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Deezy Slim

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The music Deezy SLim playes is a new mix of rock n roll hip hop blended with deep country slang live instruments to create a sound that no one else has. A new era in music and talent very real artist the next level of outcast and goodie mob for more go to


"Deezy Slim" Management is by "Big Chris" Hardee...803-427-7775and Vance McNabb . for Big Bang Management
Influences His Music is influenced by Michael Jackson , Outcast, Tupac , Master P , Scarface , Bone Thugs , and most old school 70's. NEW EP COMING OUT SOON !!!!!!

Deezy Slim, an unassuming MC, was backed by a live band. Anytime hip-hop is backed by live instrumentation, the show is more thrilling. Ernie Franks, a left-handed guitar slinger made the set, well, electrifying. Deezy's producer, Lil' Broad, constructs bouncy, Mannie Fresh-style beats mixed with the composer's ear of 9th Wonder. This allows Deezy to park on the beat or weave through traffic like he's heading to a NASCAR race." -excerpt from article by Otis Taylor (The State Newspaper) 2006------------------------------------------------------------- Check out his video on BET Uncut and order his new cd at --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This Band is the future of music it is a movement and you can be there first !!!


1. Mastermind Records-Comp.SC-(2002)

2.Mastermind mix cd vol.1(2003)

3.Matermind Records presents-The Take Over- (2003)

4.Muder Dog-South Carolina(2004)

5.Dj Prince Ice-Feel so Good(2005)

6. Mastermind Mix cd vol.2(2005)

7. Deezy Slim-Hood Status mix cd vol.1(2005)

8. T.S.P-Thug Society Posse (the lost tapes)(2005)

9. Deezy Slim-Sumtin' Serious(2005)

10. Dj Scipio-Country Tunes mix cd vol.14(2005)

11.Country Boyz-Dirt Road Pimping(scheduled to be released in Jan.2006)

12. the 803 complilation(2004)

13. Dj Shay r$b volume 101

14. Deezy Slim EP "Radio Hits " (2006)

Set List

2 50 minute sets