Elisa Lovelie & The Device

Elisa Lovelie & The Device


Brooklyn born singer/songwriter Elisa Lovelie has been performing in NYC since 2008 creating her signature 'Glitter Rock Noise' in some of the most notable venues around; now performing with her fantastic full band, featuring a lead violinist, cellist & slide guitarist, her shows are always unique!



****DEBUT EP TO RELEASE ON ITUNES MARCH 22ND 2013****A singular sonic experience in the NYC music scene, the classically inspired Folk Rock group Elisa Lovelie & The Device is a truly unique collection of musicians with an irresistibly catchy repertoire. Seeking to create 'conventional songs with unconventional textures,' the group has been making waves and getting buzz since forming in 2012, but are now beginning to take flight! Read on for more information about the band and lead singer, Miss Elisa Lovelie.

Daughter of antique doll dealer/photographer, Kathy Libraty and electrician/antiquarian, Frank Hechenberger, Elisa Lovelie was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, in what all who have come to know her fondly refer to as “the doll house.” Dressed and tressed like one of her mother’s dolls ever since she had enough hair to style, Elisa’s childhood was a whirl of silk ribbon, chess lessons and music; for there was always a song on the record player. Elisa began a passionate, life long affair with music and showmanship when she started taking singing lessons at the tender age of five in a run-down piano lounge right off of King’s Highway. Starring roles in school plays soon ensued, after which four years of classical opera training tacked down her incredible ear and vocal flexibility, while all along the way a solid decade of musical theater coaching sharpened her flair for theatrics. Needless to say, Miss Lovelie nearly grew up on stage.

In July of 2008, Elisa heard about an experimental new program called The Gowanus Music Club and decided to try her hand at Rock and Roll for the first time. The three day summer intensive culminated with a performance in a church, and from there Elisa began a four year relationship with the Gowanus Music Club, where she learned not only to sing the songs of the greats (even her current shows will surprise audiences with her signature version of Janis Joplin’s Me & Bobby McGee) but to play guitar and where she began to write music for the bands she was a part of . Her first song, Make Up Your Mind, was written in fifteen minutes for a show that was three days away- it was a smash hit at that concert in 2009, and she has luckily eluded writer’s block since…

In 2010, she began recording her first album, Ethereal, which is slated for release Spring of 2012, with her producer Dean Bohanna at Rock Gardens Studios in Williamsburg Brooklyn, and her songwriting partner and mother Kathy Libraty. Most recently, her first song was featured on Break Thru Radio for Emerging Artists (2010,) and featured on BRIC media in a news segment about the Gowanus Music Club and today she continues to hone her theatricality in performance with her band which formed in the summer of 2011 and has come an incredibly long way since. Never without a corset or her favorite garment, Moresca’s HotCottee on stage, Miss Lovelie and her band have been pleasing crowds from intimate house concerts to huge shows with 100+ people, and they certainly don’t plan to stop any time soon!

The band, showcasing Blake Allen on red hot violin, incredibly talented Classical/Rock cellist Brian Sanders, sharp-as-a-tack multi instrumentalist and rhythm guitarist Nick Throom, hard rock/soul lead guitarist Ben Chuchinski and husband/wife team Deb & Tony Stuppiello holding down the rhythm section on bass and drums, is a soundscape to behold-unlike anything else out there. Their live performances never fall short of a spectacle, always far more than just a rock another rock concert. You never know when her rendition of White Rabbit will be accompanied by some sensuous belly dancing, or her gritty Les Paul will chunk out the sounds of teenage angst with her classic rock inspired I Don't Need You. Her outrageous performance costumes and bubbly stage presence never fail to sparkle.

Her past performances include:
-The Rock Shop
-The Bell House
-Union Hall
-The Knitting Factory
-The Sidewalk Cafe
-Roots Cafe
-The Ella Lounge
-Goodbye Blue Monday
-Bar East
-Freddy's Bar in Brooklyn
-Googie's Lounge
-The Roosevelt Rock Festival
-The National Underground
-Otto's Shrunken Head
-Hank's Saloon

Her lovelie band is comprised of:

Blake Allen--- Violin/Electric Violin
Brian Sanders-- Cello
Deb Stuppiello--- Bass
Tony Stuppiello--- Drums
Nick Throop--Rhythm, Lead Guitar and Banjo
Ben Chuchinsky--- Lead Guitar


***Debut EP Set To Release March 22nd, 2013***
Undertow (in Production)

Has been featured on Break Thru Radio for Emerging Artists (Make Up Your Mind & Try) (2010)
Women of Substance Radio (2012)