New York, New York, USA

Grassfight is Andrew, Mark, Nathan, and Tamsi. Their songs are beautiful, dirty and loud.



Sitting in a dimly lit rehearsal space in Denton, Texas in the fall of 2010, the trio, Nathan Forster, Tamsi New, and Mark Demiglio felt eerily rooted in their slow-paced Texas environment and discussed making a move. Both New York City and Los Angeles were on the table but when put to a vote, it was 2 against 1 and Grassfight became part of the NYC music scene in June of 2011.

Nathan and Tamsi started Grassfight in 2006 despite several factors. Nathan had never sung in front of anyone, Tamsi didn’t play bass, and they both shared a fear of people eventually finding out they were a couple in a band together, which they felt was “lame”. Undaunted, they created a few demos, found a drummer, and played their first show at Hailey’s in Denton in January 2007.

Following a tumultuous departure from his brother’s band, The Demigs, Mark joined Grassfight in 2010. After a few revolving fourth members that triggered yelling matches, punched mics, scrapped recording sessions, kicked over amps and smashed beer bottles, the band returned to being a trio and swore off adding anyone else to the mix.

Within the first week of moving, Grassfight got a NYC hazing: Tamsi’s car broke down, Mark’s cat escaped the moving truck, and Nathan was arrested in Washington Heights. Fortunately, the band’s music was far better received. The Deli awarded Grassfight with “Band of the Month” honors and gave their first EP, Icon, a score of 9.33 out of 10, making it the highest rated music submission of 2011.

Grassfight’s second EP, Icon 2, blew up the blogosphere in 2012 and established the band as a major New York contender. As the reviews stopped coming in and the shows became redundant, the band went in different directions. Mark joined established band, The Dig, and went on tour, Tamsi entered the comedy arena and was performing nightly, while Nathan began writing and recording for Grassfight’s follow-up.

Grassfight disappeared from the scene longer than anticipated - prolonged by busy schedules, a stinging argument among the three and a long, deteriorating break-up between Nathan and Tamsi. Resolved to keep the band they started together, the trio continued writing and recording.

In the summer of 2013, Nathan sent a long-time friend and fellow musician some of the new tracks to get an opinion. Andrew Kerr had collaborated with Nathan for years on writing music but they had since gone their separate ways – Nathan with Grassfight and Andrew with Gordon Raphael produced band, Education. Instead of a critique, Andrew (then bartending in San Antonio) responded with, “I have to be a part of this” and booked a one way ticket to New York.

On February 16, 2014, Grassfight played their first show in a year and a half at Glasslands as a four-piece.

Grassfight’s long-anticipated debut album, Songs for Monogamists, is set for release in 2014. 

Reviews for Icon EP and Icon EP2: 

"These cardigan-clad boys (and girl) have cultivated a new brand of post-punk." - The Owl Mag

"Icon, EP2 is arguably the best EP released this year and veritable proof that New York City has a major contender on their hands." - Absolute Punk

"...Grassfight plays a flavour post-punk that’s sure to have all the cool kids…well, cowering in the corner while their darkwave overlords promenade on the dancefloor." - My Old Kentucky Blog

"...delightfully unhinging cocktail of binary Krautrock infused drumbeats and string fuzz, the whole led along with an angst-fuelled speed rush by Nathan Forster..." (also overall submissions winners with 9.33 out of 10) - The Deli

"...Grassfight gained heaps of online recognition when it released its Icon EP last fall. Blogs quickly began comparing the band's sound to that of Interpol and Joy Division because of its heavy, driving basslines and urgent rhythms, but there's more to this group than just a series of brooding reference points. They've got the songs to justify the gloom." - CMJ

"Keep an eye out for future releases because Grassfight is off to a hell of a start, and from the sound of it, they will definitely have something vital to contribue to indie rock." - Dig In Magazine

"The work on the high-hat is solid, and the cascading guitars that continuously assault your ears are precisely what I want an indie rock band to sound like nowadays." - Austin Town Hall

"...delightfully terse, taut with tension, and displays a shimmering resentment - Grassfight has given us much to admire." - Mad Mackerel


Release in Fall 2011.

"Rhodendron", "When Everything's Alright", "Intercoastal", and "Count Me Out" have all received airplay.