Radiohead met Joy Division... then went to a show together and slapped hands with Gang of Four... got into a scuffle with Modest Mouse... then made out with Sonic Youth at the after party.



Despite the lavish exposure to breaking-points, start-overs and former bandmates, New York band Grassfight still features a tension and complexity that exhibits its music.

Grassfight has opened for popular bands like The Republic Tigers, Spinto Band, Frightened Rabbit, Mumiy Troll, TAB the Band, The Starlight Mints, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Delta Mirror.

Having ensembled in early 2006, the threesome set to contest the settled collective. “Forster is as confident about Grassfight’s ultimate musical destination as he is candid about their orgins... its goals go beyond becoming local heroes.” [Dallas Observer]

With an amplifying history and sophistication, Grassfight is planning to present a new host of recordings early next year.

In live performance, the sound surrounds the audience in a breadth of character and stamina. “A real treat for those of us lucky enough to be in the room. Their songs are hypnotizing... conducive to creative adventures. Perfect for a nightime drive.” [The Sub Rosa]

Where Grassfight architects music for artisans, you will find just enough flattery to the past if you are seeking familiar love. It feels like black and white cinema. ”bass that broods of midnight... Hypnotic guitar lines are awash with shimmer... Reminds listeners of a classic soundtrack to dark night.”

Grassfight is Nathan Forster, Tamsi New and Mark Demiglio.


Release in Fall 2011.

"Rhodendron", "When Everything's Alright", "Intercoastal", and "Count Me Out" have all received airplay.