Hardcore Crayons

Hardcore Crayons


Hardcore Crayons hates genres. The music created by this Minneapolis trio crosses multi-platforms, intermingling punk, ska, dub, metal, reggae and rock to create a high energy performance that has been routinely referenced to as the Primus version of ska.



Hardcore Crayons has a large array of influential artists, both old and new, of whom include Primus, Dub Trio, Bad Brains, Fugazi, King Tubby and Soul Coughing, to name a few. Elements of these artists seem to seep their way out at times during the writing process. What is eventually created by this Minneapolis trio is truly a unique, energetic, and inspiring experience. Hardcore Crayons can and will change from eerie, dub grooves, with dubbed out snare, delayed, psychedelic guitar riffs, thumpin, deep bass, to harsh, bob-your-head-cause-you-just-can't-help-it metal. The songs these three write aren't constrained to a particular style. Hardcore Crayons writes what they want... and what they want, is awesome.


Throne Monkeys

Written By: Dominic Hanft

in the dirty basements
where you find your groove
where we feel some soul
a real punched gut

no more hit or miss
cause this is raw and real
feel the pulse jump out
makes your insides sing

gonna try and tell me
this one's true to life like
the world's out to get you
and your hurt

suck it up this time like
the baby that you are cause
we don't need your act
your not special

let's go for a ride darling
let's go for a trip so pack yo bags
say goodbye to all those that loved you so dearly
the one that made you feel
so well and proud

so pack your bags
let's go on a trip today
let's look around the town, baby
and find you something real that's got some soul

let's just switch our minds off
plug em in the system
swallowing all our cares away
oh yeah

let's act like we're better
playing on the thrones than
those down on the floor cause
we got what it takes

put in little effort
dose it down with dumb and
polish it with boring
print it that's a wrap

we know what they want cause
they want what we tell them
making you all happy cause
we are beautiful


'Crayogenics' (2010) - Full Length Album
"MN Ska Mixtape: Volume One" (2008) - Compilation
"Colors of the Wind" (2008) - Full Length Album

Set List

Possible Set (we change it routinely)

45 min.
01. Dub Intro
02. Harsh Reality
03. Out of a Million Sperm...
04. Throne Monkeys
05. Phunt
06. Sandwich City
07. A Crowd in the Face
08. Crayogenics
09. Give