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Drastik Music

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

Drastik delivers lyrical can be described as "Holy Trap Music" containing stories and personal philosophies. He performs and delivers with an energy that is infectious and the captivating production behind him creates a perfect combination.


Drastik, a Houston native, has opened for the likes of J.Cole, Wale, Trey Songz, and Big Sean. Drastik has been named one of the 'Top 10 Hip-Hop Acts' by the Austin Chronicle and was named one of the 'Top 5 Artist to See at SXSW' by Study Breaks Magazine. Drastik's music consists of compelling lyrics and personal stories, over captivating hip-hop production. Drastik has been described to share substance and energy similar to T.I., Kendrick Lamar and Big K.R.I.T.


I Work

Written By: Gerald "Drastik" DeLoach Jr.

Boy I stay putting in that work
That work
Everything I get I merk
You can tell by the way I walk
I ain't just talkin bout it
I stay putting in that work

I'm up in the morning
Like 5 in the morning
I'm already on it
So when u just getting outta the blocks
Boy i'm rounding the corner
This ain't a persona
I do this for real
Im hungry success is the dinner
And greatness will come with the meals
Boy I said come with the mills
Mean I get money to blow
Mean I get watches and diamonds
and knots in my pocket and plenty more just for the show
Just so you know
I aint get put on boy
I just put on hard my fam
Made the decision I wasn't satisfied how I was living so I got on mine and then BAM!
Like a light just came on
Turned up the focus
Handle business with a different approach
When I was out on the field nobody around me to coach
I had to fail a lot of times but it allowed me to grow
So now i'm on my grizzy like was never before
Had some trials and tribulations now im ready to blow
Boy i'm coming off the bench and now I'm ready to score
Get whoever but they still won't never get with DeLoach
Still won't never get with DeLoach
Cuz i'm a light upon a hill and they just scatter like roaches
Im a lion eating everything i kill and they vultures
Im a gator boy ya cautious not to slip in the moat
I needed guidance God had given me hope
He said it wasn't gonna be easy but he threw me the rope
And a Bible to find him when i started to climb a design to live by while i stay putting in that work

Boy Im ready ready for the PrimeTime
Everyday feel like the last down
Mean i'm owning every moment
Every single shot I want it
Cant play me to the background
Can't afford another day
being mediocre no way
Cuz my lil bro say he want a lambo when he outta school 2 months and he about to graduate
I aint got time boy I gotta get right now
King of the City right now
Whether thats Houston or Austin
Or Texas the US
I said it and meant it right now
Meant it right now, now
Meant it right now
King and i meant right now
Mainstream or the underground
It dont matter who you talkin bout
I tell it to em like I did it right now
I dont need a co-sign just for me to know my worth
Been doing this boy I know my turf
Go from 0-100 boy im on my worse
I grind you know I work
Said that I dont need a co-sign just for me to know my worth
Been doing this boy i know my turf
Go from 0-100 im on my worse
I grind you know I stay putting in that work

Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord
For an able body and a stable mind
And that daily bread for that daily grind


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