Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Rocksynthefunktronic sci-fi themed multimedia rock band. Insectoid combines the limitless sound palette of electronic music with the immediacy and visceral power of a live rock band, adds in psychdelic on-stage video, and often performance artists, to create an overwhelming audio-visual experience.


Insectoid is the next step in the evolution of music.

Insectoid's sound is the intersection of Pink Floyd, Parliament, Black Sabbath, and Kraftwerk: eclectic, heavy, funky, riffy, tripped-out, sonically complex, and accessible. Insectoid knows how to put on a show, and always holds a crowd. They use the hi-tech sounds of electronica but play them the old-school rock 'n' roll way - pounding skins, playing keys, and plucking strings -no sequences or pre-recorded parts, everything is played live. Insectoid also puts a great deal of effort into their vocal sound, using vocoder, harmonizer, pitch shift, and other signal processing to make the vocals as much of a sonically rich instrument as any other in the band.

Insectoid's genre-defying sound is a breath of fresh air that plays across boundarys of style and age. Fans of jam-bands, techno, funk, metal, trip-hop, hip-hop, young and old, are all able to find something to love in Insectoid.
Insectoid has had the pleasure of playing with such national acts as Les Claypool (Primus), and amazing regional acts (Cornmeal, Heatbox, Euforquestra, etc.). We have also played numerous festivals and great venues such as the legendary Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa. Insectoid brings a live show that is gauranteed to satisfy the eyes and ears of any crowd.

Insectoid's stage show typically consists of projection screens and TV's playing videos designed to reinforce the themes of the songs. They have done shows with as many as 5 projection screens and 12 televisions to create an overwhelming visual display (see pics). Insectoid's shows often include performance artists including light spinners, fluid dancers, and robot dancers, often in elaborate costume. Depending on the logistics of the situation, Insectoid can play as a straight rock band (no video, no dancers) or as part of a full-blown multimedia/performance art onslaught. Insectoid's setup time as a straight rock band is about 10 minutes, but they have spent as much as 3 1/2 days setting up for their ultra-elaborate multimedia extravaganzas.

Insectoid takes a holistic approach to their art, working to integrate graphic art, video art, and performance art with their sonic artistry. In addition to the spinners and dancers, Insectoid distributes illustrated lyric booklets at shows that contain the lyrics and an accompanying illustration for each song, to further help get across the vibe of the band and the content of the songs. Insectoid has even gone so far as to commission a huge illustration that they blew up into a gigantic 10' tall by 30' wide panorama for their 2008 New Year's Eve blowout. When the music, the video, the performances, and the graphic art come together into one mutually-reinforcing multimedia spectacle, it is an event not to miss, and certainly something to behold.

Insectoid even has it's own "mythology", a sci-fi backstory which is summarized as follows:

"Insectoid is a mind-controlled reproductive experiment being conducted by members of a race of extra-terrestrial insect-like creatures. These creatures will hereafter be referred to as “insectoids” for the sake of brevity. This experiment requires complex signal generators, powerful audio-band amplification, and close-proximity human subjects, so it has been cleverly disguised as an early-21st century rock band.

Electronic musical apparatus invented and used by humans are suitable signal generators for the experiment, however, an interface is required between the insectoids and the musical apparatus, so three hominids were randomly selected. These randomly-selected nobodies will serve as conduits between the mind-beams of the insectoids and the physical musical apparatus, which, under normal conditions, the aforementioned nobodies would be incapable of operating. Due to the physical limits of hominid auditory sensing capabilities, only about 27% of Insectoid’s music is perceptible to humans. The experiment has nonetheless shown promising results.

As Insectoid performs, billions of audio spores are released which are ingested by unwitting listeners and hapless bystanders. After an incubation period ranging from six earth-days to six thousand earth-years, if the host is still living, these spores move into their larval stage of development, in which the larvae burst forth from their hosts and devour them. This initial nutritional input allows the larvae to grow into immature adult-form insectoids, who obtain further nourishment by means that are beyond the scope of this text. Thus, hominids that expose themselves to Insectoid’s music play a vital role in the life-cycle of this galaxy’s preeminent life-form.

Theirs is the flesh that feeds the future. "


Space Ranger

Written By: Loren Lang

High as a flying kite
Cloud nine
I've seen the future, brother
It's mine
I make the heavens shake
In time
I rise above the price
Of my crime

I'm a space ranger now
Astronaut first class
I'm a space ranger now
To the void, hit the gas

Got my mind racing
Full speed
Got my feet pacing
Mind freed
Set to fulfillin
My deed
Technicolor chillin's
My need

It's another brain fry
Freak out
Set controls to fly
And I'm out
I, never gonna die
I shout
My domain in the sky
No doubt


Written By: Loren Lang

Comb my hair

Fill the air
All around

They make war
Live next door
Make my bed
Fill my head

Parking lots
TV shows

Shine my shoes
Sing the blues
Dance and sing
Do everything

Took my job
Steal and rob
Do what people do
Do it better, too

2000 Light Years

Written By: Loren Lang

Two Thousand Light Years

In a deep well
With nothing to tell
With my third eye
For death to fly away

Two thousand light years away
Two thousand light years in space

Eating my brain
To go insane
End of my days
To take the pain away

From the inside
Nowhere to hide
I want
Off of this ride
I want
To fly away

One Shot

Written By: Loren Lang

One Shot

I got one shot
and I been makin' it pay
I been travellin' speeds
of the gamma ray
to the night side
where the shadows stay
plotting the demise
of the light of day

I got one thing
on my side
it's a Parallax cruiser
set on autoglide
with a mind-beam
seeking thoughts inside
of my enemy's places
where he thinks they hide

I took one shot
a crippling blow
putting out the light
from his engine's glow
Slam my fist down
on the trigger below
sending him down
in the undertow

Keep my head down
for my getaway
from the meglotron beams
that are headed my way
flashing red now
on my display
praying to the gods
for another day

I got one thing
to help me survive
it's over-scan
forced-ram hyperdrive
Engage now
initiate dive
speed is my weapon
it keeps me alive

I got one shot
to stay on the run
A high-gain antennae
and a loaded gun
On the down-low
Beyond the sun
where the running and hiding
are never done

Hive Mind

Written By: Loren Lang

Hive Mind
The hive wants to see you
The hive wants to be you

It can feel your heartbeat
It can see your body heat
It can taste your brain stem
Come on, be one of them

Oh, baby, Won't you join the Hive?
Oh, baby, Don't you want to feel alive?

Step into the hive mind
Leave your world behind
Say goodbye to mankind
Be one of the entwined

The Hive bleeds awareness
Come, feel the Hive's caress

Let it tread your pathway
Be a node on its array
The penultimate high
The thousand mile wide mind's eye

Oh, baby, Won't you join the hive?
Oh, baby, Don't you want to grow and thrive?

Step into the hive mind
Leave your world behind
Say goodbye to mankind
Be one of the entwined
Oh, baby, Won't you join the hive?
Oh, baby, how you'll feel when you arrive


Insectoid has distributed hundreds of demo CD's and is currently working on a full-length cd/dvd combo recorded in 5.1 Digital Surround Sound.

Set List

1. Space Ranger (funk-rock w/ horn rave-up)
2. 2000 Light Years (vocoder vocals & heavy electronic sound)
3. Hive Mind (tripped-out tune w/ vocal harmonies)
4. St. Peter (Big 3/4 number with choir chorus)
5. Sin Galaxy (Flaming Lips meets riff rock)
6. Through the Tenses (trip-hop meets riff rock, vocoder vocals)
7. Starlight and Centrifuge (latin-flavored trip-hop/rock w/ vocal harmonies)
8. Nuclear Kiss (funky dance number)
9. Droids (big-bottom synth riff - crowd favorite)
10. Dancin' Near the Speed of Light (heavy stoner-rock riff, pitch-shifted vocals, & spacey interlude)
11. One Shot (epic space-battle complete with explosions)