International Farmers

International Farmers

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Reggae-Rock band with soul and funk hooks. Upbeat positive songs, inspired by California life and music. Fresh new sound, dynamic live performances. Won Best Reggae Album of the Year-LA Music and South Bay Music Awards, featured on national compilation, Fresh Produce, mid-west tour summer '09.


**WINNER - Reggae Artist of the Year - 2009 Hollywood Music in Media Awards**
**WINNER - Best Reggae Artist of the Year - 2007 Los Angeles Music Awards**
Formed by childhood friends Danny Primavera (vocals, guitar) and Jeremy Odom (bass), transplants from Atlanta and the DC area, the two added Preston Nelson (drums) son of Juan Nelson, longtime bassist of Ben Harper, when relocating to LA in 2004. This band of basics was expanded upon and perfected by the addition of funky keyboardist, Jamie Bullock, soulful female vocals by Lara Beers and young saxophonist, Brian Landau.

Two years later, the band emerges with an upbeat sound of hip rhythms and unique melodies, built on traditional reggae roots and exploring the limits of harmony and lyrical substance.

The eclectic 13 track album takes the listener on a dynamic musical journey, incorporating positive vibes and inspirational choruses.
Sun-drenched tones in �Jealousy� and �Slow Down� keep the reggae-rock edge intact, and provide contrast with sweetly charming �Silly Bird�. Laid back grooves �Only Questions� and �Open Road� lend further depth to this collaboration of instrumental and melodic hooks.

This band represents the best that California has to offer towards a fresh direction of feel-good music.

Influences--Fat Freddy's Drop, John Browns Body, Slightly Stoopid, The Police, Bob Marley, Jamiroquai and many others.


Open Road

Written By: Danny Primavera

Upon these million miles of open road
Take me far away from my abode
Be the one I love to hold so close
The magic of the night unfolds, it unfolds

Count on me, through anything
Count on me, although the cost heavy
Count on me, I'm standing firm
Count on me, you have my word

V2) Forget trouble. It gets you down.
More like subtle, in nature now.
Romance beckons, it's a whisper sweet.
Joyful message for you to greet with..

Forever be, so grateful for my friends my family.
For shaping who I am.
Your memory, is like sunshine in my mind.
You're everything.

V3) The toughest place to be is all alone.
Hopeless, forgetting all that I've been shown
I've earned this, like a baby time to grow.
The many seeds we have to sow.

Count on me through anything.
Count on me even the cost heavy.
Count on me, I'm standing firm.
Count on me, you have my word.

Forget trouble, it gets you down.
More like subtle in nature now.
Romance beckons, it's a whisper sweet.
Joyful message for you to greet with...

Forever be. grateful for my friends, my family. For shaping who I am.
Your memory is sunshine in my mind.
You're everything to me.
You're sunshine in mind.


CD Release--Aug 16th, 2007
Title: Closer Than Close
Currently recording new single and new 14 song album.

Set List

Typical Set List: 1-12 songs, we play normally 1-1 1/2 hrs on average. But have taken gigs up to 3 hrs of playing time. We have a very strong song list--all originals and a few covers if needed.

Painted Blue
Slow Down
You Don't Love Me - Dawn Penn Cover
Open Road
Isle of Springs - John Brown's Body Cover
King of Defeat
Silly Bird
Gone Away
Only Questions
Kinky Reggae - Bob Marley Cover
Other Shoes