Federal Nuthouse

Federal Nuthouse


Federal NutHouse is a band in NYC playing rock, funk, reggae and jam music.



Influences: James Brown, the Beatles, The Clash, Jimmy Cliff, the Ninja Party Lounge Band, Sublime, Rancid, Django Reinhardt, RoRhythmic, Richie Havens, Operation Ivy, Toots,The Insurgent, The Allman Brothers, Velvet Underground, Hyper-Finger, John Brown's Body, David Bowie, Wes Montgomery, Pink Floyd, Soul Coughing, Lynard Skynard, Jacques Cousteau, Ramsey Lewis, Charles Darwin, NoFX, Bad Brains, Poets of Rhythm, Bob Marley, Spinal Tap, Joe Strummer, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, The Specials, Ya Face

Set List

We play a combination of covers and originals.