Ellis Ashbrook

Ellis Ashbrook

 846 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Ellis Ashbrook generates ferocious sounds and swarming vibrations. Swim in a psychedelic pool of aquatic delays. Be moved by a band that has rocked audiences all over the Northeast. These players and singers have the prowess, technique, and tenacity to play original music that transcends trend.


Ellis Ashbrook is not shy on telling everyone who can hear that they're a genre-bending band which echoes the sounds of Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, and Ween. With an additional Bread & Puppet philosophy, now imagine young people getting themselves down and dirty playing licks and riffs, with a vocal styling uniquely old school - then you get Ellis Ashbrook.

The band calls themselves as DIY - Do It Yourself - such ethos that was once exclusive to the punk world has spilt over to the new underground. In college, the band paid their dues performing at the legendary basement party scene in Boston's Allston neighborhood at night. In the daytime, several members of the band are astute students at Berklee School of Music.

From Boston, Ellis Ashbrook moved to New York and into triple-deckers sandwiched between Brooklyn projects and the tightly-knit Chassidic community. This interesting dichotomy makes for a dynamic environment for the band's music to evolve. While under the same roof in Brooklyn, they played, slept, and ate together, and in its basement they were brewing incendiary performances that were witnessed by hordes that have passed through their cellar. Ellis Ashbrook lived, breathed, and ate music.

And who are the members of this passionate group of rock 'n' roll music artists? John Barber (guitar/vocals) and Alex Major (drummer) are childhood friends in Rhode Island. Soon they would later connect with Jonathan Granoff (bassist) and meet Natalie Lowe (keyboards/vocals). As Ellis Ashbrook, they're a super producing team - not just their own shows, but their own studio projects with Granoff twiddling the knobs. On their video 'Hard To B EZ', they managed to make it look spectacular - even on a shoestring budget!

To date, Ellis Ashbrook has released three albums: 2006's self-titled debut, 2008's 'Assemblage', and this 2011, 'Meridia. Currently, they're on tour to promote their latest album and they're making believers out of you.

To download Ellis Ashbrook's music, go to http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ellis-ashbrook/id163960354. The album is distributed by JMD Records and INgrooves, a partner of Universal Music Group.  They are also signed to Iconique Music Group.  They are managed by Guy Eckstine who is a distinguished entertainment industry, new media executive, artist manager, and record producer, who has produced and executive produced over 40 records.  Four albums that Guy has produced/executive produced have won Grammy Awards, including, "The New Standard", by Herbie Hancock.


Absolute Value

Written By: J. Barber

Legislative branches on a tree
We all walk the line to where it leads
Born inside and it defines our times
My lines mean nothing to you
As yours mean nothing to mine

You don’t realize the divinity of zero
The inter-laden chosen number abyss
Redefine it, until it’s sopping wet
You know your absolute values never,they never miss

I’m john, I’m talking to john
Amazing letter, feta cheese, oblongata
Fuck your dogmatic sunblock
Increasing, omnipotent sirens
Calling mindless people everywhere

They Say

Written By: J. Barber

Weathered thru this all
A mid-life crisis seems to fit these times. I can see that bottomless pit of your life.
Where is your precious security.
I don’t think that green electric blanket is going to help you this time around.
Because green is the color of envy
Can you make this connection in your electric mind?

They say that sanity is preparation
for a random sequence of events
Im not ready for the auction of my soul
I need myself right now
more than I ever needed anything before
I’ll be just fine this time around
unless by chance
somebody cuts my lifeline down

But I don’t mind if you win this time

I love u so much
but I can see im just killing you
I cant appease this anymore
your will is held down by our
rubber cement glue.

Hard 2 B EZ

Written By: N. Lowe

He makes it so hard,
You see he lives with bars.
Playing the parts,
and buying trends he'd never start.
But don't take it heart,
its all the things that people think
and say you are.

The red light's on you face,
you've learned to levitate,
Now everything is great.
But some, they've got no time for this,
they've got their make-up shift,
I think their wings are clipped.
We're parked outside the court house
in a pocket full of lies,
just made of all the things that rot,
and bring all of the flies.

So stop, check your diagnostics
its not too late to change.
Sleep when you are sleepy.
I think you're beautiful.
You sane, you deranged.

So watch and learn from me
it isn't hard to be easy.
Sometimes when its free
it doesn't see to be me.

Hey baby, its not easy,
to live for free, cause you've got to eat.
Oh I know that pointillism's fine,
but you'll be working all the time,
and your progress as it slows
cannot possibly stop the show.

So stop, check your diagnostics
its not too late to change. Sleep when you are sleepy.
I think you're beautiful.

So watch and learn from me,
it isn't hard to be easy.
Careful with the free
it so hard to be so cheap now.

My heart silenced every time you walk by,
and oh even more,
when you walk through that door.
I've got something that you wanted to share
and I've been thinking,
that its not I don't care.
I'd die waiting.
Hell and hating.
Loving every minute of you.
Can't describe it.
Will not hide it,
can't you see
I'm in love with you.

So watch for me to say if
this is really that easy.

Therefore, However, So Forth

Written By: J. Barber and N. Lowe

Therefore, I'm trying to get my fill
I'm so lucky that I'm not blank
Responsability Awaits
But when I think too much about it
I can't change fate

However, we wish to fantasize
We wait to find the compromise

I've never been to the future but I see it everyday
It comes down like acid rain on a 21st century day

And so forth we now control the tide
In blinking time the pressures change the sky
Passive masses watch and don't ask why
but I walk by and wait to see inside


Written By: Ellis Ashbrook

Get in the rotation

Have a revelation

Make a contribution

To our evolution

When you get convoluted

You know you can dilute it

Just break up the confusion

It's really an illusion

Mr. Anyone

Written By: A. Major

I've been planning me a family vacation vacation

Living in the nation of freedom we beat 'em read 'em and weep

Stop pretending I'm not talking

It's not too often you find a full time job

So honey have another Crispy Crunchy

I've been sinking listening to weekly opinions

But the rewards that I will reap will beat the thinking jacket off this racket

Please, please give me lots of paid vacation time

And maybe, just maybe I can begin to get my feet wet

I don't want to lose my mind

I don't want to stay in line, there's no time

I don't want to lose my mind

Why is time so hard to find?

So I'll head down low

Call me if you know where to go

Living for the weekend's got me working in a window office

I'm no novice but that doesn't mean that I don't have no vice

Please, I want my mint julep or hurricane

Any little lovely thing to take away my sober pains

Waking up without a care is something I could never bare

Why is it that waking up is never what it seems like?

So here I am down low

Call me if you know where to go

Things here move real slow

Call me if you know where to go

Got a friend down low

Call him Mr. Anyone


Written By: J. Barber and N. Lowe

What is this cash parade?
Sunday morning rain
Falling down on them
And who is there to blame

Rain on the magazines
Promoting the pipe dream scene
How they build their own esteem
to be the dream

Try to find my piece of mind
Realize that I'm so entwined

I need a rush I need a rush
I got all the time in the world
I need to run I need to run
Can't get in line with the color wheel blues
I need a rush I need a rush
All the time in the world

Projected image on this screen (no attention no attention)
Soothing, tranquil and obscene (no attention no attention)
Shudder, I close my eyes
and when I finally see myself
As I'm running, running for help
because there's nobody else
you see my feet keep sleeping

Nothing changes day to day
Allow for my need to escape

I need a rush I need a rush
I got all the time in the world
I need to run I need to run
Can't fall back, can't keep treading water
I need a rush I need a rush
All the time in the world


Written By: J. Barber and N. Lowe

Wanting to talk, not to talk, to talk
Gripping my shirt not to fall too soon
Bocking to block how I stalk what I want
When I stoop I can loose what I need to cocoon.

Mountains to climb but I am inclined
To let my bones grind
Feeling like they'll never unwind
I'm out the door
Looking for more
In my mind, asking
Anyone, Everyone
How the fuck do you get by

Just Slide
Won't You?
Feel what I feel to be used
Feel what it feels to be used

Cat Song

Written By: A. Major

My cat doesn't care what I say
As long as she is fed anyway
I give her some water and she takes a sip
She knows if I don't I'm on the guilt trip

My cat doesn't care what I say
If time slows down I'll waste more of the day
If I get by I can try to project it
Bury my soul just to resurrect it

I'm alright

I know you don't care when I come home at night
My cat she don't care if I get it right

My dog doesn't care what I think
My throat gets dry when my hand's in the sink
If the shock comes quick and I live then I'll pray
Take what I give and then I give it away

My dog doesn't care what I do
If I did it for him I wouldn't do it for you
I've got three eyes, a disguise, and I'm green
I'll shake your hand but I don't know what you mean

I know you don't care when I come home at night
My cat she don't care if I get it right

We Laughin'

Written By: N. Lowe

You don't know that I've got plans for you
This best friendship is on the run
And since the days past by I'm noticing
That you are the best ninja of all time

Time does not affect our purpose
Cause in my car, across the world
We laughin

You don't know that I've got plans for you
Let's go to the park over lunch
(over lunch, our lunch)
You know the bridge there where we used to be
And watch the sunset over a nice blunt
(sunset over lunch)

But Life does not afford enough space
If I can call you when people fall
We laughin

I'd better say I'll make plans with you
You've got your own life I'm aware
But if you want to go to exotic places
See lots of faces
I'm there.


Ellis Ashbrook (LP) - released April 4 2006 independently.
Assemblage (LP) - released October 1 2008 independently
Meridia (LP) - released May 21 2011 independently

Set List

Psychic Vampires
They Say
Good Time Blues
When Will this end?
Absolute Value
A Shot
Mr. Anyone
More Gain Free Man
Dig Thru
So the shaking keeps U awake?
Hard 2 B EZ
Therefore, However, and So Forth
Savior self
What is Thinking?
Cat Song
We Laughin'
Peripheral Declination
No Please Don't Watch