Toronto, Ontario, CAN


"Compelling and awe-inspiring. Adele has made it to the top and Emma-Lee should be right up there with her. Amazing voice."
- Maverick Magazine UK (****1/2 out of 5)

"A top shelf songwriter. She's destined for big things."
- The Toronto Star **** (4/4)

"The most beautiful voice I have heard in recent memory."
- No Depression Magazine

"Im a fan of Emma-Lees lyrical work. But then there is the matter of using the voice in a sublime manner, on material worthy of such a tool. Here Emma-Lee thrives."
- The Globe & Mail (***1/2 out of 4)

"Emma-Lee's new recording bares herself in the lyrics and the vocal hooks she executes. With all the stylistic swagger and polish of a pop singer-songwriter, the album is unpretentious and cuts to the core of what makes Emma-Lee a penetrative vocalist."
- Hybrid Magazine

Recent News:

- Emma-Lee's song "Not Coming By" in heavy rotation on CBC radio 2
- video for "Figure It Out" added to MuchMoreMusic in heavy rotation
- song "I Could Live With Dying Tonight" featured in premiere episode of NBC's "Saving Hope" and season finale of MTV "Teen Wolf"
- song "Shot In The Dark" featured in ad for tv series "Wilfred"
- song "Shadow of a Ghost" featured in Degrassi

You never know where you'll find Emma-Lee. On any given day she could be rocking out with her band in a cozy tavern, performing solo acoustic opening up for the likes of Chris Isaak or Whitehorse, putting a spell on a sultry ballad with Jesse Cook or singing her heart out with Toronto's elite at Massey Hall. A charismatic performer known for her velvety voice that No Depression Magazine called powerful and fragile at the same time with a range and ability to dive around notes that would make k.d. lang jealous it is not uncommon for Emma-Lee's presence to silence even the most boisterous audience.

Born and raised in Toronto, Emma-Lee splashed on to the Canadian music scene in 2008 with the release of her debut album Never Just A Dream. On the strength of her own publicity efforts the album garnered glowing reviews first from The Toronto Star (4/4 stars) and then The Globe and Mail (3.5/4 stars & disc of the week). In addition to immediately landing a record deal and management, this sudden spotlight gave way to opportunities such as the iTunes song of the week, a national television performance on CBC news Sunday, an Independent Music Award, a showcase at the prestigious SXSW conference in Austin, TX and further critical acclaim.

In 2012 Emma-Lee released Backseat Heroine through eOne Music Canada. Often compared to a young Bonnie Raitt, Emma-Lee describes the album as being a mix of pop, rock, country and soul. The album was mostly recorded at a studio called The Chalet in Uxbridge, ON. Wanting to capture live, emotional performances Emma-Lee, her regular touring band and producers Marc Rogers and Karen Kosowski moved into the studio for a week and laid down tracks at all hours of day and night, allowing for organic takes to be documented. Maverick Magazine UK called it compelling and awe-inspiring, Montreal's Sors-Tu called it a poignant disc of great finesse, the second proposal of an artist with a very promising future. Emma-Lee was invited to perform songs from the album on Canada AM, Breakfast Television (in numerous cities including Toronto, Ottawa, Regina and Saskatoon). The first single Not Coming By is played frequently on CBC Radio 2's morning show and the Drive show which yielded a significant increase in awareness for the album and a growth in fan base. Her video for the second single Figure It Out was added into heavy rotation on Much More Music while Not Coming By and Shadow Of A Ghost got picked up by CMT. Her many placements in film and television such as Degrassi, Teen Wolf, Saving Hope, Beauty & The Beast (to name a few) have been a great platform to connect Emma-Lee to an international audience. This fall that connection will grow as "Backseat Heroine is released throughout Europe with a tour to follow.

Of recent note Emma-Lee recorded vocals for two songs on Juno winning artist Jesse Cook's new album The Blue Guitar Sessions. Their cover of I Put A Spell On You has received considerable radio play on the CBC as well as accolades from such media as The Washington Post. She also performed the songs live in a concert special that was filmed for television and played regularly on PBS. Emma-Lee finished off 2012 by opening for Jesse on a Canadian tour that left many new fans in her wake. She is excited to re-visit these cities on her 2013 spring tour!


Just Looking

Written By: Emma-Lee

I've helped myself to anything that I have ever wanted
For bad or good I've rarely questioned if I shouldn't or should
But with you...I'm just looking

I've rolled the dice, unconcerned with the consequences
I've done it twice never listening to the lessons I've learned
But with you, I'm just looking

Looking at the way you're looking at me
Weighing in the trouble it means
Reading all the in-betweens...

I've bet my savings on a three-legged horse
I've bought the almanac the moon and the stars
But with you, I'm just looking

I've hitched a ride with an absolute stranger
Run head first into probable danger
But with you I'm just looking

Looking at the way you're looking at me
Weighing in the trouble it means
Reading all the in-betweens...

I Could Live With Dying Tonight

Written By: Emma-Lee/Jill Barber

As I lay me down to sleep I pray
Like a widow's walk my faith will never fade
Cause I know, living right is mostly in the tryin'
And I could live with dyin' tonight

Every heart is built to bend and break
Like a dam can fall when your tears flood out the lake
Cause I know living right is sometimes in the cryin'
And I could live with dyin' tonight

You're never lost at sea
As long as you keep good company
When the wind blows I will go
But where I'll wash up heaven knows

Truth be told I'm still just scared as hell
that I'll fool the world and never fool myself
Cause I know living right it isn't in the lyin'
But I could live with tryin'
I could live with cryin'
I could live with dyin' tonight


Full Length "Backseat Heroine" - February 7th, 2012
Full Length "Never Just a Dream" - March 3rd, 2009
EP "The Sneak Peak EP" - 2005
EP "The Waiting Room" - 2004