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Frontline Movement has been established to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through lyricism and music. Redefining the current times with God's guidance while serving as a well-trained army flows through the heart of the movement.


Frontline Movement Records LLC's vision is to "Empower believers and help lost people find their way back into the arms of God."

The movement's flagship group is Frontline, a collection of emcees that truly represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ in lyrical form. Its members hail from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and Upstate New York. Esteemed as explosive lyricists, collectively and individually, Frontline pierces the ears and hearts of listeners with insightful oratory that pushes the envelope of the Hip-Hop genre. Refusing to be constrained, the group produces music that remains fresh. Do not expect the same carbon-copy formula that many industry artists replicate with the single-minded hope of perceived success and wealth. The war is on, and Frontline has answered the call to change the landscape of music.

The team has produced material that has been included on two volumes of CDs aimed at collegeoutreach. Additional projects include the Life on the Lines EP, Leftovers EP and the upcoming MOVE album, which is scheduled for a September 2009 release. Frontline artists have served under various ministries including youth ministries, praise and worship teams, and college ministries. They regularly minister at various churches and venues and have opened for artists including John P. Kee, Kurtis Blow, Canton Jones and J. Johnson.

Scriptural Basis:
• Judges 6 and 7
• Mark 16:15 (NIV) - He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation."

• Jason Cook (J-Legacy), Michael Love (Meta4), Sean Miller (seanISrael)

Areas of Ministry:
• Ahoskie, North Carolina
• Baltimore, Maryland
• Charlotte, North Carolina
• Charlottesville, Virginia
• Clinton, Maryland
• Elkton, Virginia
• Fairfax, Virginia
• Fort Belvoir, Virginia
• Front Royal, Virginia
• Greensboro, North Carolina
• Hampton, Virginia
• Manassas, Virginia
• Midlothian, Virginia
• Portsmouth, Virginia
• Quinton, Virginia
• Seat Pleasant, Maryland
• Silver Spring, Maryland
• Springfield, Virginia
• Stafford, Virginia
• Suffolk, Virginia
• Tampa, Florida
• Virginia Beach, Virginia
• Washington, D.C.
• Woodbridge, Virginia

Universities of Ministry:
• George Mason University
• Norfolk State University
• Old Dominion University
• University of Virginia

Points of Christian Belief:
Jesus Christ is the son of God, and the manifestation of God in flesh, who dwelt among men on earth, died by crucifixion, was buried in a tomb, resurrected on the third day and physically seen by multitudes of witnesses. Jesus died as a sacrifice to quench God’s wrath, which was reserved for sinful humankind. God exists in three simultaneous and eternal persons: The Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Bible is the Holy Spirit inspired and infallible source of God’s directives for our lives. Jesus will return at an unknown point in history to retrieve the Church. God makes salvation available by His grace and not by works. The sacraments left as examples by Jesus, including baptism and communion, are to be continued by the Church. The Church is commanded to make disciples.

• Old Dominion University
• Norfolk State University
• Northern Virginia Community College
• Regent University
• Calvary Leadership Institute

Local Church Membership:
• Calvary Revival Church (Norfolk, Virginia)
• Woodlawn Chapel Gospel Service (Fort Belvoir, Virginia)

Contact Information:
• Phone (toll-free) - 888.292.4429
• E-mail -
• MySpace -
• Electronic Press Kit -
• Twitter -

Music Outlets:
• iTunes
• CD Baby
• Amazon
• Phapsody
• Verizon V Cast



Written By: Sean L. Miller, Michael Love, Jason Cook

Verse 1: seanISrael
Death is the question, Christ is the answer/
Cancer canceled, bad nerves can't stand/
Word encryption, Jesus, lantern/
Light to the world had stripes, Adidas/
Channeled faith in the Father/
Not complacent, adjacent, the same as the Father/
Same as the Spirit rearranging ya problems/
Savior, my Aramaic Abba/
Can't go forward to Gomorrah or the golems/
The problem is sin and its complexion is horrible/
American idols get picked off and hit off with American bibles/
The devil's not a rival due to the arrival/
Beautiful Messiah who tied up the libel/
Slander made amateur night, gotta dance for Him/
Came to the aid of the saved, He's able/

Verse 2: Meta4
Ah homie my faith is a driving force/
Like it was pulled by some camels, a oxen and horse/
Ya fear got you driving a hearse/
Cause you scared to trust GOD/
So you runnin with a gift of the curse/
I won’t lie Like I just adapted to word/
Cause I was in the closest breathin as if a beating occurred
Its some hard word but everyday is seems to increase/
Seeing God for who he is easily gives me a peace/
So go ahead front bout how you got it locked/
Pasty, dope sells, but you trapped on in the trap house/
Throw some D’z on it but da deez in ya crib/
I’m prayin for more life/ you just prayin that you live/
He da ultimate gunslinger/ un touchable hand speed/
Trigger hair action/
Snatched the dude up from the guillotine/
Hero/supa/action the universe is his/
Gave up everything/
Gave his son for his kids/
Now add that up/

Verse 3: J-Legacy
God is our armor, so we honoring him/
No problem is even stopping our Conglomerate stance/
This is your chance to stand like American band/
And put a Spear in the devil like a Federline kid (get it)/
If you didn’t don’t matter cause Christ lives/
Christ gives life don’t matter what life did/
You can run it if the Spirit is blocking/
No jab is that bad when the Spirit is boxing, ha/
Y’all boys better hear what I’m dropping/
Lyrics be Hiroshima when the Spirit the author/
And I ain’t trynna bore ya with this spiritual jargon/
But I talk about solutions stead of drill ya with problems/
And I ain’t gotta be hard to get the point across/
I just point you to God who really wants you dawg/
And truly understands the pride we face/
He just wants apprehend ya like a high speed chase/


• Mixtape - One Degree Presents: The Remedy (2005)
• Mixtape - One Degree Presents: Defying the Odds (2006)
• Mixtape - Jee-Zus the Rockman (2007)
• Mixtape - Carolinas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards: Volume 2 (2008)
• EP - Life on the Lines (2008)
• EP - Leftovers (2009)
• Mixtape - G Casual Presents: Taking the Gospel to Tha World (2009)
• EP - Block Music (2009)
• LP - MOVE (September 2009)

Set List

Get'Em Up
Curse Breaker
Hearing Aid
MOVE: Reloaded