Exemption is a hardworking trio based in Long Island/Brooklyn, NY that started in 2004. Their music is a combination of heavy stoner metal, progressive rock, pop melody, blues, and experimental alternative. They produce and release all of their music themselves and rock harder than most live.


Long Island, New York’s Exemption has done more than mature their sound on their sophomore full-length, and third self-released disc, Public Cemetery Party. Their music has evolved into something beyond genres and sub-genres. Each of the nine tracks not only differs uniquely from one another but sets the band far apart from the current trends of today’s rock and metal bands. The songs are a kaleidoscope of musical styles: thick stoner metal mudslides slam head on into psychedelic landscapes; anthemic pop hooks give way to fiery surf-rock riffs, and crusty blues jams become violent exercises in aggressive funk. The first track “Hyperspiral” is a perfect example of this, moving seamlessly from Mastodon & Torche-esque riffage to euphoric melodies and hooks reminiscent of Rubber Soul. The influence of The Beatles is felt strongly throughout the disc, and singer/bassist Tom Moran even references Lennon’s influence in “Hyperspiral,” with the line “Love and instant karma’s not so simple now.” Like Torche, Exemption is not afraid to combine spine-cracking heaviness with bubbly pop-hook sweetness to create moods not often tapped into by new bands. Public Cemetery Party goes on to demonstrate the power trio’s skills as musicians. Their progressive side has earned them comparisons to The Mars Volta, Rush, and King Crimson, but this musical ability combined with their sense of humor at times is more in the vein of Frank Zappa . “Blood Heaven,” “Godzilla” and “Tasted By Love” demonstrate how incredibly drummer Ray Marte can be polyrhythmic over just about anything, often moving from common time to 9 and 7, and with fills that will have any drummer rewinding again and again. Guitarist/vocalist Nick Lee’s riffs and solos are a constant battle between good and evil, brutal and beautiful that rarely let up on taking the listener to new places. Finally, Tom Moran’s bass playing sticks the trio together like glue and his vocal melodies show that this band is no longer struggling to find their own sound but have forged their own over six years of hard work, dedication, and following their guts. This album has been almost a year in the making and the band is confident that it will turn some heads.

Exemption has been around since 2004, when its three members met in middle school. They have just completed their third album, "Public Cemetery Party," at Killingsworth Studios and released it October '10. This album is now available along with 2007's The Rabbit Hole" and 2009's "Harmony of the Spheres EP" on iTunes and cdbaby.com/artist/exemption (and at shows of course). They play mostly in the NYC/LI/Brooklyn area, have played down the east coast, and wherever else they can.

“Featured on multiple occasions in this column, the three-piece from New York deserves your vote for being one of the most consistently excellent hard rock bands to be releasing music without record label affiliation today.”
-Ultimate-Guitar.com’s Unsigned Talent of 2010 Column

"The band is very tight, writes great melodies, and combines a hodge podge of musical influences ranging from The Beatles to Boris. The musicianship of this band is stellar and is evidenced on their newest CD "Public Cemetery Party".
-Heavy Planet.net “Band to Burn One To Column 12/12/10”

"If you’re looking to expand your musical horizons, this album will definitely do the trick, you are opening an endless bag of goodies."
- The Buzz on NY.com review of "Public Cemetery Party"

"...their energetic repertoire that has been shaking the foundations of local venues in the Brooklyn area, has been bottled up and released on nine rip-roaring tracks."
- Chybucca Sounds review of "Public Cemetery Party"

"The progressive driving guitar riffs, spacey arena quality and the bands ability to switch up the sound on a dime makes for a great record."
- House of A&R review of "Public Cemetery Party"

"...A tremendous maelstrom of emotion and power finishes the listener off, leaving them a part of something incredible, an experienced soul ready for what‘s to come, and a poor victim addicted to PCP."
- Love Lucid/Australian Chicks Productions review of "Public Cemetery Party"

Recommended if you enjoy any of the following: Black Sabbath, Pantera, Clutch, Down, Led Zeppelin, The Mars Volta, Slayer, Mastodon, Radiohead, The Bronx, Corrosion of Conformity, Pelican, Jimi Hendrix, Nick Drake, The Melvins, Between the Buried and Me, and hot sauce.


Blood Heaven

Written By: Exemption

I may not understand
Understand the half of what this means…
This means to me.
The birds in the forest sing
The pleasure and the fear the darkness brings…
It brings to me

You can put me at your altar
Fill the veins behind my eyelids with your love
You can kiss me while the ghosts are watching
And they’ll bleed into our blood
Heave into our blood

And I wanna die here with you
For the very first time, in the night
When the wolves are crying
I begin to feel it’s just a matter of time
And there’s just no logic left in pain

You came in through my door
From a subway train with a reason to get high
Then you were mine.
The days they build and fall
We wait so long to say the things we want.
What do we want?

You can tie me to emotions
Tie the rope around my heart until I talk.
You can look ahead and keep on walking
Though you’ve been around that block
At least a thousand times.

And I wanna die here with you
For the very first time
In the night with the angels sighing
I begin to feel it’s just a matter of time
And there’s just no logic left in pain
Tell me there’s no logic left in pain.


Written By: Exemption

Enslaved to the combine.
White tongues taste my third eye.
These gears that always grind.

My name is John Doe
and my mind's an open window.
Please try to climb inside.

Taken by hands to be cradled in fear.
But not today...

Cuz instant karma's not so simple now.
Love and instant karma's not so simple now.

Deaf ears hear all lies but
Blind eyes fuel this combine
and when I get out I'm gonna change your mind.

Come stay for awhile
in our Hyperspiral
Just don't let it steal your style

Taken by hands to be cradled in fear
Bred by the force to be shed through the gears
But not today...


Mutating Skulls

Written By: Exemption

Take me to my place in the wasted underground
Cuz nothing is working out. Out…
Fuck the world!
Hey! Hey Hey!

We’re floating out in space
(Pluto) They’re on the floor.
And aliens exist.
Yes I swear.
Yes I swear.

Take me to my place in the wasted underground
Cuz nothing is working out. Out…
Fuck the world!
Hey! Hey Hey!


Written By: Exemption

On my own
Far from home
I, I…
Long I roam
Far from home
I, I…

Time warp into your mind boat
Sinking too fast…
Your wise horse
Shifting in colors
Gone is the past.

I found the surreal
Between the moon and the sun
I found the surreal, I found the surreal


Belly to belly
Conceiving hourly
On the ocean floor.
Fend for yourself. Run.
Or have another look
And take your final rest with me.


White Animal

Written By: Exemption

Before his eyes are buried by flies
Before we say our last goodbye
While you’re still alive
The holes get covered up
By the insides, yeah…
Before we cross that finish line

Savor your soul. Savor.

I could lay down
I could turn away
I could calm down
Let my pain out
And tell myself
I’m gonna change
This is gonna change
We’re gonna change
I’m gonna so…
Don’t crack under the pressure.
Don’t crack under the pressure.

Savor your soul.
Savor your soul.
Savor your soul.


"The Rabbit Hole" - April 20, 2007
Available on iTunes, Cdbaby.com/artist/exemption

"Harmony of the Spheres EP" - August 4th, 2009
Available on iTunes, Cdbaby.com/artist/exemption

"Dinosaurs in Vietnam Comp II: Crude Oil" - June 20th, 2010
New song "Mutating Skulls" featured.
www.dinosaursinvietnam.com - free download
soundcloud.com/exemption/mutating-skulls - free download/stream
exemption.bandcamp.com - free download/stream

"Public Cemetery Party" - October 27th, 2010
Just about to be completed. CD release show 10/27/10 at Mulcahy's of Wantagh. More Mp3's coming soon.
Features "Mutating Skulls" as well.