J.B. Kingsley

J.B. Kingsley


J.B. Kingsley can take many forms. From a big rock show to a stripped and vulnerable acoustic performance, anything is doable. J.B. Kingsley sounds like a songwriter's outlet with the added musicianship of some amazing players, producing a sound and feeling pleasing to any listener.



J.B. Kingsley is a group formed around singer/songwriter/performer Jake Butts. The band takes many different forms, from a large group churning out heavy hitting rock performances to a small group chording along with a songwriter's notebook. While J.B. Kingsley is brand new to the Tulsa music scene, the members are not. Jake (now 20) has been in multiple Tulsa based groups performing in clubs, on the radio, and on festival stages since the age of 13 and understands what it takes to deliver an entertaining performance. J.B. Kingsley has just finished recording an EP due to be released late in the summer of 2013 with tracks such as the already released single, "Everything You Need" spearheading the CD. J.B. Kingsley's influences pull from the somber tones of Bright Eyes, Damien Rice, and the Airborne Toxic Event as well as the pop icons Ed Sheeran and Third Eye Blind.


Sunlight in June - Single (2012)
Keep My Sins Quiet - Single (2012)
Everything You Need - Single (2012)
J.B. Kingsley - EP (2013)