Grimy Styles

Grimy Styles

 Austin, Texas, USA

Following the Jamaican dub tradition of remixing reggae tracks into effects-laden instrumentals, Grimy Styles set out to employ this notion to all their beloved genres of music by applying the techniques of their dub predecessors to an array of influences spanning classical, roots, jazz, and metal.


"At their most rootsy, Grimy Styles can sound like prime King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, or a no-vocals version of Dub Syndicate. Even when they're in more of a reggae/rock mode, the degree to which they've been bitten by the Jamaican dub bug is obvious. Plus it doesn't hurt that they're highly skilled and attuned players who lock it up with a turn-on-a-dime tightness and big, cavernous sound that will have you nodding your head in approval as well as entrancement. "

-Tom Orr

Featured on:

Mena Suvari and Dana Shayegan's "Future Sound of Reggae" (2009)

"Happiness Is" Soundtrack (2008)

Riddim Driven: Hard Times (2004) VP Records

State of Emergency (2006) Gibbo Records

Love Life (2006) Gibbo Records


Espiritu del Chivo - 2002
Restoration of the Bathhouse - 2004
Rewind - 2007
Future Sound of Reggae - 2009