A new and different style of rock with a unique sound that can not be classified yet...


Born Jeff Ertassi in Modesto, CA. I started playing around with music at age 7 after being inspired by all of the great artists of the 70's. At age 12, I was inspired by Lynyrd Skynyrd and all the great 80"s music and realized I could make a music dream a reality. I recorded my first song at age 15, from there I played in a few bands and kept recording music. By age 23, I realized I had to put my music dreams on the back-burner and start a career. I was offered a job that gave me a chance to travel from coast to coast. Throughout the past few years, I have saved enough money to bring back what I once loved, MY MUSIC.

In 2004, I released my first E.P. album "Final Call by Jefro" Later in 2004 I helped release a compilation cd "Altenative Lifestyle's" which features three of my songs on there.

Today in the year 2007, after being sick and tired of all of the Bull-Shit and Politics that this world keeps brining down on us, I have released my greatest album yet to date...."Jefro-No More War" Hopefully everyone will enjoy my music that means so much to me in this world that we live in to just be a peacefull place and make an effort in changing Whats Really Going ON. Keep following all of your dreams and always shoot high for the stars.


Heaven & Hell "It's Free" 6 song EP
Released in 2004
Featuring the Smash Hit single "Think Of You"

Alternative Life Style's -Compilation-
Released in 2004

Jefro "No More War" Full Length Albumn
Released in 2006

Set List

1- No More War
2- We Can
3- Same Inside
4- Crossroads
5- Breakin' These Chains
6- All U Have (Is You)
7- Texas Storm
8- Don't Waste The Day
9- Silent Screams
10- Don't Say Goodbye