Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

A loping, spare orchestral folk stretched over a rock-pop backbone, waves of darkness and density crashing against brightness and space: music that’s reflective, emotive across a grand scale, and fearlessly hungry for meaning.



F&M Short BIO:

F&M is a baroque pop trio (Rebecca, Ryan and Bryan) known for heartfelt performances and sophisticated style. Touring much of Canada over the past few years, and dipping into Europe, F&M has garnered critical success. In less than 6 years, F&M has released 4 full-length albums and 3 EPs. Their 2010 album Sincerely, F&M took the #1 position on Earshots Folk Chart for 6 weeks; charting for 4 months in 2010/11. F&M was voted SEE Magazines 1st runner up Best Band in 2011 and was a finalist in the Calgary Folk Fests Songwriting Competition (2011 and 2012). Music from F&M is in the Major Motion Picture release Goon (March 2012). F&M was recently a featured performer for The Edmonton Opera's Storm the Stage. Rebecca successfully auditioned and is a current member of the Edmonton Opera Chorus in addition to playing in F&M. F&M is working on a new full length release, inspired by Fado, for fall 2014.The Montreal Mirror wrote this about F&M: Their boxing gloves may be made of velvet (thick, crushed velvet at that), but this trio will punch you.

They hit me like a very gentle and sincere steam-train, but hit me they did. ~ SnC 184, United Kingdom

F&Ms signature sound is stubbornly its own thing, dwelling at the crossroads of folk, pop, and epic rock and drawing on a rich history of cross-genre influences and the flickering contours of modern adulthood. Songwriters Rebecca and Ryan Anderson are the heart of the Edmonton-based band, which began as an entirely different ensemble project named after a hometown funeral parlour. In 2006, it dawned on Rebecca and Ryan that they were calving like an iceberg from the original band and bobbing in a sea of Their Own Thingness, so they bravely sallied forth, borne by his guitar, her piano and accordion, and both of their distinctive voices.

Let Every Light Shine (2007, Shameless Records), crackles with intense sentiment and lofty lyricism in a mutant folk-rock sonic landscape. Two of the debuts guest musicians evolved into genuine bandmates, and collaboratively they launched into writing Every Light Must Fade (2008, Shameless), which was almost like Shines B-Side: the same moral entanglements and grown-up anxieties but an increasingly complex and billowing sound and more sure-footed execution. Their third effort, Sincerely, F&M (2010, Shameless), is loping, spare orchestral folk stretched over a rock-pop backbone; waves of darkness and density crashing against brightness and space reflective, grandly emotive, and fearlessly hungry for meaning. The album took the #1 position on Exclaims Folk Chart in November 2010, charting into the following year.

Wish You Were Here (August 30 2011, Shameless) is an intimately dashed-off aural postcard from F&M s peripatetic trio. 2010 often found them on the road between the Prairies and West Coast, with one marathon trek all the way from Vancouver Island to Ontario. During their travels, F&M refined their new three-piece dynamic: Rebecca and Ryan combined with multi-instrumentalist/production geek Bryan Miot Reichert. Reincarnating their live sound, the album captures the spirit of F&M s cross-Canada performances and the musical empathy between three road-seasoned friends and veteran artists. The result is pure emotion and meaning, distilled; every tone and texture is exquisitely weighted and placed, and even silences seem like notes from an eloquent universal instrument. Wish You Were Here continues F&Ms ongoing championing of substance and unflinching exploration of the wilderness of human experience in search of transcendent meaning.

"Should be alternative stars- the Canadian duo of Rebecca and Ryan Anderson are writing passionate stories. Their past works also deserve recognition, but they are consistently great, and their lyrics are pure poetry." Famous Blue Raincoats, Greece, December 9, 2010

"... wowing audiences ... sounds that draw comparison to The National. Rocky Mountain Outlook, January 15, 2009

"Fresh spririts on tap.[F&M is ] part of the Canadian intellectual music scene.Main Echo, GERMANY, December 2010

"great expressive range!" CBC Radio



Written By: Ryan C. Anderson

And I’ll forgive you of everything you’ve ever said
And I will watch my words but sometimes I think in red
And I will push myself but something’s I truly dread

I have faced a crowd and they have faced me back
We have thanked one another and left in the black
The hours I’ve wasted would make most men crack

Time is ticking I hear it talking
Winter’s coming near I hear it knocking
And I’ll brave the cold again but please no walking

I gaze at the sun I gaze at the sea
Turn to the sky and I smile, I smile
Slide on my coat and glance at the ground
And I turn to a clock, I have time
Warm up with wine in a clear plastic cup
And I think to myself what would John Samson say
Thank you old trees thank you great sea
No place to go and no one to see
I don’t mind I really don’t mind

Bell’s Own Desire

Written By: Rebecca Anderson

Let Me Reach you on the phone
When you’ll likely be alone
I can do this very dance
Over wire under pants

Two hearts on fire
Bell’s own desire
Through Electric Wire

This receiver’s pulsing now
Fuzzy humming – lions prowl
Breathing sparks on blackened wires
Cords that wrap as love aspires

To wrap round you
Pulsating and true
Rings from this pole
On lines that soar
With love’s static roar


An Evening In Moscow EP (April 2013)

Winter Is Coming: Songs of Winter and Christmas EP (December 2011)

Wish You Were Here (August 30th 2011)

Sincerely, F&M (2010 Shameless)

Every Light Must Fade (2008 Shameless)

Let Every Light Shine (2007 Shameless)

F&M Christmas Notebook : This Gift Buys Our Gift EP (2006 Self-Released: F&M and Bryan Reichert)

Set List

Up to three 45 minute sets (original music).

We are an original music band. But we may include 1-2 covers in a show. Covers that we may perform include songs by:
Will Oldham
Smog / Bill Calahan
Metallic Fields / S. Merrit
Guns & Roses
Iggy Pop and the Stooges
Nick Cave

Also an audience favourite:
Maybe Tomorrow (The Littlest Hobo Theme Song)