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If all we have are dreams, then dream big, spits Elliot Wright, frontman and philosopher for the five-piece, California Beat Rock troubadours, Eliquate, on their latest EP, Who The F*ck is Eliquate? Packing an arsenal of rhymes that range from satirical social commentary and inner-soul searching to all-out, shake-your-ass-til-the floor-is-wet jams, Eliquates music has been charging parties up and down the West Coast since 2009. In that time span, theyve graced the stage with underground royalty such as Murs, Del the Funky Homosapien, Zion-I, and RJD2 just to name a few. But, who the f*ck is Eliquate anyway?

Unlike most MCs, Wright didnt start writing until later in his life. His love for words pushed him to jot down more than just lyrics but meaningful messages for Wrights peers to think about and connect with. The next piece of the puzzle would fall into place when a friend told him about a guy who was making beats that he might want to connect with. Wright met beat-maker and soon-to-be Eliquate guitarist, Jamie Schnetzler, one day as Schnetzler was eating some questionable-looking Chinese food. As Wright tells it, I asked him if it was any good, he said, yes. I tried it, it was, and Ive trusted him ever since.

The dream would continue to grow over the next year with the addition of bass-slappin sounds by Cosmo Stevens, the pounding beats of Dan Wells and Tanner Christiansens blend of samples and keyboard. In 2010 Eliquate released their first album, Arch Rhythm, perfecting their sound by tapping into a social consciousness greater than any of their individual selves. We wanted it to be party music with a purpose, claims Schnetzler.

Drawing influence from all musical styles, the creative quintet build an energetic, live performance that is second to none. On any given night, Eliquate will break from convention and bust into an improvised jam with Wright free-styling on the mic to every audiences amusement. Thats where Eliquates real power lies: theyll hook anyone on the dance floor with their passionate melodies and create fans with their ingenuity and insightful lyrics.

So, who the f*ck is Eliquate? Well, now you know. They are a powerful mix of music and message currently rocking down doors on their Northwest Tour. But the final question remains: what does the future hold for our gang of intellectual deviants? Two words: dream big.


New Country

Written By: Elliot Wright

A single word sometimes that's all we seem to need
to calm the nerves a validation that someone else can see
what is observed is so dependent on it's tangibility
it’s just deserved and so substandard like language we speak
rely on skin, not this time, this time its getting thin
we tend to blend our mixed emotion not knowing what it is
that makes us tick but you never know how complements can stick
be quick to pass the pass of judgment the lack of thus is ill equipped
to play follow the leader in either position picked
so to drift becomes the option and its nice to know that this
is just a fix it ticket cost for what I've lost and what I've missed
opportunities to prove to thee I'm worthy of this gift
of words, and a solitary word I can't define
its the one that makes me wonder if everything that is mine
is articulated space or just a concept of the mind
based on a matrix of 5 senses and I am trying
to make the best of this obscurity the vague position blind
what you labeled maturity insisted is my climb
its my word the reason I am pulled up by the belt
no matter how you define or pronounce it it's simply self

Its as simple as syntax that bends back control
the best we can do to express or compose or
sum up the feeling we feel when we fold
its the reason we search for the words we are told

we trust in words of encouragement, you know the cliches
we seek them need them we fiend them we need those those these days
my people, these are your people so please keep faith
in people redundancy to make the point and display
that we're all we we got so its not in our interest
to make them call the shots or subplot for our inventions
we're building a bridge just to burn it down and laugh
at each others misfortune enough effort to pass
but gassed is the net worth of that way of life at last
we're forced to work together or forever will a back
stepping be present a precedent of collapse
has set this misdirection but disaster makes a fast
selection of who is natural and those that get the shaft
but a mass of missed intention made suspension of the class
a necessity to get the best of the rest of humanity and sensibly
the rest will be left for the propensity of
tangling up that web preventing the
freedom we were so sure we'd get eventually
since the means to make our dreams are relentlessly
misused confused to make friend into enemy
I choose to shoulder to shoulder as one entity
send the best they can I have the words and what they meant to me.