Downtown Harvest

Downtown Harvest


An infectious blend of melodic groove rock, soul, and dance music of the early 90's persuasion. Their universal and unique sound appeals to all audiences, young and old. Downtown Harvest fearlessly explores new and exciting musical territory constantly evolving and progressing.



Downtown Harvest is a quartet of high school friends hailing from Philadelphia. In their ten years of making music the band has happened upon an entirely original sound. You can definitely hear elements of brit punk, dance rock, and soul, but the overall sound is something very much it's own: a quirky mash up of experimental pop featuring three lead singers and a wide variety of instruments and sounds.

The group has achieved quite a bit in its existence, earning versatile and devoted fans. In the winter of 2005 Downtown Harvest relocated to Los Angeles for a stint and since returned home to Philadelphia. They have had a great ride: opening for the likes of Perry Farell and Ok Go, played a private audition with Atlantic Records, sellouts at various New York clubs, CMJ and North by Northeast Music Conference in Toronto, and a generous amount of National College Radio Play. Downtown Harvest has established themselves as one of Philadelphia's premiere rock acts.

Their 3rd album "Discovering Dinosaurs" was created mostly during the Winter of 2009 at Cold Point Studios, the group's home recording space in the suburbs of Philly, “Discovering Dinosaurs” marks a new collaborative songwriting process where the band was able to record at their leisure and fine tune each song without much regard to budget and time.


*downtown harvest - Discovering Dinosaurs
release date: Feb 14, 2010
Cold Point Records

*downtown harvest - Golden Dragon
release date: July 13th 2007
Malogna Records

*downtown harvest- self titled debut LP
release date: April 7th 2006
Malogna Records

*downtown harvest- Kravitz Sessions
EP recorded in 2003

Set List

*A typical set list:
Full Circle
Hurry before Worry
Something Elephants
*Dth sets are typically 45 minutes, but we have enough original material to play for about two and a half hours.
*Dth can perform a wide range of cover songs aswell, and have performed numerous 3-set shows in the past filling an entire evening without any openers.