Death to Anders

Death to Anders


A modern twist on early '90's inspired indie rock with a Gothic-Americana flavor.


Biography by Mark Deming

Playing engagingly fractured indie rock that's witty, intelligent, and challenging all at once, the group Death to Anders were formed by singer/guitarist Rob Danson and guitarist Nicholas Ceglio while the two were students at the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA. While most of their classmates were interested in heavy metal or progressive rock, Danson and Ceglio bonded over their shared enthusiasm for indie rock avatars such as Sonic Youth, the Pixies, and especially Pavement (to whom Death to Anders have been often compared). The two briefly performed as a duo before teaming up with bassist Peter DiBiasio and drummer John Broeckel, who had been playing together since the late '90s with the band Crooner; other members of Crooner would go on to form Silversun Pickups.

With a firm lineup in place, Death to Anders began playing out regularly at clubs in Los Angeles' Echo Park and Silverlake districts, and in time they banded together with several other L.A. acts, including the Transmissions, One Trick Pony, Henry Clay People, the Happy Hollows, and Die Rockers Die!, to form the Central Second Collective, a group dedicated to promoting original music in Los Angeles and helping worthwhile acts find gigs. In the fall of 2005, Death to Anders self-released their first album, Punctuate the Calamities, which was recorded at the Musician's Institute studios, and it received enthusiastic reviews as the group's reputation grew on the West Coast. In 2008, D2A teamed up with producer Dave Newton to record their second full-length disc, a significantly more elaborate concept piece called Fictitious Business that cast a jaundiced eye at life in the new millennium. The EP Enigmatic Market was released later the same year.

At the start of 2009, Death to Anders wrapped up a highly successful two week tour of the Southwest ending in Austin at SXSW. They are currently shooting their music video for their single "Camera Lens," and will embark on a West Coast tour this Summer.


Fictitious Business

Written By: D2A

We are business men in town
Manufacturing our sound.
And our specialty we found
Writing fiction out of sound.
A social Etiquette profound
As foundations strong and sound.
Based on history’s background
How can this advice be sound?

Two sided gun
Hurts enough to want it all to wait.
And when its done
Seek it out to feel it all again.

You’re my favorite casualty.

Ghost Rock

Written By: D2A

Standing on an inward sea
Ghost rock
Monoliths will eventually
Erode forming holes
For miles and miles and miles

Rock layers dip slightly to the west
And all my neighbors want to
Pack up head out west head out west
Head out west

Tourists with their U-hauls
Camera lenses capturing
Unwasted space, unwasted space, unwasted space

I know your plans
Your cheerless conquest
My funds my cars
Dow jones in progress

For you we’ll be
Your tragic harlot
Naked, spread thin
On concrete carpet

Never nowhere
Always misgarded
So welcome to your
Tragic conquest

10, 20, 30, 40, 2040

two of us, you and us

Swig Shift

Written By: D2A

Another day gone and back again
Sunrise is slow.
She locks up the station
held bent on tending to herself for once.
Sandlewood barsides beckoning
With its tacky striped paneling.
True to form_pick up the glass
choking on fever, alcohol, let's have another

Distill these days.

The truest form of debauchery
is deliberated sleep
where the last judgment takes place everyday.

Can't think of a thing worth mentioning
Or any one of your questions worth answering.

Don't you dare give up the glass
choking on fever and alcohol.
Lets have another

Distill these days.
Let's have another one.

Great Plain States

Written By: D2A

Oh the cop is dead
Now pop the trunk and load him in
For now he has repaid

You can end up first in line
Be confined
They’ll hang you for the time
You took his life

Or you can flee the state
Come along for the ride
In foreign terrain

You and I
Will always be best friends
You and I
Can take a ride all over
The great plain states

And if you have to take off
I will always wish you luck

Hold all photographs
We need more hats and monicles
With mustache glue

Lies are on the credit cards we took
So take a look and make us true

Jerry rig the car with gaffer tape
And cover up the bullet holes

I was sittin’ down mindin’ my own business at the store
You came runnin in with blood stains
Smeared all over your clothes
You said hury up we’ve got to get the fuck out of this town
Grab your bag and grab my car and all I hear is

Im comin, Im comin, Im comin, Im comin!!!!

All this time I was just wondering
Who’d be bustin’ through that door
Walk right in and take a look to see the
Blood stains on the floor
Oh my God I hope that Johnnie Law
Just doesn’t come right in
Grab my bag and grab your car and all I hear is

Im commin’, Im commin’, Im Commin, Im Commin!!!!!

Man of 1000 Regrets

Written By: D2A

Hey love, where ya runnin’ from
Bored beleaguered and worn
Play dumb, you knew all along
Save those sad story songs

Hey love, where ya running from
Bored beleaguered and done
Stay gone if that ‘s what you want
Save those sad story songs

Let me in again.

Come from this place
You will be named man of 1000 complaints
Far from this place
You will be named man of 1000 regrets

And I wouldn’t have cared who you are
With the whole room alone for my thoughts
On the way back to nowhere I got
And I wouldn’t have said “God Damn”.

Camera Lens

Written By: D2A

Deep inside this canyon
The canyon with the stone walls
Stone walls for my head

Ink blot real time endings
Endings with no middle
Endings with no end

Infinity spares ruins
Ruins on a black sail
Sailing out to sea.

Come in, spread light
Like a camera lens' F-Stop
You know its right
When everything just won't stop
You know its wrong
When everything just….
Stop thinking all these thoughts
They bring me down.

Its these times I ponder
Pondering the triumphs
Triumphs of my friends.

Then I compare my life
Or as I call it striving
Striving to defend.

Call it frustration
Of entertainers
That's what we all are
Fake entertainers

And all my friends are
Entertaining Starry lights.


Written By: D2A

Even in death
She was a decoy
Strung up tied feelings
On crystallized ceilings
The bandage and razorblade
Won’t let this mend again

Keep her in
Deeper in
Deeper in love
Your favorite doll
Your decoy
Your sweet booy
Your soon to be god
The hands will rock her
To pieces that reaches
The crosses of love
Soon you’ll be my doll

You’re no doll of mine

When you’re tied up
Is when you win
When I’m tied up
It’s a bugger
Lay down
Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

To be backed up is held up
While joyous lights up
In the place we were
Brought up and up and up

And you brake your heart

Corduroy Stitches

Written By: D2A

Hand me the bag that I’ll vomit my heart into
Corduroy stitches, I’ll grant all your wishes
‘cause my Dramamine’s wearing off

She had cancer on the tip of her neck
And it spread to her brain
And she died full of pain
And her daughter was left alone

Too bad if you call me Father
‘cause daughter, you were never around
funny how you just come out of the woodwork
now that your mother is under the ground

yeah your mother, she’s under the ground

Hey man, can’t you see me father
How my hands shake, shake, shake to the bone
I am nothing but a poor bitch cunt
Who’s mother has left her alone

Please father, don’t leave me alone


Punctuate the Calamities - LP - (2006)
Fictitious Business - LP - (2008)
Enigmatic Market - EP - (2008)

Set List

WE typically play 40 minute sets, but have the material to play for 2 straight hours. We also have the ability to play multiple styles of sets ranging from loud indie rock sets, to alt-country sets to acoustic sets.
A typical setlist would be:

The Fall
Fictitious Business
Camera Lens
For the Headless
Swig Shift
Ghost Rock