Jason Moss

Jason Moss


Jason Moss, at just 17 years old, aims to break the mold of the mainstream music scene, by creating distinctive compositions that offer something new and exciting to listeners.



Jason’s unique style falls between the lines of high-energy pop rock from artists such as John Mayer and Coldplay, and soulful acoustic ballads from performers like Damien Rice, or Iron and Wine. Jason draws on these influences to create honest material that people can relate to. “Music is all about finding common ground – writing about experiences that strike a personal connection with my listeners”.

Jason has assumed the role of a “one-man band” ever since he started piano lessons at 7 years old, even playing all the instruments on his self-recorded tracks. “I never really wanted to be in a band – I love the vulnerability of being on stage alone. It gives me a greater opportunity to bond with my fans”. And that doesn't just include the music; promotion, marketing, and website/graphic design are also handled directly by Jason. “I like to do things my way – this way, I can make everyone happy”.

In the past, Jason has played with Max Weinberg (Bruce Springsteen, E Street Band), and has taken his music out-of-state, where he was featured full band (with Tony Tino of Gavin Degraw, Aaron Brooks of Moby) at Kenny's Castaways of NYC (which has housed acts ranging from Aerosmith to Rod Stewart). Jason can be found at venues all around the Bay Area, as well as charitable benefits and festivals. His songs have earned him over 150,000 plays on MySpace, an online fan-base exceeding 15,000, Sirius satellite radio and podcast play, and coverage in several local newspapers (including the Contra Costa Times, San Ramon Valley Times, Santa Clara Weekly, and Monte Vista Stampede). Several of Jason’s songs are currently up for download on iTunes, Rhapsody, and other online retailers – with more to come in the near future.

The new year brings even bigger things for Jason. In January, he will be releasing his first self-titled EP, which will be available at all shows, through his website, and via digital download on iTunes (and other online retailers). With this release, Jason hopes to appeal to a wider audience, and further diversify himself from the “ordinary” of today. “The artists that survive the test of time are not the ones that follow the trends, but the ones that create them”.


Face My Fears

Written By: Jason Moss

It seems to me we all lost touch
In this world, and our friendship is through
And while around there’s lots of hatin’
I would love for this all to diffuse

‘Cuz I’ve left you and my sorrows
And you are not to blame
‘Cuz when it all boiled down
It’s time that I turned around
And faced my fears eye to eye

It seems to me that fate has crushed
Things that we never thought we would lose
And while around there’s lots of anger
Well I won’t hang my head and approve

(Repeat Chorus)

And my love, well it changed
And no one is to blame
‘Cuz when it all crashes down
It helps to turn it around
And face your fears eye to eye

Spread Your Wings

Written By: Jason Moss

It’s your time to go outside
Spread your wings and learn to fly
You don’t have to wait all night
Just to feel the light within
And it’s alright…oh yeah

We were made to live our lives
We coexist to share our passion for love
So just step outside the box
(The road to life lies here)

It’s your time to open up
Free yourself from all confinement
Say hello to life, instead of isolation
Your future has arrived
And it’s alright…oh yeah

(Repeat Chorus)

It’s your time to free your soul
‘Cuz the world won’t wait forever
Take control, meet your goals
And take those steps outside

(Repeat Chorus)

It’s your time to go outside
Spread your wings and learn to fly


Written By: Jason Moss

Two months can seem
Like forever
It’s sad but true
You’ve gone away to him

But your promise still sticks by
It’s sad to see you pass me by
But I know what I’m feelin’ is love

Don’t speak the truth
If it hurts to hear you say
It’s not right

(Repeat Chorus)

And I’m lost out here without you
Don’t know what to do
And if these words could fix my life
I’d read ‘em every day

Time Flies By

Written By: Jason Moss

Sit and watch as souls collide
I'll wait outside your room
Eighty-two, ain't got no time
To hear your rhymes so soon

And we don't have the right
To give up all the fights
As time flies by

Winter, summer, spring, and fall
I watched them all fade away
Someday I'll be home at last
When heaven has its way

(Repeat Chorus)

Let's look back, let's rearrange
'Cuz one more change could be your last
And life is short, and time is free
And memories exist within your past

(Repeat Chorus)

Walk Away

Written By: Jason Moss

Two friends walk away
It seems that their friendship has faded
Don’t know what to say
So with tears in his eyes, he’ll say his goodbyes and pray

And it seems he’s lost a friend
And his hope, well it’s fading
And there’s nothing left to mend
So with tears in his eyes, he’ll say his goodbyes and pray (x2 on 3rd repeat)

One friend seems depressed
Can the other be peacefully sleeping?
‘Cuz he can’t seem to rest
With nothin’ but questions
And answers he wouldn’t have guessed

(Repeat Chorus)

And at the end of the day
Will he be able to look inside his heart?
And when he gets down to pray
Will he be able to sleep beneath the stars?
No he won’t
‘Cuz they’ll be tears in his eyes
He should’ve never walked away

(Repeat Chorus)


Written By: Jason Moss

Someone is watchin’ over me
It’s stupid but they see it all, yet all I see is love
And lately I’m screamin’ to unwind
To step over the lines that separate us from the truth
Though I’ve waited for so long, I think I’ve finally found her
This one’s for real

And if you believe, when the days get tough
And you know you’ve had enough
You know I’ll always be there for you
And when your hope runs dry, and you wanna say goodbye
You know that we can make it through
With or without you, you know I’ll always be there for you

Last night I whispered words so real
Behind that steering wheel
You sat and watched me spill it all
And I can’t remember the last time
I’ve written lines so beautiful, and all it took was you
Though I’ve waited for so long, I think I’ve finally found her
This one’s for real

Days go by, and we don’t talk at all
Is this the way you thank me
For the hours on the phone
Wishin’ now that I had know
The way you’d repay me


"Always" - iTunes Single, August 18th, 2008; "Jason Moss EP" - 5 Song EP, November 2007 (Digital) & January 2008 (Physical); "Come Back Home" - iTunes Single, June 2007. All songs receiving extensive radio and podcast play (more information available upon request).

Set List

30-60 minute set(s) - variable based on event. Set list includes a mix of piano/vocal and guitar/vocal songs - cover songs available upon request.