Host Echo

Host Echo

 Niagara Falls, New York, USA

If Radiohead opened up a bar, hired Beck as the senior bartender and had a two-for-one Hip-Hop Night where Portishead hooked up with Incubus, their lovechild would be named Host Echo.


This lovechild continues to grow on a diet of high quality ingredients consisting of a classical guitarist, a jazz vocalist/multi-instrumentalist, a soulful bassist and a tactical drummer.

Host Echo aspires to musical maturity, putting their hearts, minds and souls together, tastefully blending every unique expression into a vast yet singular sonic experience.

Involvement in the live music community is the foundation. Initially there were events organized by the band to raise funds for the Niagara Arts & Cultural Center, a non-profit community coalition of artists. Live benefit shows that followed include a concert for awareness of domestic violence, a fundraiser for hurricane Katrina survivors and a concert for the construction of a Peoples, Inc. respite house. Performances at some of the most prestigious regional events in Western New York include "Thursday at the Square" in downtown Buffalo, NY, "Music is Art" held in Buffalo and "Tuesday in the Park" at Artpark in historic Lewiston, NY.

After the release of their debut album, "Be Water", Host Echo held a 15-month weekly residency playing a martini bar in Niagara Falls, New York. During which, the band also managed to tour independently as far as Chicago and New Jersey.

The band plays venues throughout the Northeast, Great Lakes, Midwest and Middle-Atlantic United States and has enjoyed an excellent response from venue owners and concert goers alike. In Fall of 2009 Host Echo accomplished a self-organized 40 date tour across 12 U.S. states and is now building and enriching their circuit while expanding into the Southeastern U.S., West Coast and Western Europe.

"Be Water" is available on Compact Disc and through Digital Downloads. Also available are songs from the "Song Cycle" EP, both albums written, performed and produced by the band. Get music through iTunes and CD Baby.

Having composed, performed and recorded the original soundtrack and score for a feature film, Ken Consentino's "Break the Sky", Host Echo is currently scoring the young director's second feature, "Crimson: The Motion Picture".

Always open to collaboration, please contact Host Echo by e-mailing Nicholas Spacone at and share any music and/or business ideas.

"Not just studio wizards, Host Echo puts on a great live show as well with great improvisations and musicianship." -Bob Silvestri, Best of

-Voted Niagara Area Molson Music Awards
"Best Original Band"

-Awarded Track of the Day in Indie Rock at for "I Know One Day"


While Rising

Written By: Nicholas Spacone

I fell down today
only to find you
Already on your way
up so I'll join you
Give me wings to take us away
I woke up today
from a dream of us
I opened my eyes to pray
but everything was dust
Give me wings to take us away
We can watch perspective change
While Rising

I Know One Day

Written By: Nick Spacone

The Indonesian cloth around her waist keeps fallin' off
'Cause she don't have it tied
And she don't have the time
To pull it back so it just slips
down onto to floor
I try to pull it back
As she climbs onto my back
I bear her to the room
Lay her body on the sheets
In this oppressive heat
Its impossible to sleep
The air-conditioned hum becomes
the soundtrack to our lives
I'd stay forever in her eyes
If forever weren't a lie

I know one day you're gonna leave me
I know one day I'll be alone
I know one day you're gonna leave me
Leave me here, without a home

Though we needn't talk about the wasted time apart
'Cause we don't have to cry
If we don't say goodbye
Crash into a kiss and feel the
Burning in our hearts
We'll fill the warmest place
In this cold and empty space
This barren, empty room
Is all I have to show I care
But in this frozen air
We'll hold each others stare
The heat that radiates can shake
The sadness from our lives
I'd stay forever in her eyes
If forever weren't a lie

I try to be a man about it
I try to see a way around it
I try to be prepared
But its so hard, its so hard to be
In love with everything

I know one day you're gonna leave me
I know one day I'll be alone
I know one day you're gonna leave me
Leave me here, without a home


Written By: Nicholas Spacone

Sleep now, all of the stars are out for you.

Climb now, the shining mountain of dreams.

Everybody's Song

Written By: Nicholas Spacone

Everyday is gone, other ones are drawing near
All those dreams at dawn are remembered as we wake
I believe its gone, but its spirit is still here
I believed your song and that it was...
About Everyone
Every way is wrong, other ones are filled with fear
Bring your schemes along and we'll see what we can take
I may see it wrong, so let's go by what we'll hear
I'll believe your song and that it is...
About Everyone
Every day is long as the trails of falling tears
All those dreams are pawns, sacrificed to make check mate
Every season long we look for a better year
I believe your song

Things are Better

Written By: Nicholas Spacone

Things are better if we never
Say the things we mean, we're always in between

I, I've seen it all before I've seen the way its done
There's no reason for crying about "how come?"
I know its getting hard, its harder everyday
Its getting hard to breathe, its getting hard to stay
That's the way it is, there's not much we can change
We try to recreate, we try to rearrange
Pieces have been lost, the puzzle has a hole
Our dreams have been exhaust, there's trouble in our soul


"Unmastered" Demo (2003)
"Be Water" LP (2005)
"Live in Shadow" EP (2007)
"Song Cycle" EP (2008)
"Summer Folk" Demo (2011)

Set List

Typical set lasts 40-60 minutes.
Usually 1-3 sets per show.
-Full-band: mostly original music with a some
classic cover songs and some improvisation.
-Acoustic trio or duo: 2 sets of original songs and 2
set of classic Pop/Rock.
-Two different solo acoustic sets: S/S and Classical Guitar.

Original titles:
Show Love
Spent All My Money
Want Me to Be
While Rising
I Know One Day
Too Late
Lost Moment
Truth in Love
Things are Better

Cover Songs from:
The Beatles
The Doors
Marvin Gaye
The Greenhornes
Al Green

Improvisation tastefully limited.