Gasoline Addicts

Gasoline Addicts


We're just a good ole rock n roll band that's ready rock anytime/anywhere


High octane? Hell, yes. Full throttle? F'n right! All motor metaphors aside, The Gasoline Addicts are straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll that fires on all cylinders (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Hailing from Orange County, California, the four-piece rose from the ashes of former O.C. punk rockers, Liquorfish in 1998.

“Jay, Roso and I were in the midst of a master plan to start something fresh when we had see this guy Rob playin with Gasoline Addicts,” admits Lead singer, Dave Turturro. “He ripped, we wanted him, we stole him and his name.” A short time later Rob and the Addicts parted ways amicably.

After adding lead guitarist Gary Iacobucci, they are shifting into high gear, set to make rock ’n’ roll the likes of which has never been seen. Blending elements of rockabilly, punk and what Turturro describes simply as, “Rawk ‘n’ Roll Baby!” “We started hitchin’ and loadin’ equipment for all the local bands we could,” says Turturro. “Social Distortion, Agent Orange, AWOL, Middle Class…

No car, no money and all the time in the world to divide and conquer. By the time we were 15 we had either loaded or lied our way into most of the clubs in LA and OC. This was the point, which would change my perspective. And that it did. At that point I knew I needed to write. Guitar, a few chords, pen and paper, lyrics and that was that. I was hooked.

As soon as we could drive, it was over. No sports, No school. Just time to play, write, and of course, drink.” The rest, as they say, is history.

The members of The Gasoline Addicts are united by a single burning passion for music, as is evident in their live shows and the connections made with fans. “Good rock ‘n’ roll is what the people need and we are here to cook it up for ‘em,” explains Turturro. “The music would be inspired really by the four of us in one room and really quite frankly just being blessed with this chemistry to chew it up, cough it up and make it real tasty.”

The Gasoline Addicts have been a part of the So Cal music scene in one way or another for a long time, and now, after joining Acropolis Records, stand poised to make their mark. Their new full-length, “Supercharged,” is now available on Acropolis Records.

“We have a need to tell the world that rawk ‘n’ roll is alive and well,” proclaims Turturro. “And with their [Acropolis] help, the world will hear The Gasoline Addicts.” As for the name, since when has any rock group worth their salt been politically correct? All we’re saying is don’t expect to catch them touring in a hybrid anytime soon.



Written By: Dave Tuturro



1998 - 5 song self titled - available on Snocap
2009 - Full length CD being mastered - demos available on myspace

Set List

Average set list is approx 10 songs.
7 days
American Dream
Big Wheel
Knocked out
Looking for some action
Will I try