Hope Atlantic

Hope Atlantic


We're small town boys taking a grassroots approach to modern pop rock creating a sound that is timeless and unforgettable. Named 'Hometown Heroes' by Alternative Press after just a couple months of releasing our 5 song EP "Mercy Street Choir" in 2010.



Hope Atlantic is a band comprised of best friends: Jordy, TJ, and Matty who all grew up in a small town outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was there that the trio met and subsequently began their musical journey. Despite growing up together, it was while playing in separate bands that the trio "learned the ropes" of the music industry.

During their time apart, Matty joined the progressive and epic metal band, Port Amoral. Soon after joining, Port Amoral was discovered by longtime A&R man, Monte Conner (Slipknot, Trivium, Sepultura), and added to the Roadrunner Records roster.

TJ joined up with five piece rock band, Sick City. After only a few short months , this new band was signed on to Trustkill Records (Worldwide) and Smallman Records (Canada). Sick City played on Taste Of Chaos, Vans Warped Tour, as well as toured across North America with bands such as Papa Roach and Mayday Parade.

While TJ and Matty were touring and recording for close to 3 years, Jordy took the time to do some traveling of his own. Jordy's travels brought him to Oklahoma where he wrote, what were to become, Hope Atlantic's first few songs. After a year down south, Jordy realized his heart was at home in Winnipeg. He returned to find both TJ and Matty available to play some songs with an old friend.

The trio then rounded up their line up with new friend and pianist Jeremy Penner. Jeremy also spent time aboard and was first introduce to the trio upon his return from British Columbia. With his addition, Hope Atlantic was born.

In only a short time, the band\'s unique grassroots approach at pop rock has left quite a dent on the Canadian scene. They\'ve supported Tokyo Police Club, Coheed and Cambria, and The Spill Canvas in their hometown as well as booked a month long successful tour in Eastern Canada this past May.

Hope Atlantic just released their first 5 song EPĀ  titled "Mercy Street Choir" on September 18th by themselves.
The band's choice for album title is based on three members going to high school on 'Mercy Street' and one member still living on the street.
They've already toured a bunch without a release in hand, and they plan to tour even more extensively through North America in the new year.


-"Mercy Street Choir" 5 song CD/LP released on September 18th
-2 song cassette tape featuring "Boxes" & "Paper Cups"
-'Oklahoma' and 'Purple City' which got medium rotation on Winnipeg pop stations Hot 103 and Curve 94 as singles prior to EP release.

Set List

Bad Crash
Cheap Summer
Purple City
Lost At Sea
(sometimes we add "So Lonely" by The Police depending on the crowd)