Erin Sparks

Erin Sparks


Meet Erin Sparks, an exceptionally talented Singer-Songwriter from Nashville, TN. Her inspired lyrics, infectious hooks and jangly guitars will keep you playing her music over and over.



Ask Erin Sparks why she sings and her answer is refreshingly candid, frank and maybe even a touch mysterious in its simplicity- "Singing is it for me,” says Erin. “Honestly- there is nothing else I can do really well or enjoy so much.  It's always been that way.  I have loved to sing all my life- I never wanted to do anything else."

So there you have it, with no grand proclamations to save the world, no solutions to bring world peace- Meet Erin Sparks- an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN.
“That’s Love,’ is the culmination of Erin's fortitude to produce something very special. The result is an album that is a product of her song- writing abilities. Erin wrote or co-wrote all ten tracks. No doubt, she is blessed with the capacity to inspire with her lyrics- they will give you faith and hope- even a sense of redemption- and along the way there’s enough infectious hooks and jangly guitars, contagious enough to have you playing it over and over.

Classify it if you must- overall you’d call it ‘acoustic driven pop,’ but categorization is a tricky task, since Erin’s soaring vocals are capable of tearing through a driving Alt-Rock production like ‘Who You Are,’ and then bringing you to your knees in the powerful ballad, ‘Don’t Listen.’ Erin wrote that song for the young people- the teens and college students who attend their shows: “Everybody has dreams, vision for their lives, things they are passionate about from a very young age. But somehow, those passions often get lost as we grow up. Others, often-adult figures encourage us to pursue something more realistic instead of going for that dream in our hearts. I know that was my experience- so the message of this song is this: when those voices of doubt speak, DON'T LISTEN.”

Other stand out songs include the hooky “Moving On,” about a woman in an abusive relationship who finally musters up the courage to get out. Vocally, Erin considers this to be the biggest track on the album.

“That’s Love,” the title song, is described by the singer as about true friendship- I love the message,” she says. "I hurt when you hurt, cry when you cry... That's Love" “That paired with a soaring vocal line on the chorus and rhythmic acoustic guitar feel throughout make it one of our favorites to do live- often our opening song.”

What’s most ironic about this artist- is that there are no intentions to save the world- and in all honesty that task is impossible anyways- no one person can save the world, however, this album is good enough to inspire anyone listening to at least try.


Moving On

Written By: Sparks/ Payne/ Spell

Copryright 2008 Simple Tense Songs (ASCAP) admin. by Simpleville Music, Inc./Payne Train Music (ASCAP) admin. by Simpleville Music, Inc.
Copyright 2008 Erin Sparksongs (ASCAP)

verse 1
It's not the fairy tale
you thought it'd be
you were young
and naive
thinking he'd change
you wish you didn't have to
but it's what you need
to pick up all of the pieces
and leave

verse 2
it's not so simple
just to leave behind
when it hurts but it's all you know
just let go

and you fly
far away from here
say goodbye
to all you won't be missing
your moving on

you've tried and you've tried
and you've wondered why
you've cried and you've cried
and the days go by

Let Love Shine

Written By: Sparks/Faircloff

Copryright 2008 Erin Sparksongs (ASCAP) & Scott Fairmusic (ASCAP)

I wish that I could take away your pain
I wish that I could find a way to start over again
do you feel- like every hope is lost
and it's so real-with every moment gone

The world keeps turning
and you're still yearning
to find the end in sight
it's so demanding
but your still standing
though you're tired from the fight
you say " what am i supposed to do"
why don't you let love shine over you

quiet now and let yourself forget
all the pain, the hurt and shame
worry and regret
let it go, let it fade into the past
cuz i know love's the one thing that will last

hurry now
why don't you run
with me into the sun
we can leave today
and get away
from all that we've become
and all the world has done


Debut EP: Another World
Full Length Album: That's Love
Nothing More To Lose Album: Coming Soon

Set List

Erin Sparks Set List is Comprised of 6 Originals and 6 Cover songs.

The Sound
That's Love
Let Love Shine
Moving On
Nothing More
I will Never Let You Go

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Need You Now- Lady Antebellum

Love Song- Sarah Bareilles

Stay- Lisa Loeb

Ironic- Alanis Morrisette

Realize- Colbie Callait