX out to Albuquerque, NM,
Tucson, AZ. They then headed to CA to play Pacific Beach (San Diego), West Hollywood, San Francisco.
Heading north, they hit Seattle, WA, then over to St. Paul, MN, Janesville, WI, and returned to a great
homecoming in Corpus Christi.

The LA experience proved fruitful for David, as that was where the musical fusion with famed producer
Leroy Miller began. After a lunch meeting at Jerry’s Famous Deli, Leroy agreed to listen to David’s
demo. David’s music sparked interest and the two began to discuss ideas about recording. In 2007, David
was invited to Leroy Miller’s Hollywood studio and ‘Can’t Find You’ and ‘Where Could I Go’ were
recorded with Kane McGee (Drums), Cha Chi (Percussion), Leroy Miller, and Adam Macdougal (keys)
from The Black Crowes. David also did a live set in Santa Barbara with Claude Hopper at Cold Stone

In 2008, the David Martinez Band was formed, consisting of David (Acoustic Guitar/Lead Vocals),
Johnny Ramos Jr. (Drums/Percussion), Joseph Flores (Lead Guitar), and Johnny Mitchell (Bass),
releasing an EP in 2009. Sponsored by AXE, they opened for Bob Schneider, and then showed great
promise at KLRU in Austin, TX in a National Battle of The Bands filmed by the Austin City
Limits crew and sponsored by Land Shark Lager, Rhapsody Music, and Sonicbids.

In 2010, the David Martinez Band had quite a year, and performed the first gig during SXSW in
Austin which included Keaton Simons joining in for a set. In July, they embarked on an acoustic tour
of CA, hitting San Diego, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. On July 18th, they played at the legendary
Viper Room in in West Hollywood. David flew out to Nashville to work with Leroy Miller yet again,
recording ‘Hey Mary’, released in December of that year.

2011 brought a rush of activity for David, playing in the Cincinnati area in March in collaboration with
Indie On Air acts including Danika Holmes and Lovebettie. SXSW was again on tap, this time with Indie
On Air and Planet LA acts, including a series of shows during the conference. David was then chosen to
play a showcase in Austin, Texas in May. In July, he appeared in Lake George, New York; and in October,
played in Seattle and Tacoma with Match1Entertainment. November brought a gig - opening for Danika
Holmes for her CD release and another show with Jason Jeka of Fivestar Deluxe.

For the third year in a row, David played a series of shows at SXSW in 2012. He then headed out to
CA once again to work with producer Leroy Miller in July. Release date of that EP is set for December,
and his new single ‘I Wanna Know’ is currently out and airing across the US/UK on indie radio.
Additionally, the single won the title of ‘Top Indie Song’ for summer 2012 on Indie 104 LA. An acoustic
tour of southeast US is being planned for 2013 to promote David’s new music.

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Sweet Sister

Written By: David Martinez

Verse 1
Just a little time sweet sister
And I’ll know you be right here
As the stars and the moon go
My hope begins to flow

Can’t keep away
From you anymore
No more

Take me in your arms
Feel me in your soul
I can’t hide this feeling just got to let you know
Just got to let you know

Verse 2
Just a little time sweet sister
And I know you won’t go away
Take me in your arms now
You gotta save my wounded soul

(Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus)

I can’t hide this feeling
That I’ve been missing you for so long
And I know you can’t hide your feelings too

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

Hey Mary

Written By: David Martinez/Leroy Miller

Hey Mary

Hey Mary ran away today, she took a bus from Alabama all the way to LA
She was a small town girl with a big city dream and nothing else mattered so it seemed
Hey Mary there’s a price to pay, what you gonna owe on judgment day
It’s hard to get it back once you’ve thrown it all away

Verse 1
She grew up fast and had to be tough and the love she got was never enough
Living at home she was out of place, so she packed her dreams in her old suitcase
As she walked out the front door, the life she knew would be no more.
Like a cyclone out of control, she took a step into the unknown


Verse 2
Majik’s trick was selling flesh and what Mary had was something fresh
Till he turned out to a John named Phil, who locked her up in his house on the hill.
This fairytale had yet to discover, you can’t always judge a book by its cover
The final chapter of this tragic story, she caught him in bed with a teenage boy

Bridge (Instrumental)

Verse 3
She tried to make it legit but could never follow through, so now she’s back on the streets cause it’s all she ever knew
When she looks in the mirror she feels so ashamed but there’s only really one person to blame
All she ever wanted was to be loved, Mary and tragedy fit like a glove
Like Peg Etwistle back in ‘32, she spread her wings and like a bird she flew


Written by David Martinez and Leroy Miller
©2010 David Martinez Music (BMI)


David Martinez (2007) Debut Album

Hey Mary (2010) Single

I Wanna Know (2012) Single

One More Time (2012)

Set List

Heal, The Otherside, Sweet Sister, Can't Find You, Visions, Waiting, What You Need, Walk On Air, Where Could I Go?, Salvation, Coming Home, Voices, California, Runaway, Where We Belong, Hey Mary, Always Believe, Little Secrets, Crazy Ride, Open Your Mind

Blue Sky (Leroy)
To Be Young, Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High (Ryan Adams)
Rockin' In The Free World (Neil Young)
Burn One Down (Ben Harper)